Monsta X Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

– Oh! – [Group] Oh my god! – Puppy! – [Group] Oh my god! – Babies! – It’s okay, it’s okay. – Me! Come on! – So cute! Heart attack! (playful music) (speaking in foreign language) – Sup guys, we’re in
Buzzfeed with the puppies. Shall we name the dogs? – I think he- uh, he or she? – Check. – Okay. She’s Shy Girl – He’s Popo. – [Group] Popo! – [I.M] Why? – Cutie. – Tarzan and Jane. – So cute! – I’m gonna take him home! Okay, okay, okay. (speaking in foreign language) – Rock. – [Group] Rock. – Me too. – Jazz? – Jazz, no! Do you know Chet Baker? – I fall in love too easily! – Oh, you wanna pick it? – [Group] Pick, pick, pick! (speaking in foreign language) – Powerful. – Energetic. – Good senior. – A respectful senior. – Sexy! – Cool guys. – Handsome. – Savage. – Jane picked one. (speaking in foreign language) – I think our members is more sexy. – [Group] Oh. – And more good english
better than last year. (speaking in foreign language) I wanna play with dogs. He’s not coming, nobody’s coming to me. (speaking in foreign language) These puppies! (laughter) These puppies! – Best idea! (speaking in foreign language) – Yeah? – Your name? (speaking in foreign language) – Present was from the
past and the future comes from the present, so I like myself right now. – Yeah, I agree. – You too? – Yeah, me too. (speaking in foreign language) – So cute! – I like my rap lyrics in Shine Forever because they all follow my rap. – My lyrics on Destroyer, like belief rap. – Yeah, I like it. (speaking in foreign language) – Shownu. – Me? – [I.M] Why, why, why?
– He has a good body. – Thank you. – Hey, focus on me! – I’m sorry! – Concentrate! – I want Wonho’s body. – Why? – Hey, focus on me! – I’m sorry! – I want abs! – You have! – No, just one pec. – Okay! (speaking in foreign language) – Follow me. – No! – Don’t follow him. – Follow my outfit, come on. – Pass! Next question! – Hey, I wanna collaborate with you! – This one, this one, this one! – Okay, next question! – Be quiet! (speaking in foreign language) – Harry Potter. – Oh, Harry Potter. – 100 percent. – Twilight, vampire. Pick it up, pick it up. – [Group] Oh! – Last question! It is for Shownu. (speaking in foreign language) – I think I’m just leader. – He’s the leader! (speaking in foreign language) – He’s so energetic. – So cute!
– I want to adopt this guy. – Let’s go home together. – You can adopt these cute puppies at North Shore Animal League America. – Bye! – We’re going to adopt them,
we’re going to adopt you guys. – [Group] Bye! (singing) (air rushing) (creaking)

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