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[bells jingling] – [Man] Mitchell’s
Nursery and Greenhouse in King is open year-round with an impressive assortment
of plants and trees. But if you visit the greenhouses
in the holiday season, you might have the same reaction as Pamela from Ft. Lauderdale. – Wow! – [Interviewer] There you go. So you haven’t seen a
lot of poinsettia houses? – No, not like this. It’s beautiful! It’s like a sea of celebration. – [Man] Celebrating the holidays with a stop at Mitchell’s has quickly become a tradition for her extended
family living nearby. – [Interviewer] When
did you discover Mitchell’s Nursery
and the poinsettias? – [Gordy] Last year. – We were having
breakfast over at King. – Having breakfast at King. And somebody there mentioned it, and so we came here
and we were blown away. And ever since then, it’s become one of our
favorite places to come. – [Man] Used to be I’d only
known one kind of poinsettia. It was red. Mitchell’s has 93
different kinds! And you’d have a hard time finding many of
these anywhere else. – [Jim] I was reading
one of the magazines, probably about
three years ago now. And at that time,
we were one of seven commercial greenhouse operations in the United States and Canada that the breeders were
sending cuttings to of numbered plants that
are not on the market yet, that are not named. So we’re kinda unique. – [Man] Life on the
cutting edge is colorful, but it’s not for everybody. – [Judy] Poinsettias is probably the most difficult crop we grow because of insects and disease. You water them too much, they get disease. Water them too little,
they drop their leaves. It’s just a fine line
you gotta go in there. – [Interviewer]
So you’ve given me a lot of reasons
why not to do it. [both chuckling]
– Right, right. – [Interviewer] Why do you? – ‘Cause they’re pretty. – Still enjoy it. – [Man] But Judy,
Jim, and their son Jay all say the hard work is already completed
at the nursery. Once you get them home, there’s not much to worry about. – New varieties of poinsettias
are pretty easy to maintain. Generally from what I have seen, if you put a good cup
of water on that plant about once a week. – Feel the weight of the pot and you’ll know whether
it’s dry or not. – I guess the biggest two things to stay away from is
heat vents, drafty areas where there’s air
blowing across ’em. And make sure there’s no
water sitting in that pot. – [Jim] It’s best if you can to put it in an area where you get a little
bit of sunlight, most of the time, though, these newer varieties,
after they color up and begin to actually bloom, will keep pretty color for at least a couple months, on into February. – [Man] Thousands of customers know about Mitchell’s
and their poinsettias. Many of them come
to the open house during the holidays
each year to get them. But you can come and
get your poinsettias any day Mitchell’s is open. I did, I got mine on a Monday after dispelling an old myth that poinsettias could be toxic. They are not toxic to
people, nor animals. That’s according to,, Pet Poison
Hotline, WebMD, and others! Look it up! And so my young Labrador, Oscar, is all set to have
a happy and colorful first-ever holiday season
thanks to Mitchell’s. – Mitchell’s Nursery is at
1088 West Dalton Road in King. And they’re open Monday
through Saturday. For more information, you can give them a
call at [336] 983-4107. Or go online to

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