Monday 9/9/19 Revelation 17:1 – 17:18

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teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning, as he takes you on a chapter
by chapter, verse by verse, study of God’s letter
to you, the Bible. (instrumental hymnal music) And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you. God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour, ready to get back in
our Father’s word. Revelation, Chapter 17. You know, I wanna run a little
contrast between two women. I want to contrast a woman
of Revelation, Chapter 12, who wore a crown that had
12 stars, Mother Israel. And then we have this lady
were about to go into, Mystery, Babylon,
the greatest harlot that ever traveled the earth. And in the comparison of
the two, you have a choice. Only one of those is gonna
attend the wedding at the end. I don’t think you’ll
have any problem deciding which group it is, so
therefore, hang on for the ride. Understand this, in
Revelation, Chapter 17, I’m gonna call it kind of
a parenthetical chapter. It’s kind of inserted here
with God doing the translating, and when God translates it,
you wanna leave it alone. Before we finish the
chapter, you will see that he takes away all the mystery about
this woman, this bad woman. Chapter 17, verse one, a word
of wisdom from our Father, verse one reads, “And there
came one of the seven angels, which had the seven vials.” They’re all poured out now. “And talked with me, saying
unto me, come hither; I will show unto thee the
judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters.” Now what is it he’s
going to show us? Hang on to the
thought now, judgment. What’s going to happen to her? I’m gonna tell you in
detail, line on line, exactly how it’s
goin’ down with her. Verse two, “with whom
the kings of the earth, and underline this
kings of the earth,” those are earthly human beings. They’re not the 10 kings that
Satan will bring with him, which are supernatural. You gotta know the difference. “Kings of the earth have
committed fornication.” That’s idolatry. “And the inhabitants of the
earth have been made drunk with the wine of
her fornication.” They’re intoxicated
with the lies of Satan. Remember back in
Revelation, Chapter nine, what their weapons were? What three things they
utilized to deceive people? They blew smoke out of
their mouth, meaning lies. Lies, lies, deception, and
people seem to love to hear it. You want, it’s so easy
to stick to God’s word, and to listen to him. You know, well, how can I
tell if someone’s lying to me? If it’s contrary to God’s word. You don’t have to even be the brightest bulb in
the drawer to know that. Verse three, “So he carried
me away in the spirit into the wilderness”. What are we here? In the spirit, in
the wilderness. “And I saw a woman sit upon
a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy. Every kind of
blasphemy there was. Having seven heads
and 10 horns.” And, of course, back
to Revelation 13:1, we’ve got her sittin’ there. You’ll understand
exactly who she is before this chapter’s over. And, I mean, she’s
dressed in scarlet. That’s royalty. I mean, the false Christ
is makin’ is her feel good, like she is so precious. She’s a queen. Verse four, “And the
woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color”. Royalty. “And decked with gold, and
precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her
hand full of abomination, and filthiness of
her fornication.” That is to say, her idolatry. You know, you wanna be careful,
God likens fornication, because human beings have
a way to understand better than if he uses idolatry, and you worshiping a
false Christ, okay. And that’s why he
puts it in the fact that there’s gonna be a wedding, and he wants a virgin bride. A human being can understand
that, the emotions of it. You could even understand
the emotions of Christ when he expects a virgin bride, and sees in her the
sack with Satan. That’s an abomination. That’s filth, and
perversion of the world, and God will have no part of it. So when you compare these
two women, Mother Israel, and this harlot, and what
you have to understand, well, what makes her a harlot? Deception. She probably is
all well meaning, and thinks she’s flyin’
along with high colors, because Christ has returned, only she hasn’t been
taught he’s antichrist. Well, he’s performing miracles. Sure, just like it’s
written in the 13th chapter, Satan will perform miracles
in the sight of man, and those lies will spew forth. Never does it say, well,
just for the sake of time, I’m gonna go back
to the 9th chapter, and I’m gonna read for
you what his weapons are. By these three,
the three weapons, was the third part
of men killed. Spiritually misled. By the fire, by the smoke,
and by the brimstone which issued out
of their mouths. The hot acidy lies
that would pour forth, and people swallow it
hook, line, and sinker. Some people, you know,
they are so easily misled. Don’t go there. It’s called apostacy. Apostacy is where one’s
professed religion is changed in an instant. If you’re looking
for Jesus Christ, and worshiping him,
and all of a sudden, antichrist shows, and you
don’t know the difference, and you begin worshiping him, you changed your
religion instantly. You stopped worshiping
the true Christ, and began worshiping the devil. That’s why it’s an abomination. Verse five, “And up on her
forehead was a name written”. You wanna identify her? “Mystery, Babylon the
Great, the mother of harlots and an abomination
of the earth.” From idol worship, how
abominable can it be? I want you to know, check
this word mystery out in the Greek too, in your
Strong’s Concordance, and you will find
what it means is, that one closes their lips,
and never says a word, but changes their
religion, okay. Absolutely changes
their religion, that’s known as the
great apostacy, right? If you don’t know who
thew true Christ is from the false Christ, well,
our churches never taught that the antichrist comes first. I’ve heard the name,
but I wasn’t told. They said I was
gonna fly outta here. Well, that’s Satan’s message,
I’m gonna fly you out. That’s why Christ, himself,
through the Father, through the very word
given to Ezekiel, and Ezekiel 13 states
very bluntly and plainly, I’m against those
that teach my children to fly to save their souls. I hate it, and so he does. So there’s really not that
much of a mystery to her if you have eyes to
see and ears to hear. She’s an idol worshiper, and she goes down
with the greatest. Notice the upper-case
there to draw attention to this woman, ’cause
you don’t wanna join her. Verse six, Father’s still
gonna translate this all even further
for you, hang on. Verse six, “And I
saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of
the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered
with great admiration”. Admiration means wonder. I wondered how she
could be so stupid, and the people that
would ride with her, how they could be
deceived so easily. I mean, what is it
she’s drunken with? Who is it? In the last lecture or so, I took you back to
Matthew, Chapter 23, and showed you who
was responsible for the death of all the
saints, and the martyrs, and the prophets that God sent. It’s the offspring
of the serpent, and they’re engineering
the whole thing. That’s why you don’t wanna
ride with that woman. Verse seven, “And the
angel said unto me, wherefore didst thou marvel?” Why do you think
this a big deal? “I will tell you the
mystery of the woman, and of the beast
that carrieth her, which hath the seven
heads and 10 horns.” In other words, God is
going to go into detail, and make certain that
you understand clearly, without symbolism even,
what this symbolizes. He’s just gonna lay it on ya. Verse eight, “The beast that
thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out
of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition”. This identifies him, because
there’s only one entity that God has already
judged, and stated, that he will perish from within. That’s what perdition
means, okay. Apóleia it means
to perish within. Well, who is that, then? Ezekiel, chapter 28,
versus 18 and 19, Satan has already been
told as the king of Tyre, that cherub that covereth, that you will be turned to
ashes from within, and he shall. So he was, he was even
walk with Joe, Judge Joe. And is not, why? Because Christ
said, get behind me, and there Michael holds him
behind, as chapter 12 stated. And shall ascend in that
state of degradation. So he is identified as
the son of perdition, “And they that dwell on
the earth shall wonder, whose names,” whose
names are what? “Whose names were not
written in the book of life from the foundation
of the world, when they behold
the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” Well, why would one wonder? If you’re name was written
in the book of life before the foundation’s
of the world, then you stood against him
in the first earth age, and as it is written
in Ephesians, Chapter
one verse four, I chose you before the
foundations of this earth. Why? You earned it. Therefore, you know
and totally understand who this son of perdition is. You don’t have a
multiple choice. There’s only one entity. I realize, that 7,000 of
the fallen angels Nephilim are sentenced to death also, but not as individuals,
as a group. But one named, the
son of perdition, is the antichrist, the dragon, the devil, Lucifer, Satan. So let there be no
confusion about it. You were told in
Revelation, chapter nine, you were given his name
in two separate languages, Greek and Hebrew. Apollyon in the Greek, which
means prediction, perdition, and Abaddon in the Hebrew,
which is destruction. In both, to perish. So really, you would
really be kind of hurting if you couldn’t put that
together, even for yourself, who we’re talking about here. And you would not
be deceived by him. Verse nine, “And here is
the mind which hath wisdom”. Do you have wisdom? “The seven heads are
seven mountains.” That’s like seven nations. Mountains are nations. “On which the woman sitteth.” And she just really rides
in, along with deception, from the time that
Christ walked the earth, right on through. Verse 10, “And there are
seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the
other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must
continue a short space”. Now, history unravels
this for you. It’s no problem. It’s so easy to understand. All you have to do, is start. Babel started back with Nimrod way in the beginning in Genesis, and it was Babylon, as you
learn in the book of Daniel, that took them captive,
the very city itself. We’re talkin’ here about
a geographical location. Babylon took, and you
must, not the people, but we’re talking
about the place here. The place that’s most
popular in God’s mind, as it is written in
Ezekiel, chapter 16. His favorite place
in the universe. So you have to look to
Mount Zion, Jerusalem, to understand what this is. Here is wisdom. You’ve got wisdom, and
you can understand, so all you have to realize,
it was first taken, number one, who? By Babylon. That’s number one. What’s number two? Media, Persia,
that’s number two. And them, well, what
happened after Media, Persia? Greece, Alexander, number three. And then, well, what
about number four? Rome, Caesar. And then, number
five, in 636 A.D. until the year of
our Lord, 1948, the Mohammedans took
it and still hold it. That is to say, the
temple side itself. That is five, and, of course, well, what is number six? Number six, in part, is when
both the good and the bad figs partake of it, and
control with no peace. You have both entities,
that’s number six. Well, then what is number seven? That’ll be the antichrist, and he knows he only
has a short time, because that’s all
God’s gonna allow him, and then that will
bring an end to it, and that is the end that
you will participate in. So you see, here is wisdom. All you have to do is
look at the history. It’s well written
even in God’s word. All you have to do is follow it. Understand it. Or you can get a second
witness by history itself, and there’s no great
mystery in that. And there’s one thing
you must always know, God will never leave us. He will never forsake us. We will always, I do mean
always, have the victory. So there’s no great
surprise in that, and right now as we deal with
both the good and the bad fig, this began, if you have
any knowledge at all of God’s teachings, began
the parable of the fig tree. Well, what is written about
the parable of the fig tree in the great book
of Mark, Chapter 13? That when you see
leaves shoot forth, this generation shall
not pass away until all prophecy is fulfilled. You’re living it, my friend. Happened in 1948. The fig tree was
set out as a shoot, and it’s been
growing ever since. Unfortunately, both
good and bad figs. How interesting God’s word is when you understand
it with clarity. And Father, explaining
to us in detail exactly what it means. Verse 11, “And the beast
that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven”. Why? It’s the same power. “And goeth into perdition.” There he gives it away for you. Again, perdition,
there’s only one entity that’s already been judged, and that’s that
Satan is antichrist as the dragon is the devil. So there is no mystery in that. Verse 12, “And the 10 horns
which thou sawest are 10 kings”. Not 10 earthy kings. There are 10 kings that
Satan brings with him. “Which have received
no kingdom as yet.” Why? Because he’s not
here, and they’re not. “But receive power as kings
one hour with the beast.” That is to say, with the false
Christ, the false prophet with the antichrist,
whatever you wanna call him. Well, what is that one hour? It’s the five month
period we read of in Revelation, Chapter nine,
shortened from 3 1/2 years. Shortened by who? By the Lord Jesus Christ himself else there should
be no flesh saved. That’s how sharp Satan is. He’s very convincing,
and powerful, and able to perform miracles,
but praise be to God, he has given us power over him, to stand against him,
to show knowledge. So you haven’t, this
is who the beast is. He just identified him. It can be nobody
else, won’t fit. This one hour is the
hour of temptation. Let that settle in your
mind right, real good. It’s referred even in
Mark, 13, when it says, in the hour they deliver you up. Well, what hour is that? It’s the hour of the antichrist. It’s the five month period. Now, the interesting
thing though, is that there was silence
in heaven for a half hour. Well, how long is that? 2 1/2 months. Well, why are there, why
are they silent in heaven? Because what’s his
name is kicked out, and there’s finally peace there,
but woe to those on earth. Mmm, mmm, mmmm. God’s word is complete, and
God is doing the translating, so hang on to it. He will continue. Verse 13, “These have one mind, and shall give their power
and strength unto the beast.” They love him. They will follow him. They obey him. They would die for him. That’s to say, those
supernatural entities that come with him. 14, “They shall make
war with the Lamb.” That’s the true Christ. “And the Lamb shall
overcome them.” We win. “For he os Lord of
lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and
chosen, and faithful.” That’s why you can
count on being faithful even at that moment. For one not to be faithful
to the Holy Spirit when he wishes to
speak through you, as it is written in Mark,
Chapter 13, is what? It’s the unpardonable sin. You sure wouldn’t
wanna go there. Well, how could I be hooked
with the unpardonable sin? Because you know better! Once you know better,
you’re accountable, and you wouldn’t do it anyway, for you don’t find him tempting
in that hour of temptation. You find him to be, just as
it is written, an abomination. Verse 15, listen carefully. God’s going to
translate this for you. “And he saith unto me, ‘The
waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth'”. Well, she’s floatin’
right around on ’em. “‘Are peoples, and multitudes,
and nations, and tongues'”. In other words, they are
the people of the world that gives the flotation
device and method by which the lies and the
smoke that Satan brings forth, because they’ll worship him. They will run to him
when he performs miracles in their sight here on earth. Absolutely run over each
other getting to him. So let there be no mistake about
what this scarlet thing is. It’s riding on the minds of
the people who are deceived, being told they are royalty. Children of God, get
ready to fly away. I’ve come to take you back. But now, you’ve got a
few relatives that think, I’m the false Christ,
deliver them to me, and let’s convert them, so that
we have a one world system, that everybody finds peace and
totality right here on earth under this antichrist,
instead of Jesus. That should tell you something,
how people can be deceived, because many Christians have
already been brainwashed into thinking they will fly
away before this comes to pass. So you can see very
easily how they already have the mark in their mind,
meaning, they’re deceived. They’re going to worship
him when he appears. They call themselves Christians. Go to church every day,
every time they get a chance, but they haven’t been warned,
well, you’re gonna fly away. Well, guess what? Satan’s message is, I’m
gonna fly you outta here. I am here. Look at my miracles. I can snap my fingers
and lightning comes
down from heaven, right in the sight of man. You know, it doesn’t take
much to set people off. Imagine what that would do
to people that are ignorant of the fiery, smoky lies
that pour from Satan’s mouth. And here, God
interprets it for you, and when God interprets it, don’t try to do something
with it, that’s it. The whore rides on all
tongues, languages, and anybody that’ll be caught
up in the lie, the deception. Verse 16, “And the 10 horns,”
oh, now, who are they? God’s letting, he’s cuttin’
the whole picture for you here. “And the 10 horns which
thou sawest upon the beast, shall hate the whore, and shall
make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh,
and burn her with fire.” I mean, a consuming fire, not the consuming fire God
is, but of lies, and smoke. And you might say, well,
who are these kings then? They’re the
supernatural entities that Satan brings with him. They want the people to
follow him, but they hate him. And, well why is that they eat
their flesh, and so on, so? Because they will take
them, who were heaven bound, and take them spiritual,
to a spiritual death, right to the grave. It is not a good thing. I mean, I think most Christians
can agree on this one thing. It is not a good thing
to worship Satan. If you do, you’re
probably hell bound. And if a Christian has
not read this letter that God has sent you,
and goes to the detail even here in this 17th chapter,
to interpret it for you, where you cannot be misled. If you still would worship
the son of perdition, do you know something? You deserve to go to hell, because you would be
lazily, neglectful in studying the letter
that your Father, your Heavenly Father, who
promises you eternal life if you’ll listen to
him, with every warning before you just blindly
go off the bluff. Okay, have a good trip. We don’t need you if
that’s your attitude. You need to love the Father, and understand the beautiful
letter that he’s sent to you, telling you how to survive, and not only to survive, but to be a champion of
your people to show the way, a guiding light
reflecting the light, which is to say, Christ. To bring truth, if you
would, even to the world. How precious it is. No, they don’t care
anything about the people. They want company. They’re dead men walking. See that you do
not walk with them. Verse 17, “For God hath
put in their hearts to fulfill his will”. That should comfort you. God has put in the
heart’s of Satan and those he casts
out to do God’s will. You got it? “And to agree, and give
their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God
shall be fulfilled.” And you can understand this. It is written in Joel, Chapter
two, that the locust army, Satan’s army, that comes
against us, God controls it. He allows it. And then you can understand
why he would write in 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter
two, along about verse nine, those that wanna be
deceived, and believe a lie, God says, I’ll help ya. If you won’t read my
letter and learn truth, I’ll help you believe a lie. Well, that’s what he does here. God allows them to go as
far as he will, until what? Until the words of God
shall be fulfilled. The thing for you to do, is to
understand the words of God, so that you know
how far it goes, and when the end of it comes, and when God himself takes over. This is a beautiful,
beautiful chapter, for much of the things
that are symbolism in the great book of Revelation are brought right down where
the rubber meets the road. I mean, they are stripped
down to where, and identified, so that you know the
time, the sequence, even the sequence of the
kings, how many there will be. Therefore, you even have
a slight figure of time, especially in relationship to
the parable of the fig tree, the year of our Lord, 1948,
and how precious it is that God loves you enough
that he tells you who it is that make up the
body of the harlot. The people that listen to him, that’s the waters that carry it. It’s carried by the people. One mouth to another, have you read, have
you heard, he’s here? Only, they don’t
identify who he is. They think it’s Christ,
when it’s instead of Christ. Bad stuff, ignorant
people that would do this, especially when God
has sent them a letter telling them better. That’s why you
wanna be so thankful that God has opened
your eyes and your ears to hear his truth, his
word, whereby your shame would not come forth
at a moment like this, calling yourself Christian, and find out you’re
worshiping Satan. You don’t wanna go there. You don’t want any part of
it, so stay with God’s word. Verse 18, to
complete the chapter, “And the woman which thou
sawest is that great city”. Well, what was the woman that
was riding the people’s back? It’s that, “great city, which reigneth over
the kings on earth”. Well, what city was that? The kings of the earth, not the kings that
Satan brings with him. What great city was that? Babylon, Babel. God is not the author
of confusion or babble. God is the author of peace. So Babel, or babble is what? It’s nonsense, something
that makes no sense. It is false teaching. It is the lies that pour forth that deceive the
multitudes of the people. The water, and
how precious it is that God forewarns, and ensures
that you’re no part of it by giving you the truth,
interpreting it himself. This is why when God
interprets something, don’t go try to, don’t go
trying to interpret it further, that’s it, period. No more need be said. That’s it, that’s that. So the people, or
the waters in which the great city of
confusion floats on, and it is the state of
mind of those people that are involved
therein, confused. Good people, maybe,
but confused, and
worshiping the devil. Let me ask you a question, what do you think should
happen to them, hmmm? God sent ’em a letter telling
them how to avoid this, to not be in that state of
degradation of a harlot, to prevent it. If they don’t read it, and if the simplicity
is brought forth, then what would
you do with them? Because God’s got
to make his mind up. I think it’s pretty clear what
he intends to do with them. Many of them had no
opportunity to learn the truth, but there’s still a
lake of fire coming. I think probably as individuals,
we’d probably doom ’em all, but God himself has
a millennium planned, where we’re gonna kick, we’re gonna take
names and kick dragon, and many people, it
will time of salvation, because God wants everybody,
even in a spiritual body, which God’s elect were
in spiritual bodies when they were chosen,
and had full thought, so will they have full thought when they are converted
into spiritual bodies, and to know the full truth, then if they follow this son
perdition just before he dies, then into the lake with them. How precious our Father is
that he clarifies all things for those that care to look? Don’t miss the next
lecture, all right. Bless your hearts, you listened
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you to love him. Father, around the
globe, we come. We ask that you lead, guide,
direct, Father, touch. In your sure as
precious name, amen. Okay, and question time. We’re gonna go with Cybil
from South Carolina. Question, what is a ratchet? Also, if the first one
taken from the field when they were
taken become Satan, because Satan knew that
would follow him, or why? Okay, first, by ratchet,
I’m assuming you have to, you’re asking about
why I use the term, don’t listen to a ratchet jaw? Well, a ratchet is a tool that you can put a socket on if you’re a mechanic, and
you can put it on something, and it just goes,
and goes, and goes. You never have to take
it off and refit it. It’s just, and so it is with the mouth of a
ratchet jaw, okay. It means a person that likes
to put the mouth in gear without putting the
gray matter in gear. That’s dangerous, okay. Why would Satan
take the first one? Because they were deceived. They wanted to follow. He won’t force anyone to. And you say we shouldn’t
be afraid of our enemies, and he will not harm us. What about the torture that when, in Revelation, will the last five month, there
won’t be any torture there. He’s coming as Christ, which is to convert
them, to save them. He comes in, as you will
learn in the book of Daniel, he comes in prosperously
and peacefully. He’s not going to
torture anyone. Just because it says, you’ll
be delivered up before death, do you know who death is? Hebrews, Chapter two, verse
14, Christ came to this earth, died in the flesh, whereby
he could destroy death, which is to say,
the devil, okay. I mean, Father
created even Satan. He’s his child. You’ve gotta kill him. That’s not a pleasant task. But then as much as he killed
the son, Emanuel, God with us, takes away the pain, easy to do. Tanner from Wyoming, I am 11 years old
and homeschooled, and I do your program
for my Bible study. Great. All of my great
grandparents have passed on. Can they see what I
am doing each day? I would like to
meet you some day. Well, wait a minute. Who knows, you can’t,
well, we probably will. We serve God. We’re a team, and we’ll do it. I’m sure that our passed
on relatives are aware, and know and understand what’s
happening here on earth, and I’m sure they find it
very interesting, and observe, so just you bet. I think so. Brody from California,
Pastor Murray, I understand that God sent
the flood of Noah’s time to rid the earth of the hybrids, but why did God allow
them to enter the Ark? He didn’t, not the Geber. There were no Geber
aboard the Ark. Why? The purpose of the flood
was to destroy them, okay. Because they were
not pure Adamic. Only eight pure Adamic
people were saved on the Ark, Noah and his family. There were two of
each of the races that God created, not hybrids. You see, hybrids is
counter to God’s plan. Did they sneak past
the guard at the gate? No, they just
weren’t there, okay. They had to tread water a
long time before they sank. Cathy and Mitchell from Alabama, does God allow Satan any
control concerning earthquakes, tsunamis, or weather conditions, or is God in total control
of the shaking phenomena? We believe God is
showing his awesome power of his creation to prove
his reality to all. You can count on it. Satan has no power
of that nature. Satan is a creation. God is a creator, okay. God can utilize
anything he has created in whatever way he so
chooses, but at the same time, why is it so easy to follow him, is everything he does is
right, faithful, and true. It’s righteous. He is always fair, and
that makes it real easy to study him, because
there is a fair reason why things are as they are. The object then,
is figure it out, and that makes it pretty simple when you know that
he’s always fair. Satan has no power. People give Satan a lot more
power than he actually has. Or should we be careful? Absolutely, you
wanna be on guard. You’re a watchman and you watch. Pastor Murray, this is
M.E. from South Carolina. Question, the fig tree
represents Israel, I understand that. Why did Jesus cause
the, curse the fig three because there were no figs
when it wasn’t the season or time for figs? Well, because they’re
both good and bad figs. What he wanted you to know, he
would reestablish, all right, but the whole truth
of the matter, is knowing and understanding
the parable, the fig tree. You gotta go to Jeremiah,
Chapter 24, to understand that. Well, what happened
in Jeremiah, 24? There were good figs
and there were bad figs, and most people are not
aware of the bad figs. I can always figure
out, or find and answer, but this has me stumped. Well, I’m glad we
were able to help you. Naturally, God knew
there were no figs on it. The son did, that is. And what it ultimately means, is the bad fig is
gonna be cursed. They’re not gonna make it. It’s symbolic of people. Pastor Murray,
Randy from Florida, in Mark 11:13, in
the Companion Bible, it says having leaves
means summer was not near. This is the same cursing
of the fig tree, okay. Then references
Mark 13:28, it says, “know that summer is nye,”
when, which is correct? They’re both correct. You will note, that he was
cursing a bad fig tree, that was symbolic of it. Rhea, Jeremiah 24,
but in Mark 13:28, he was letting you know
what setting that shoot, you see, you don’t plan a
seed to plant a fig tree. You set out a shoot, and when that shoot
begins to put on leaves, planted in 1948, you
better know summer is nye. It’s talking about
the harvest of souls in the end generation, okay. But you need, I feel, Randy, you probably don’t understand
the parable, the fig tree, and its totality,
and you need to. That, where does it start? In the garden? What leaves were used to cover
their nakedness after the, after Satan beguiled
them in the garden? Fig leaves, it happened
in a fig grove, and then follow it through. John from California,
where is the Bible does it speak of Michael
holding Satan in heaven? We just covered it,
Revelation, Chapter 12, verses six and seven. That’s when he throws him out, but it shows that he has
power also to hold him. Sandra from Maryland, I
really enjoy your program. Thank you. My question is, I
have two miscarriages. Will these two children
be in heaven as spirits, and will I know them? I believe life
begins at conception. Is there any reference
to this in the Bible? You’re absolutely right,
life begins at conception, and they, I like to feel
there are some people too good for this world,
and God gives them a pass, so to speak, and they
are mature adults. You will know them, and they
are family, your family. Joe from Illinois,
when a baby passes, it’s amazing how questions
follow questions. These are not planned. They’re just taken at random. When a baby passes away after
only one or two days of life, does the soul return to
live in another body later? Absolutely not. Only one time
through this flesh. I don’t care if it
is just a day or two. Perhaps within the
next generation of some lineage as before? No, there is only one time
that you are born to woman, and I disagree with
the German scholar that you are quoting here, and I won’t mention
his name, okay. But what is the documentation,
of life begins at conception? It’d be the
conception of Christ. Mary instantly,
after conception, ran to her cousin
Elizabeth’s house, and as Mary approached Elizabeth on the same day she
first conceived, John the Baptist was six
months in Elizabeth’s womb, and when Mary approached, the Holy Spirit that dwelt
within her womb at conception caused John the Baptist
presence to be aware, and he lept in
his mother’s womb. So naturally, John the
Baptist was alive and well at six months, and
Christ, Holy Spirit, was alive and well on
the day of conception. Life begins at conception. Angela from South Carolina. Thank you. I wanted to find out
more about communion. Is it okay for my eight-year
old to take communion before he understand it
and knows what is means, and is it okay to take
it before he’s baptized? I ask this question,
because my church that I went to for
years is against it, but I joined my
husband’s church, and the pastor there
said it’s okay. Well, probably, you know,
there are many eight-year olds that are able, that know
what, as long as you understand what communion is
about, and you are a Christian, Christian, in your
case, this son’s case, Christian born say,
then certainly, probably what you didn’t know, is the pastor who said it would
be okay has fellowshipped, or talked to this child
in one way or the other, or have seen his actions to know that this child
understands communion, and there’s nothing wrong
with an eight-year old taking Holy Communion as
long as they understand it. The prior pastor that would not allow it, well, I won’t go into other
church’s rules or anything, but it would’ve been
real easy for somebody to have taught the
child what it was about. An eight-year old is old enough
to understand, all right. Many times if I am baptizing a, sometimes we do 100,
150 people at a time, but if you ever see me, if
there’s a real young child, you will see me talking to
them before I baptize them, and what I’m doing, is
asking them questions that document to me they
know what they’re doing. And many might say, well, our
church just doesn’t believe a child should be, well, now,
let me tell you something, how would you feel
if you were a pastor, and a child came to you
wanting to be baptized? You question them, and they
know what baptism is about, that he went into that tomb. He died for us and
he resurrected. And if that child
on the way home, the family had a car wreck,
and that child was killed, and you refuse to baptize him, how happy do you think the
Father would be with you? So you see, for a pastor,
this becomes a much weightyer, if he’s a good pastor, it becomes a pretty
weighty proposition, and that’s why you always talk, and ask questions,
and communicate. Communication alleviates
a lot of anxieties. Esther from Virginia,
when God created humanity, when he created the
different races, how many races were there? Same as there is today. He created ’em all. They’re all around
us, just as they, nothing new under the sun. Dana from Georgia, Pastor
Murray, God bless you, and all the, thank you. Question, is, when
someone in conversation says there’s only
144,000 of God’s elect, please tell me the verse
or verses that would best document that there’s
multitudes of God’s elect. Well, there are multitudes
of God’s children saved, but God’s elect are
his special people chosen before the
foundations of the world. The scripture you
would use to document, that untold thousands,
and hundreds of thousands have already been saved, is
the same chapter where it says, you will see over 144,000. It’s Chapter seven, verse nine. There are so many that
have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb
you can’t even count ’em, but they’re not, God’s elect
live in the final generation, and they’re utilized to stand
against the antichrist, okay. Dennis from California,
thank you for your work. I’m tryin’ to get to your,
please explain the meaning of Acts 9:7 and Acts 22:9. Acts 9:7 states, “The men
who journeyed with Saul stood speechless hearing a
voice, but seeing no man”. Acts 22:9 states that,
“They that were with me, saw indeed the light
and were afraid, but heard not the voice
of him that spake to me”. I’m confused about that. Would you please clarify? The word is (speaking foreign
language) in the Greek, and what it means is, if, Dennis, if I were to say to you, (speaking foreign language),
you would’ve heard a voice, but chances are, you
don’t know what was said, and so it is with these people. Paul spoke many languages, and
these people with him didn’t, and when almighty God spoke
to him in the body of the Son, then Paul understood, because he spoke more
languages than all of ’em. He was especially educated
in the Hebrew tongue. They weren’t. And they heard the voice, but
they didn’t understand it, and that’s what it meant. Not that they could not hear it, (speaking foreign language), they hard it, but it didn’t
mean anything to them, just like probably
(speaking foreign language) doesn’t mean anything to you. Many might say, well, what does (speaking
foreign language) mean? Well it’s Japanese,
the Japanese language for what time is it,
and it’s 1:53, okay. That’s what it
means, very simple. But had they understood
the language, it would’ve been quite simple. Phil from Missouri,
Pastor Murray, I’m on, let’s see, I’m havin’
trouble readin’ your writin’. We don’t go to church,
but we see it on TV, and bible study at night time. When you, or when you’re on,
it is that okay with God? We will still go up with heaven, and what do we,
well, this is church. You’re in church when
you study with us. And certainly, as long
as you study God’s word, whether you meet with a
group of people or not, if you love the Lord,
you’re heaven bound. Some of the, one of the best
men I ever met in my life, honest, loved the Lord,
I don’t think he ever went through a church door,
but he was in agriculture, and absolutely was
the best neighbor you could’ve ever wanted
in your life, absolutely. And I know he was heaven bound. A lot of people would’ve said
he was never in church, okay. Virginia from Texas,
and once you said in one of your segments that
grace was the number five. My granddaughter named her
fifth girl Grace, Isabel Grace. When I told her five
was the number of grace, and where I can find the other
number meanings in the Bible? Well, we have, look in our
library and you will see a little “Biblical Numerics”
that basically tell you what numbers mean,
like four means earth. North, east, south, west,
four seasons, winter, spring, fall, winter all
has to do with earth, okay. But order the little booklet. It’s a good little work. Daniel from Arkansas,
what I need to know is, how many times can a person
turn his face from God and still be forgiven? I will be 68-years old, and
trying to be a good Christian, but I’m running out of time. Well, you know, Christ
said, seven times seven, that’s 490 times, seven times
70, that’s 490 times a day, and at 67, 68 you’re
gonna have a hard time breakin’ that record, okay,
of sinnin’ 490 times a day. So what it is,
what God meant was, as long as you repent,
and you mean it, he’s gonna take you back. Why? He’s your Father,
and he loves you. It’s just like you would
one of your own children, you know, when they
go wrong and repent, and come back to you,
you’re gonna love ’em. Well, he loves his
children more than we could probably even love our own. Why? Because he’s our Father. All right, we’re out of time. Hey, I love you all a bunch, because you enjoy
studying God’s word chapter by chapter,
verse by verse. Most of all, God
loves you for it. Boy, it makes his day,
and when you make his day, boy, is he gonna make
yours, all right. Why? Well, because he loves you. And what, we are brought to you by your tithes and offerings. If we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Once you do that, you bless
God, he will always bless you. But there’s one thing that’s
most important though, and you listen to me good,
you stay in his word. Every day in his word is a good
day, even with some trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus Yeshua, our
Messiah, he is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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