More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

This is the worst room and this is pretty rough in here Look at this dog! This dog has become one with the cage! I am very concerned about this dog I mean he is just matted through to the cage This is obviously a combination of urine feces, mud, and dog food You’d think that… …with all the chaos out here of us coming in and pulling these animals out there would be a lot of barking but these dogs have just succumbed to death I mean they are ready to die they’ve given up a long time ago little do they know that they’re actually for the very first time going to have the opportunity to be dogs dogs they were never given the opportunity to be This dog’s nothing but a big mat This dog is a sack of bones the animals were removed from the
property and have been brought back to the emergency shelter where they’re being assessed by team
veterinarians and having evidence collection conducted his entire body is matted This is a huge mat here this whole back section is one mat he was obviously on the the bottom of the stacked cages he was a lower cage he’s blind and of course matted severely he can barely walk He’s looking pretty bad, his matting is horrible he’s very kind of depressed his eyes are totally glazed over I just can’t imagine imagine let’s give him a few minutes to relax shake! There you go! most of them are still amazingly friendly and happy to be in a situation where they can actually
breathe fresh air so they’ve been surprisingly upbeat for situations that they’ve come from after a two day drip from Arkansas to Washington D.C. They are now here at the Washington Animal Rescue League got an amazing team of volunteers and staff who will be working to rehabilitate these dogs over the next couple of days Amazing team of veterinaries that will provide them with the necessary medical care eventually get them spayed and neutered and available for adoption

65 thoughts on “More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

  • This is just horrific! It’s so important that people who buy dogs know where they r coming from so we stop funding people who run these hell holes

  • Puppy mills make me so angry! They dont ever treat the animals with vet care, feed properly or even give them love. Everyone should help stop puppy mills by adopting from shelters and not buying animals. ADOPT DON'T SHOP!!

  • Oh my God is wood go in there and if there were a person in the industry would bet fucking out of them till yerevan and yea this is why I want to help these an mails they have been through he'll but they get a chance they will all find a loving famliy

  • Oh my goodness if I wood go in there and if there was a person in there I would bet the fucking out of them and wonder why
    I want to help these poor anmails and they have just been through so much their life time it is not ok for people to be doing this to them it is not fair what have they done to you so the person who did this to them go fucking die

  • You know, things like this tick me off. My family had to put down our dog due to old age complications, and we loved her. We don't have our puppy, but people who abuse their pet still have theirs.

  • I would be in tears constantly seeing what those poor animals endured you can't do that kind of job and not hurt for those animals

  • Why don’t we punish these creeps the same way they tortured all the animals in the cages I just don’t understand why we let people like that get away with this kind of abuse I wish we could cane them and let them feel pain like the animals have if we did maybe they would think twice

  • Thanks Guys for saving puppies and I love you forever, Guys you are really hero🙏🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺💕💕💕💕👌👌👌🌸🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍💗💗💗💞💞💞 God bless you🐕🌼🌸🌹

  • How someone can do that its xtrmly pathetic they r not humans bt on d second thank u guys for saving them keep this work on

  • Thank You so very much for rescuing these sweet babys- The SHIT that did this needs to DIE slowly- I hope they DID arrest them.

  • Heartbreaking! Hard to see. But what you see with the animals lack of humane treatment is a reflection of what pain, torment, ..that the person responsible is in. Heartbreaking. John 3:26

  • There is a special place in heaven for those who help animals, and a special place in hell for those who harm them.

  • 9 years ago?! Ty for not giving up saving animals now these animals have great life’s because of y’all ty very much!

  • The owners & family need to be in prison. This is torture against life. I hope people monitor neighbors and what goes on at properties. IDGAF if people like it or not, feel embarrassed or violated, you stole everything from these animals.
    Take pics and video. The owners can get their butt hurt in prison. Bye bye!

  • Well done guys for savin these gorgouse babies god bless u all keep up the good work oh there sweet dogs god love them and ye saved them ur angels thank u

  • These cuties bout to be cleaned and loved😝😍😍I hope they find a home,lol if I could I would have a huge room and adopt them all and buy them toys and we can all eat pizza all day lol them go burn the fat off at the beach

  • Who ever started this puppy mill must of been not smart cause it is so sad but it is so great that people actually care for them and bring the out of the puppy mill

  • insopportabile da guardare tutto sto video.mi sale rabbia e schifo x chi fa tutto sto male ai nostri amici animali.nn lo sopporto!!nn é possibile esistano persone cosi al mondo.ripeterò fin alla noia:-pene piu severe !!!!severe!!!!voi stupendi scoprite un campo di concentramento così ma quanti altri ci sono in giro???nnnpotete fare tutto…siete adorabili!!!stupendi!!!👍🏼❤️

  • This is one Humane Society that I Know of who actually SHOWS us the WORK & LIVES they actually SAVE!! There is way more than ONE ASPCA, Humane Society, City Shelter, etc!! Many only KILL dogs & cats! This is one that has SAVED THOUSANDS of dogs & cats lives!! Because, of this man …..

  • Who ever owned this place needs to be put in a small cage and lay in their urine and poop! These people make me sick

  • My first dog was a rescue dog , people tell me I spoil him so much , it’s because you never know what they went through but at least I can give him the world while he’s with me .

  • To travel freely in my car on the roads I pay for, I have to get a license and pay fees on my birthday every year. Breeding should require an expensive license and the holders should get random visits from officials checking on the welfare of the animals. McDonald's get random inspections and can be shut down if they fail the health/cleanliness check. The shit in this video needs to stop. I shame anyone who tells me about their new dog they purchased. Adopt people!

  • I could literally take a Baseball Bat and beat to death the people who do this!!!! These poor animals. Omg the torture and horrific life they had to endure. I cried and became incredibly, incredibly ANGRY watching this. It’s inhumane and unconscionable to do this to animals. Sick POS’s who do this sh*t literally need to be beat to death. They are soulless, irredeemable, sociopathic MONSTERS with no empathy or compassion. But thank god for people like you guys. Because of you these precious animals, and so many others, are saved and have a second chance at having a good life, with love and food and care and shelter and safety and health❤️people like you all are truly angels walking among us. Bless you and your loving hearts. People like you all make the world a much better place for all living things. I still wanna beat them with a bat though…

  • Ok why am I watching this? I know the story, they all the same and I know I’ll cry!! Why do I do this to myself? 😭😭😭

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