Mirror Chicken ruffles Boris Johnson’s feathers as he tries for Red Bull’s wings – The News

 Red Bull may have given Boris Johnson wings, but the Mirror Chicken was there to ruffle his feathers  The Tory leader bumbled into the F1 car factory, where he was handed a racing jacket  But our feathered friend was waiting outside the plant in Milton Keynes, eager to remind him that he still hasn’t agreed to be interviewed by BBC rottweiler Andrew Neil  “Are you all squawk, Boris?” our poultry pal crowed at him.  Security around the visit was tight One police officer even warned the Mirror Chicken not to cross the road in front of the factory  Not even to get to the other side.  Inside, Johnson was reportedly trying and abjectly failing to change a tyre on a formula one car  The photo-op saw him don a team Red Bull jacket and attempt the operation – which the team’s mechanics can accomplish in 1 6 seconds.  The best time the PM could manage was 16.6 seconds.  During his tour of the facility, Mr Johnson reportedly asked workers: “Where’s the Pirelli calendar?”  The Prime Minister was referring to the infamous calendar, which traditionally included pictures of scantily clad or topless women and could often be found adorning the walls of mechanics’ garages   Interviewed at the plant for ITV’s Peston, Mr Johnson claimed everybody will stop talking about Brexit after the end of January  In reality, post-Brexit trade deals are likely to take years to agree.  But the Tory leader insisted: “We will have got Brexit done and you will find that it moves, because what will happen is that the parliamentary agony will be over, and the political agony will be over, and the misery and tedium and procrastination that’s been going on will be over ”  It was suggested to Mr Johnson that he could not achieve Brexit with a year, and it was pointed out to him how long it took to negotiate Theresa May’s deal and a Canadian free trade deal  The Prime Minister told Peston: “Have you ever known, have you ever known two countries start free trade negotiations or start negotiations on a new deal when they were already, already in perfect alignment in regulatory terms and had zero tariffs and zero quotas between them? That’s where we are ” Read More General election 2019  On the suggestion that Tory candidates were forced to sign up to his deal, Mr Johnson said: “I have not forced them, that is totally unfair, there was absolutely no lobotomy ”  Pressed on whether he did not say they could not be candidates, he said: “No, not at all ”

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