Music, going to the dogs

Researchers have found music reduces
stress, heart rates, and even barking in dogs This research was recently applied
by the Madrid police force who now play classical music to their dogs, once
they’ve come off the beat. The New Zealand Police are also
incorporating music into their dogs’ day Senior Sergeant Chris Best says
guidelines from the UK suggest a range of stimuli in
kennels is importnant keep dogs healthy.
He says along with music differing terrain from grass to gravel,
colors such as light blue, and real lavender help.
– All the guidelines from the UK are saying that it is required
in kennels, and we’re always looking to make a better environment
for our dogs, so why wouldn’t we? Research does say that it calms
them down with different music and we all know from our own
tastes how it it makes us feel – At the police dog training facility in Trentham,
various genres of music are played through the speakers, minus a
subwoofer, to keep the dogs calm. Research from the University of Glasgow
shows classical music, soft rock and reggae,
are the preferred choice for dogs. So what about some Bob Marley? – We could play that for our drug dogs! – Further down the road in Stokes Valley
classical music is played at HUHA’s Animal Rescue Centre. Shelter manager
Claire Thornton explains the research is not far-fetched. – Back in the day we had
this beautiful volunteer who would come in and play harp music to the dogs in
the shelter. She’d sit in the main area and it would just filter through.
It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. It was actually quite moving,
and the dogs would just settle so well. Claire Thornton says the dogs come into
the shelter often traumatised and neglected. She says the music
brings a sense of calm. – There’s a lot of barking, a lot of
movement, a lot of noise and a bit of stress and then we put the classical
music on – put the radio on – and you could hear a pin drop.
– Claire Thornton recommends playing music with a slow beat. Perhaps unsurprisingly
Bach seems to be a favourite with the dogs, along with Bob
Marley, as discovered in an unscientific field test done by RNZ Music And while music might calm dogs, it was
no help in distracting nine-month-old German Shepherd London who was heading
into the police dog program. She thought RNZ video journalist Dom
Thomas’ leg was a tasty treat. All bit and no bark.
For morning report Zoe George.

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