Mustard Pizza: Can Mustard Replace Tomato Sauce? || Really Dough?

– You smell that?
– Of course I smell it. – I usually put it on top of the dough. – People are into that.
– They come from miles around just to have it. – Does anybody ever have it
and say, “oh, it’s not for me, send it back?” – No, once they order it, it’s on them. – I’m Scott and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re hitting the
road to taste the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza, but are they “Really Dough?” – I’m way more like my mother I guess. She called me and she’s like, “my back is really hurting,” and this, that, and then she goes, “but I have tickets for
a Broadway show today, and I’m not staying home.” “I took five Advil, I’m goin’.” – That’s a… – Yeah, I don’t know. – Thank you. Ciao. Tell me a little bit more
about this tomato bite. – Tomato bite. It’s crushed tomato on top of the cheese. – Pizza sauce? – Well its crushed tomato,
it’s not really a sauce cause it’s not cooked. – Got it. – They call it tomato pie. It’s thin, it’s dense, it’s crunchy. Look, it’s essentially, it’s pizza. – Another pizza saga continues. – Finally we’re heading New Jersey. Third state of the day, the
most beauteous of them all. – Beauteous? – Beauteous is a word! It’s the state of my birth. It’s my home. It’s the Garden State. It’s the home of the Pine Barrens. – I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I’ve been to Jersey many times before. – No you haven’t.
– This isn’t my first time – You know you haven’t. – I think I want to take a nap. – OK! You take a nap, I will continue listening to this polka mega mix that I
put together over the weekend. – Did you really? – It’s gonna be a funny pie, but I think you’re gonna like it. – What’s so funny about it? – A funny pie, for a funny guy. See, look at this! Number one in New Jersey. – Every pizzeria is voted
number one for something. – They have a sign. – Yeah, mustard pie? – Mustard pie. – I thought we were here for tomato pies. – You’ve got a lot to learn. All right, you know what, grab a seat. I’ll go in the back,
I’ll see if Nick’s here. – Fantastic. – Oh look, I see him! He’s like right in the back, over here! – That’s him, Scott! – The birdcage, yeah. – Hey, Nick!
– Hey, Scott, how you doing? – I’m doing good, how you doing? – Good! You coming from New York? – Yeah I left New York in the morning, we stopped for breakfast
at place in Baltimore, then we had lunch at place in Philly, and then now we’re doing
like mid-afternoon snack. – There you go. By yourself? – Nah, it’s me and a buddy Mark. He’s got a pizza shop in Brooklyn, never leaves Brooklyn. – He wants to find new things about pizza? – Yeah and you know what’s a new thing– – What?
– That he’s never had? – What? – Mustard pie. – Get the heck out. Honest? – He’s got like nothin’ weird on the menu taken in its place. – What are you talking about, weird? I don’t understand what
you’re talking about. – You think mustard’s a normal thing? – No. – Were people doing mustard
a hundred years ago? – No. – So what’s the difference between the mustard pie and tomato pie? – Well, it’s all the same. – I’ve gotta be able to tell him a little bit of background
information about this. – Whatever you wanna do. – What kind of mustard is it?
– Brown, brown mustard. – Nice, you think someone
like Mark’s gonna be into it? – He’ll like it, no matter what. – But do you think he
will call it a pizza? – He can call it whatever he wants, as long as he pays for it! – Do other places in Trenton do it? – They try, but we make the best pizza. – I thought it was tomato pie? – Well it is… – I’m just trynna getcha! – I know, you got me! Get out and we’ll make you one. – Sounds good! – Take care of yourself.
– Thank you. – I’ll be out there wit ya. – All right, I’ll be ready. – All right. – Are we having the tomato
pie or the mustard pie? – The mustard pie, which is
a sub-category of tomato pie. Do you like mustard? – I love mustard! – How do you eat mustard,
what do you eat it on? – On my hot dog. – Great! – On my sandwich, ham, cheese and mustard. – Ham, cheese, and mustard. – Pastrami.
– Pastrami. – Never on pizza. – That’s why you have to do it. – Would you put ketchup on your pizza? – Not with you, I’m afraid
of what you’d do to me. – How did they come up with
this mustard pizza pie thing? – Well, Trenton used to be like this huge Italian
stronghold, southern Italians. And there was a German restaurant that went out of business
cause the guy died. – The guy named Schuster
had a pizza restaurant, he was German, and they used
a lot of mustard on stuff. It works! – So the pizza maker who
worked for that German guy… So like his place closed,
you inherited a guy? – I don’t know. I don’t know. So… – Timeout. Did you ever have a German pie? – Yeah, with like the caramelized onions? – And? – And, I don’t know, what else? – Potatoes? – I’ve never had potatoes on there. – So you’ve never had a German pie. – I’ve had an Alsatian Flammekueche. – What’s that? – That’s what you’re
talking about right now. – You don’t even know
what’s on a German pie. – I don’t think you do either. – Potatoes.
– Potatoes aren’t German. Think about it. – They have one of these in Germany. I make German pies! Potatoes on pizza. It’s a German pie. – Potatoes weren’t even in
Germany until the 16th century. – The Chinese invented pasta, all right? – That is true. – OK, so it’s a German pie, it’s– – What does that have to do with anything? – When I walk into a pizzeria, I want that smell to punch me in the face. You should taste the town
that the pizza came from. A pizza should look as good as it tastes. I just realized something.
– What? – I know something about
pizza that you don’t know. – I don’t think that’s true. – Just a minute ago, you didn’t know what I was talking about. – No, I did.
– Yo, deal with it, bro. – Deal with it, bro? – He’s the funny man of food stuff, the Pryor of pizza, Dough Rickles himself. Nick Azzaro is bringing
his comedy stylings to Papa’s Tomato Pies. – Both camera’s are
running, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have no film. Hey guys, we’re gonna make a mustard pie. My “cousin” Mike is gonna make it for ya. Now he’s pressing out the dough. It’s a science! I’m a pie-ologist. First, we flour the dough. We put the spicy brown mustard
on, we put the cheese on, then we put tomatoes on it. Basically, taste is like a Philly pretzel. There’s a place called
the California Pizza, actually it’s a chain,
ate there and it was… Ok. Can’t say bad, but it was OK. At 600 degrees, it stays in
for about eight, 10 minutes. That’s a lie. – Don’t call the fire department. – This is a mustard pizza for Scott, we’re gonna send it out
to him and his buddy. – Because in this kitchen,
everyone gets burned. – He looks just like… Who was the guy? ‘Member that? Hank? Tall, skinny, Hank Razerian? Looks just like this kid. Hank Razerian or something like that? – (muffled) – What? – Azaria. – Oh, he’s the guy that does
the voice for “The Simpsons.” – I don’t know. – And that’s done, hun. – Tickets on sale now. – What do you think guys? Should I, like, go to New York
or Hollywood or some place? Scott, here’s your pie! – All right, yes. – You got a nice mustard pie. – Is this olive oil? What’s the shiny over there?
– Yeah. – Olive oil. – Looks like a regular pizza. – This your first mustard pie? – Yes this is my first mustard. – Ah, mustard’s on the bottom. – All right.
– You’ll like it. Anything else? – I think we’re good for now. Thanks.
– Thanks, Nick. – I should’ve asked him
for a side of pastrami. – No. – Oh yeah! Nice, crunchy. Look at that move. I can’t tell if you like
it or don’t like it. – No, I like it! Tastes like a knish. – Well that’s the mustard, yeah! This reminds me of like turkey sandwiches I used to take to lunch. – Yo did you take notice that this crust– – Yeah I did. It’s snappy as heck.
– It’s phenomenal. – It talks back. Listen. What do you think about like the zazz of the mustard with the sweetness of the tomato? – Told you, it tastes like a knish. – OK, which is a good thing? You like knish? – Mhmm. – All right. So thumbs up pizza? – Well– – This thing looks exactly like a pizza. – It’s just that the mustard
overpowers the tomato. I don’t taste tomato. – If you just taste the
tomato itself, it’s separated, the mustard’s underneath the cheese, tomato’s above the cheese. Just take a little taste of the
tomato and tell me about it. – You’ve revealed the mustard. – Look. – Well I’m lookin’ at it. What’s it like on its own? – It’s a sweet tomato. – Yeah, so what’s the difference between what you’d had in the past with like a vinegar, tomato sauce– – It’s just that I feel
like I’m eating knish. I do not taste pizza. – Cause of the brown mustard?
– Yeah. – So, you’ve had a vinegar-y combination with tomato sauce before… – Yeah!
– Right? Yeah, but I’m wondering how it stacks up with your rules in mind. – Well yeah, like I said,
when I walked in here, the smell punched me in the face. – Right? And when he walked over to the
table, you knew right away. There’s either a bologna
sandwich, a pizza, or both. – Yeah. – What else? You got another rule. – What was it? – Does it look as good as it tastes? – Yes. – That’s big and important. It’s got crust, it’s got
cheese, it’s got sauce. The only other pizzas
you’ve had in New Jersey have been those stunt pizzas
at Tony Boloney’s, right? – Well I thought we said
that those weren’t pizzas. – We didn’t say that they weren’t pizza. – Well I said it wasn’t pizza. – OK fine. – So, this is really
my first Jersey pizza. – This is your first Jersey pizza? – Mhmm – Wow, this is great! What a successful road trip, Day One! – Everything about it says pizza. – Maybe they’ll put up a
sign outside that says, “The first pizza Mark ever had in Jersey.” – In Jersey, yup. Can we wrap this up? – Absolutely! Midnight snack! Calzone. – You were supposed to like, air-pound– – I don’t do it. Come on, all right, let’s go. – Hey guys! How was the pie, Scott? – I loved it. – It was fantastic. – Yeah, you loved it too?
– Yes. Thank you for everything. – Oh, thank you for coming. Goodnight. – Take it easy, Nick.
– G’night. – All right. – What an awesome guy. – He’s such a nice guy. – His arm’s gonna fall off. He’s still cleaning this table. – Three pizzerias in one day, three states in one
day, you ever done that? – No, that’s a first. – Yeah, what was your
favorite pizza of the day. – I really enjoyed the
slice at Pizza Green. – Oh yeah, right? – But without the ice cream. – I know. – How far are we from the hotel? – Oh, how far are we from
the place that we’re staying? We’re not far, actually
we’re getting really close. This is the place. – This doesn’t look like a hotel, Scott. – Let’s go. – Scott? – Yeah? – This is not a hotel. – Nah, it’s not a hotel. – You were supposed to get a hotel. – I told you I’d get accommodations. This is guaranteed the best accommodations you could ever imagine. Close your eyes and think
of the ultimate place to stay on a pizza road trip. – What? – When two pizza friends get to stay with a third pizza friend. – Airbnb? – Pizza buddies! – Mike! – Dude, let’s go. – We’re gonna be hanging
out all night long. – We got pizza onesies! We got pizza socks. You got a great couch, it’s nice and firm. Don’t worry about it. Pizza party night sleepover, come on! – Pizza party sleepover time!
– Come on guys. – Pizza party. Hey come on, that’s not cool, hey! – Board games all night, so much fun. – You got Jenga? – I got hard liquor. – No Jenga? – No. – Thanks for watching this
episode of “Really Dough?” where we had Papa’s Tomato
Pies in Trenton, New Jersey. – You have to watch the one with the Ramen pizza at Tony Baloney’s. – No don’t watch the one with the Ramen– – Get out of here! Yo, a thousand dollar slice! – And don’t forget to subscribe! You have to let me in! – Let’s go, let’s go. – This place has four floors? Lazy!

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