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I think we need to tell them about the
Mothman the Mothman is still behind the haunting like at work while over there pear pizza welcome to
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anyways but we’re continuing on with our Point Pleasant series and talking about
all the things down there and we have to talk about the Mothman
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in the comments yeah all right so we’re ready to get going I think so alright so
why are we doing this why are we doing this well first of all one of the major
things that you know down in Point Pleasant and why we went there was
because the Mothman yes come off man in the Silver Bridge and I just said this a
little bit ago look for covering Point Pleasant well you got to talk about the
Mothman yeah there are many people out there and the paranormal feel bit know
about the Mothman but there might be some that are para peeps that never
heard of this before Wow it’s possible so we’re gonna have to
get everybody educated on them come on they had at least I’ve seen the movie
right and next this ties everything together and one neat little package and
comes close to wrapping up our series on Point Pleasant that it does alright
let’s move on who was the Mothman well why don’t you go ahead and take this one
oh okay well basically the Mothman in West Virginian folklore was a creature
that they saw beginning in the area of Point Pleasant around 1966 and so
beginning November 12th of 1966 all the way through December of 67 there
were newspaper reports and different individuals who came up and said hey
I’ve seen this thing numerous reports and there was even in the Point Pleasant
register their newspaper dated November 16th of 1966 there was an article titled
couple C man-sized bird creature something and the National Press picked
it up and of course that kind of got Point Pleasant to really be on the map
so the Mothman was introduced to a wider audience by to individual Gary Barker in
1970 and later by John keel in 1975 with the book that he wrote called the mock
man prophecies now in the book he claimed that supernatural events were
related to the sightings of the Mothman in the collapse of the of the Silver
Bridge and that leader was made into a movie the Mothman Prophecies yes yeah
the book and the movie have the same name yes yes so let’s talk about some of
the reports let’s do that let’s do that okay so the first one that they believed
was back in November 12th of 1966 when there were five men who were digging a
grave at a cemetery that’s awesome yes they heard a rustling and they
actually saw this man-like figure fly low from the trees over their heads
that would be awesome I would scare the bejesus out of me what you don’t think
it would be cool to see us lying there out digging a grave they hear a rustle
and here comes a flying man a little shaken okay
alright I’ll give you that one well just a few days later on November 15th of
1966 there were two couples Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary
mallet they were driving along past what they call the TNT plant at that point
they reportedly saw a humanoid figure that had glowing red eyes Linda was
expressing what they saw was on the side of the road and looked like a bird-like
humanoid creature with a very large wingspan and fiery red eyes she said
that it was like seven feet tall and that it would fold its wings against its
back allowing you to see the muscles in the legs this creature
apparently followed them as they went back towards Point Pleasant and then it
beard off into the field and disappeared they went straight to the police
department today like let them know about their experience and this
eventually made its way into the local papers where eventually Linda was saying
I wish I’d never seen it I really wish somebody else had
skating’s so they didn’t quite enjoy their
experience if I recall at the Mothman museum there’s even information on this
couple that they they thought that it was really able to keep up with them as
they were speeding and as they were terrified they were gonna try to open
the door and get in and yeah during the next few days other people reported
similar sightings even to volunteer firemen who said that it was a large
bird with red eyes so these are all different reports like nobody knew what
was going on or like everybody’s reporting these
usually it got into the news right right this is before it came out in the news Mason County Sheriff George Johnson
commented that he believed the sightings were due to it unusually large heron
he termed as site Polk I don’t know what that means but he was just kind of like
blowing it off a little bit contractor no patrons told Johnson that when he
aimed a flashlight that the creature in the nearby field its eyes glowed like a
bicycles reflector and he blamed the buzzing noises from his television and
the disappearance of his German Shepherd on the creature
so maybe the creature was scared away or maybe the creature ate it at the camera
but it be but it became something that he was very concerned about yes so over
that period of time there was at least a hundred reports from people of all ages
all different backgrounds or whatever is circulated throughout Point Pleasant
between November of 1966 and December of 1967 they were describing like the same
thing the same sounds it sounds like a helicopter it says winged looking man
with bright red eyes you know everyone is seeing this Mary hyre the reporter at
the time of the Mothman sites received over 500 phone calls related to this but
not just about Mothman she was you know receiving things of different sounds and
UFO sightings and just weird stuff happening then on December 15th of 1967
a year after the Mothman sightings began the Silver Bridge collapsed yes and 46
people died and then literally after that all the reporters stopped
no more Mothman in Point Pleasant so there’s even some that say that they
they saw the Mothman around the bridge right before collapse
nobody really knew at the time was this the cause of it were they trying to tell
you know was it trying to warn people it was just all this thing was happening
and then you know after it collapsed then there’s also reports of the men in
black that showed up in town it was telling people don’t be talking about
this and all this other stuff so where did the Mothman come from what are some
that say it’s a mythical creature there’s some say it’s alien there’s some
that say that it was an experiment that went bad there at the TNT plant there’s
there’s all kinds of different theories and things out there they don’t know
where it came from they don’t know where it went
however we got some more information to share with you there are two more things
that we want to discuss about the Mothman okay one of them is that Point
Pleasant wasn’t the only place the Mothman has been spotted what the
Mothman is in other places other than Point Pleasant yes then I want to bring
back a little bit about our last behind the one thing about the curse of
cornstalk so let’s talk about these other reports about the Mothman let’s do
that because they are interesting very well another place that the Mothman was
seen was allegedly yes yes allegedly seen was in the Zion tadam disaster but
this dates back to early January of 1926 that’s before the Mothman was senior
Point Pleasant that’s right yeah well this particular one in China was
actually dubbed by the locals as the mane dragon they said it was an ominous
figure that was a shadowy look and it would hover above the dam and then
eventually there was a disaster a disaster hit the sir
in farming villages and 40 billion gallons of water would dump and cause
deaths of 15,000 people yeah so there was reports of something that was kind
of similar to the Mothman right before they this yeah so the black man was seen
and an impending disaster came later mm-hmm in Freiburg Germany there was
also another Mothman sightings that apparently would save lives of miners
yeah no this was in September of 1978 so this would have been after the Silver
Birch okay so at this point there were some miners a group of them that were
going to come into contact with a headless creature that had glowing eyes
and then it had a chest that was large and was able to block the entrance to
the mine now this stunned them but eventually it let out a blood-curdling
speech and sent the miners even more afraid scrambling away an hour later
there was a rumble and a plume of dust shot from the mine as it was collapsing
so the Mothman scared them away but that saved all their lives right so it was
like another warning another omen another warning so here’s another report
the Mothman tried to warn about the Fukushima disaster which was an
earthquake so there was a marcus fuels an American
visiting Japan and he was out with a friend near the plant when suddenly they
heard a loud sound terrible screeching they looked back towards the plant and
they saw what’s described to be almost exactly the same as the Mothman
large black yeah red eyes that kind of thing so read what they said right here
that’s when I noticed the two large red eyes they seem to glow from within and
with a blood-red hue they were unblinking in the three to four seconds
that we saw them we knew they were looking straight at us
we knew this creature we knew we could see it and it made no attempt to
disguise itself so when he got back to the States
he had this bad feeling and turned on CNN news and that’s when he found out
about the earthquake next thing there was reports people did report seeing a
creature similar to the Mothman flying around the Twin Towers okay there are
reports of that this picture mm-hmm I don’t know it’s it’s hard to say with
pictures nowadays anybody can fake something and document things but there
are reports out there on the internet and also the same reports of the men in
black interesting okay and this was right before the attacks on the Twin
Towers in 2001 yes there’s also connection with the Mothman
to the Chernobyl disaster so now we’re under into Russian territory this
Mothman seems to be its way around the world that’s right it gets around on
April 26 1986 the day of the accident several people saw the huge black bird
actually flying around the smoke after explosion even those in nearby town of
Pripyat claimed to have seen the strange creature that became known as the black
bird of Chernobyl there are those that believe that this is the Mothman and
they also saw the for about a year before the incident
just like in Point Pleasant that’s right now even as recent as 2016 there was a
report on a news channel Donner on Point Pleasant that somebody
spotted the Mothman again not again they claim to have pictures so I didn’t put
that in our presentation you can actually Google that it’s on the
Internet the actual news broadcast but maybe the Mothman was wrong in that
time because it seems that it was like every it would be about a year before an
incident it’s been a little bit of time since that 2016 incident in Point
Pleasant and there hasn’t been any major disaster so that’s a good thing right
now a lot of people in Point Pleasant strongly believe in the Mothman I met
strongly okay no does this have something to do with chief cornstalk in
his curse or some say it does it is related I kind of think if you believe
in that kind of stuff the curves and the Mothman I want to show you something
which is kind of interesting if you didn’t watch our video about the curse
of cornstalk I’ll put a link to it it’ll pop up right thing now okay
we’re stop right now go back and watch that part okay and then come back to
here okay all right but here’s our our man chief cornstalk
all right so you remember from our previous video the curse okay Mary once
she’s read it again this this is what he said as he was dying I was the border
man’s friend many times I have saved him and his people from harm
I never ward with you but only to protect our wigwams and lands I refused
to join your paleface enemies the Redcoats I came to the fort as your
friend and you murdered me you have murdered by my side my young son for
this may the curse of the Great Spirit rest upon this land
may it be blighted by Nature may it even be blighted by its hopes may the
strength of its peoples be paralyzed by the stain of our blood all right so one
thing we know about Native American culture okay what what’s one thing that
they had totem poles totem poles okay now there’s another cryptid that’s out
there and those of you in the paranormal realm know what I’m gonna be talking
about and that’s called the Thunder burger okay
there are also people who believe that the Mothman and the Thunderbird could be
interchangeable in the same things and related to Native American culture okay
so let’s just look at that okay get a totem pole the Thunderbird is the flying
creature at the top of the totem poles some Native Americans refer to that as
what I highlighted the Great Spirit okay could that have been the Mothman so the
Great Spirit the Mothman coming to foretell the future protect the people
bring information because most of the great spirits for the Native Americans
were there to pass information on to protect their peoples and so on so the
curse okay they the curse of the Great Spirit or the protection of the Great
Spirit could this all be related to ancient civilization folklore hmm that’s
kind of those things that make you go hmm all right at this moment that I mean
that’s basically the Mothman in a nutshell we did you real quick real
quick romantic version crash course but at this point we have some questions we
want to ask you an answer down in the comments so we got five questions for
you in this one okay shorter video more homework all right so make sure you open up if
you haven’t already one of those comments so that you can put your
answers to these questions and we can get your take on it
yes and and we really want to know what you think so please please leave a
comment alright so first of all if the mock man is real do you think it could
have been created by some kind of chemical mutation or something that went
wrong at that TNT plant yeah like is this the Point Pleasant
version of spider-man yeah or wait was spider-man a chemical problem he got bit
by this later yeah but something to that effect yes how about with all the
reports that are being made about the creature do you think that they were
real or some form of mass hysteria you know people are talking about it to each
other and then oh yeah I saw something like that too
and then it just drew more and more reports what do you what do you think uh
with the reports of the men in black do you think the government may know a
little bit more information about these reports and what’s happening and just
not letting us know like that never happens all right I have another one for
you do you think that the sightings of the Mothman type creature is forewarning
or do you think that the Mothman type creature is actually causing the
disasters that they are seeming to precess or do you maybe think it’s a
combination somehow both okay and then the last one with the Mothman or
creatures similar to the Mothman do you think it’s possible that they could be
related to ancient cultures such as Native American customs and do you think
this is all the same creature or multiple creatures yeah all the ones
from the reports around the world you think it’s the same creature all right
guys I hope you learned a little bit more about the Mothman and you know what
Point Pleasant why we went there you know it’s why we with it yeah we’re
going to Point Pleasant so we hope you enjoyed this hope you answer those
questions down in the comments and yeah I’ll be fun to hear your responses hope
you met hope it made you think a little bit you know we get new creatures that
we identify every day all this stuff is out there newspaper reports all this
other stuff you know other people’s we couldn’t make this up if we tried really
couldn’t I couldn’t anyways hey folks till next time thanks for watching and
happy hunting if you liked this episode of behind
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