Modern 1950s Poodle Hair: Hair With Hollie S05E6/8

Hi guys, and welcome back to Hair with Holly.
So we’ve had a lot of requests lately on how to do a modern take on the 1950’s poodle,
so ta dah! Here it goes. Ok, so we are going to start off by sectioning
the hair. So, we’re going to start with the back mainly. So, just take the top section,
kind of working from brow to brow. You don’t have to worry too much about these lines.
And we are just going to tuck all of this away on the top of the head. Put a little
clamp in there, and come back to that later. Now, working from the back. So, with the remaining
hair, we are going to split it right down the middle. So, try to get it as close to
a center parting as you can. And keep it quite clean, because you are going to see these
lines. There we go. So, we are going to work on one section at a time. We’re just going
to prep this right here with a little bit of mousse before we start. Brush it through.
This will help if your hair is quite silky. Just to give it a little bit more hold, and
make it just a little bit easier to work with. So, what I’m going to do now is just pop a
few curls in the bottom of the hair. So depending on how long your hair is the end bits could
be used for the curl volume at the top. So if you do have kind of a longer length to
your hair, it’s a good idea to curl them just so you’ll see the curl again at the top, but
if your hair is a little bit shorter the shoulder length, there’s really no need to bother. Ok, so you once your curls have cooled a bit,
what we are going to do now is pop this hair up into a french pleat. So we are going to
get one this side and one this side, so you get a really nice of symmetrical look. So,
if your hair is a little bit thinner, it’s a good idea to add a bit of volume-boosting
powder or maybe just add a bit more backcomb to add volume. If you have quite thick hair
you should be ok. So what we are going to do here is backcomb
the inside lengths of the hair, so you get the volume on the inside, but you still get
quite a sleek appearance on the outside, because you want this quite smooth on the outside. So, once you are happy with the volume, you
are simply going to roll the hair in, trying to keep the curly bits loose because we can
use them at the top, into a side kind of pleat. There you go, that’s quite nice. Once you
are happy with the shape, you can anchor it at the top just using one curvy grip, maybe
two. So once that pleat is held, you can reshape and kind of pull it in the direction that
you want to use it. I’m just going to do the exact same thing on the other side and then
I’m going to pin both end bits in. So once you have the two rolls anchored, what
we are going to do is squeeze them slightly at the top, and then put another curvy grip
right into the top there, just to hold the two together. That’s really pretty. And with
the bottom half, just try to get it as symmetrical as you can. So you’re just fanning out the
bottom, and just pop a grip to secure it. So now, working on the top of the hair, what
we are going to do is prep this with a little bit of mousse, just to make sure that one
stays. And now, I’m just going to curl the entire top section, some left, some right,
and into quite tight, ringlet curls. So once your curls have cooled, what I’m going to
do here is just add just a little bit of backcomb, mostly to the crown of the head, keeping the
sides quite slick. So just take, and, in random sections. Especially, if you have shorter
hair, it’s a good idea to add a little bit of volume because, what you lack in length,
you can make up in volume. So I’m just going to give this a quick spritz
of hairspray, just to make it a little bit easier to deal with. And now we are going
to start pinning. So the easiest thing to do here is to run
your fingers through the curls, so you can get them all up here, and then literally,
plop them forward again. So you want to get all the curls right on the top of your head,
and then we are going to pin them in place. So what I’m doing here, is I’m going to leave
two sections down so I can cover all the knots here, so I’ll do that at the very end once
we are ready to go. So keep on taking sections of hair from the parting line, and bring them
into the center forward of your hair, so they kind of fall down like a curly quiff. So what you are kind of aiming for here is
a half moon shape of curls, or, what you can do either, is roll the curls up into a roll.
So what we are going to do is keep our curls quite loose and aim for a crescent shape just
around the front of the head. So, once you are happy with the front, we
are just going to work on making the back look a little bit sleeker. So, taking the
sections that you left down, we are just going to wrap them around the top here, just to
cover any knots or little bumps, and pin them in place. Again, working towards the top of
the head. So, once you are happy with the direction
of your curls and they are all placed, give the whole look a good shot of hairspray, and
we are also going to run a good bit along the sides. So I’m going to put some hairspray
on my comb and then run it through all of these little baby hairs, again working towards
the back of the head. You want the sides to look quite sleek. So, once you are happy with the sides, just
pop a little bit of hairspray on the front, just to make sure all of the curls stay where
they should. So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed
the video and make sure to give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.
I’ll see you next week where I’ll be doing a cornrows look. See you next week!

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