Mollyfodge, Folk Art, Newfoundland and Labrador

[Buzzing Bees. ]Susan:
The first thing I can
remember dying was a shirt
I did for my
I went out to the store.And got a package of box dye
and took his t-shirt off,
and dyed it with this green dye.And my brother put the t-shirt
on and wore it all day.
And then that night he was dyed
green in a t-shirt pattern.
So, my mother wasn’t very
happy about that.
My brother thought it was
fantastic. [Laughing]
So over the years,I’ve learned
what plants will
give me what colour,
where to get that plant,and how to get the colour
to stick to fabric.
Where other people see weeds,I see potential in colour.If you look at a paint chip,looking at the real thing is a
completely different experience.
Because your eye
sees it different.
Paint and dye is somebody else’s
interpretation of nature.
So, when you look
at nature itself,
you’re seeing colours
in their purest form.
And at least I’m not
dying people green
anymore. [Laughing]

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