“Muvhango James” In Road Rage Incident

Muvhango actor, Dingaan Mokebe, with the screen
name James Motsamai, was allegedly involved in a road rage brawl with a Johannesburg woman,
who ended up calling him offensive names. The incident took place on Monday morning
of 12 August 2019, and the woman was identified as Chaan Botha. According to Botha, Mokebe punched her several
times in the face, and told her that she was a “white b-i-t-c-h who deserved to be r-a-p-e-d”. The two opened cases against each other on
the day of the incident, which occurred on the Xavier Road off-ramp, along the Johannesburg
N1 highway. Mokebe was arrested the next day at his home,
and was told to appear in the Booysens Magistrate’s Court this week. Despite Mokebe having opened a counter case
against Botha, she was not arrested. According to police statements, Mokebe said
he was driving his white BMW on Xavier Road, heading to work when Botha wanted to cross
into his lane without asking him, but he ignored her. He claimed Botha insulted him, and told him
he must learn to share the road, and called him a “f-u-c-k-i-n-g k-a-f-f-i-r”. The woman who was driving a Dodge, climbed
out of her vehicle, and slapped the left side of his cheek, and he didn’t fight back. Botha alleged she was driving from the N1
off-ramp, onto Xavier Road, when Mokebe drove past without giving her a chance to turn into
the right-hand lane, which she used to go to work. Botha added, that as Mokebe drove past her,
he wagged both his middle fingers at her. Botha said that when she threw her hands in
the air, and asked him what was happening, he cut in front of her, and blocked her vehicle. She alleged that Mokebe climbed out of his
car, and punched the windows of her car while screaming at her to step out, or open the
“f-u-c-k-i-n-g window”. She opened the window, and he pushed her on
the face, saying she was a white b-i-t-c-h that needed to be r-a-p-e-d. Botha further said that she started crying,
and when she eventually got out of the car, Mokebe punched her in the face several times. She alleged that he told her that he was going
to his car to fetch a weapon which, according to pictures she produced, looked like a crowbar. Botha reported the incident at the Booysens
police station, and she indicated that she was surprised that Mokebe had opened a counter
charge of assault against her. Mokebe refuted allegations that he assaulted
her, and insisted that it was Botha who laid her hand on him. “I’m taking this matter to the Human Rights
Commission, because white women cannot go around calling people k-a-f-f-i-r, and then
go to the police and lie that they were violated, because they know that the law is on their
side,” said Mokebe. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe, and do not forget to check
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