MULTIPLYING PUPPY PRANK!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 12

That guy didn’t
clean his poop up. Ew! That’s so disgusting! I hate people… Here, I’ll get it.
I’ll get it.
I’ll get it. Ew! (GASPS) Yep, it’s poop. Ew! I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank.JEANA: And now we’re teaching
our friends how to prank. This is… (JESSE READING) JEANA:Hey, guys.
Today we’re at a huge
YouTube convention
in New York.
Today’s prankster
is Jonathan from the YouTube
channelSACCONEJOLYs.He’s very popular for his
daily vlogging in the UK.
JEANA:He and his wife,
Anna, have been
vlogging for six years,
and they have
six Maltese dogs.
So, we are gonna use
Anna’s love for dogs
in a prank today. We’re gonna be
pranking his wife with our little
friends right here. Look at that little guy. He’s like
a little foetus. Hey, Jonathan.
Thanks for playing. What’s up, man? JONATHAN: No problem. Hey, how are you?
Good to see you. Hey. So, welcome to
thePrank Academy,sir. Thank you.
I am terrified. So, you’re gonna prank Anna.
How do you feel about that? Don’t be mean. I know. All right?
I have to live with her. Okay, there could be
divorce papers over this. (LAUGHS) So we’re gonna
have to trick Anna
into thinking that she’s supposed
to be here in
this green room. Whatever excuse
you need to make to
get her to be in here, that’s what you got to do. We know that
Anna loves puppies. Yeah. JESSE:Let’s fast-forward
and give you the key points.
Get Anna in this room.We have an actress
to help us out.
We fill it with puppies.“Oh, my God, puppies! “I want to pet puppies.”Security tells her
she can’t have puppies.
We fill it with
even more puppies.
And not even give her
a chance to explain. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just starting.Security comes back,
and Anna’s in trouble.
She’s in trouble
onPrank Academy.Dude, I’m gonna be
in so much trouble. You’re fine.Now it’s time for
a pre-prank puppy break.
(DOG BARKING) Okay, he’s gonna
be a problem one. You’re like a hamster. Look at the long-haired
Chihuahua. I think we’re gonna
adopt a dog right now. (JEANA CHUCKLES) You nipping me? JESSE:Meanwhile,
back at the prank…
So, your objectives are
to get Anna into this room. Okay. Okay? When you leave the room,
you have to make
sure Anna stays inside. That’s important. Third objective is
when you return
to the room, you have to keep
a straight face and act natural
to the situation of tons of puppies
now in the room. All right, you got
your mission.
Let’s go. JESSE:We got to make sure
everything is tight
because the prank
is about to go down.
I’m most excited
about this prank to see how she reacts to
a room of puppies. I know. It’s like a situation
that a puppy lover
would dream to be in, but we’re twisting it
to make it not
quite a happy situation. All right, we’re about
to pull this prank.
Let’s go. This one? Hi. Hi. Here we go.
It’s game time. JONATHAN:
Look at the doggie! How old is he? He’s, like,
10 weeks old. He’s a rescue,
so we’re not sure,
like, 100%. Oh! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he gets
a field trip today. Is he being good? Oh, my gosh.
He’s being so good. Do you want to pet him? Oh, yes, please. We have six dogs. You’re kidding me.
Are you serious? (CHUCKLES) Yeah. JONATHAN: We do not
need a seventh dog. Well, I’m not
letting him go. Oh, my gosh. Should we make the call
while she’s talking? Whole family.
We’ve got mom, dad,
and then four puppies. Do you guys…
Are you from around here?
Or are you… ANNA: No, we live in London.
But we’re from Ireland. (MOBILE CHIMING) Oh, sorry,
this is my friend.
One second. Hello? Hey, I’m upstairs. You’re, like,
up by the entrance? Could you come
meet me in a minute? Yeah, one second.
Do you guys…
Sorry. Do you mind
just watching him? Yeah, yeah,
that’s fine. Yeah, we won’t
steal him, I promise. Well, we might. I’m only gonna
be a second. I’ll be back really fast. ANNA: Yeah, no,
that’s fine. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Yeah, I’ll be right up.
You’re out by
the door upstairs? All right,
she bought it.
She bought it. Imagine if we were evil
people that stole him. Yeah, let it settle. If you know how much work
he is probably right now. Yeah.
(WHISTLES) The peeing and… That smell is amazing.
That puppy smell… All right,
send security in.
Send security in. Hey, guys. Hey. How you doing? ANNA: Hi.
Good, thank you. Is that a puppy in here? Yeah. It’s not ours. Whose is it? So, there was a girl here. I think she went
to meet her friend. Why?
Is he not allowed in here? No dogs allowed in
this part of the building. Is she coming back? Yeah, she’s coming back. Just make sure she
takes it with her, please? All right. She’s not in
the building
right now. Jonathan, we’re about
to send puppies in. Just play natural,
like you don’t
know what’s going on. There are puppies that
are like a nightmare. Oh, my God. I’ve been walking around for,
like, 20 minutes.
I have to pee so badly. I don’t think
this is the… Jonathan, make an excuse
like you’re going, like, “I don’t know
what’s going on.” This is ridiculous. He’s growling. Jonathan, he can’t mix
with other dogs now.
He’s too small. I’m gonna go find
Francesca. Stay there. JONATHAN: Yeah, let’s get
an eye up here… I can see you were nervous
as hell out there, dude. You’re so nervous. JONATHAN:It’s too hard. JESSE:Should we send
another dog in there?
Send another dog.
Send another dog. I know. I’m really,
really sorry. I’m on my way. (JESSE LAUGHING) WOMAN: I’m on my way. (JESSE AND JEANA LAUGHING) This is perfect.
She’s confused now. Okay, what is going on? Seriously, what is going on? I think we got to start
moving them faster. Yeah. I think we got
to hit them with a bunch now
’cause she’s
getting suspicious. Puppy. Ooh, careful. Whoa, this is so funny. ANNA: Nope, don’t go
under there. Oh, thank God. Oh, my God,
I’m in such a rush. Here. Thank you so
much for doing this. I really,
really appreciate it. JESSE:Send the
security guard in.
She can’t have
that many puppies. (BARKING) Okay, guys. Go, go, go, go. Hey! They keep multiplying.
I don’t know
what’s going on. Where are all these
dogs coming from? Every two minutes,
somebody comes in
and then puts them down. I literally came
in here thinking
I was going to a meeting. Who do they belong to? Just random people
keep coming in. Okay,
I’m going to have to talk
to my manager about this. That’s fine.
I don’t own any of them. All right, well,
I’ll be right back. Please,
don’t let any of
them out, just in case. Okay, bring as many puppies
as you can right now. Hi. (PUPPIES YELPING) Hello? Hello? Hello? ANNA:Jonathan?What?Can you come back, please?Yeah, I think I found
the girl, though.Why? What’s wrong?Okay. I need you to come
back ’cause there’s like a million
puppies in here now. There’s not a million
puppies in the room.
There’s one. Jonathan,
one of them’s peeing! Hold on, hold on.
All right, here’s
Francesca. Hold on. All right, I’ll be back
in a second. Hold on. Oh, my God!
The guy’s gonna come back
and get really angry with me. I don’t know what to do. Send Jonathan in by himself.
Let’s just see what she says. Yeah. Do not smile. Is she in here? MAN: No, no, no. What the hell? They just
keep multiplying. Literally, people just
keep coming in with dogs. I don’t think this is
where our meeting’s
supposed to be. Obviously not. Where’s the security guard? Guys, my bosses are here,
and they’re pissed. This is crazy. Yo. Is this a prank? JESSE: What are you doing
with all these dogs in here? This had to be a prank. You’re in big trouble. (LAUGHING)
This is so crazy. I was like, “Oh, my God,
he’s gonna kill me.” But you’re in
big trouble, okay? Oh, my God. JESSE: He told us that
you loved dogs, but he didn’t want
to be too mean to you. So did he get you? I was really scared of you. I was like, “Oh, my God.” Sorry. When I met him earlier on,
I was like,
“Oh, God, he’s too scary.” Yeah, I was like, “Wait, wait. Maybe I
can make him like me.” Jesse was like,
“Just come in
and shout at her.” I was like,
“Don’t shout at her.” He’s afraid of you,
apparently. He said, “I have to go back
to the room with her. “I have to live
with her every day.” Dude. Whoa! Get it from the bum. No. All right, Jonathan,
this is thePrank Academy,and you’re gonna be
graded on your prank. Number-one objective. Were you able to get Anna
into the room with
a believable excuse? Your second objective. Were you able to
escape the room
while Anna stayed inside? And your third objective
was to keep a straight
face and act natural when you returned
to the room
full of puppies. Hey. Jonathan,
one of them’s peeing. So, Jeana and I
talked about it, and we think we
got your grade… BOTH: …and you passed
thePrank Academy.Congratulations, sir.
You are a YouTube prankster. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you. I’m gonna call my mom. Thank you guys for watching
thePrank Academy.Hopefully you
enjoyed it. If you did,
please smash that
thumbs-up button. Thank you, Jonathan,
for playing with us, and pranking your wife. No problem. And you’re still married,
so we’re good. Still married,
hopefully. I’ll call you tomorrow. Yeah, we got to hear. All right, guys.
We’ll see you all later. Peace! Bye. She’s probably
gonna want to
get you back. Yeah. Our hands are tied
if she calls us. Oh, no.

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