Miley Cyrus Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)

– No, don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me. Little baby, come here my little precious! Here, babies! – [Interviewer] There’s more coming. – Oh shit. You are just the
sweetest, my little puppy. Okay so I’m Miley, and I’m
chilling with Buzzfeed. But, more importantly,
not more importantly but, kinda, I’m playing with puppies! This is the only way I
do interviews these days. I tell my rider I require puppies. You love me. Sorry baby, you wanna pick one? Okay, we’re gonna be
answering some fan questions. You can sit on my lap,
you want to eat my ring? Okay, what does being
younger now mean to you? Well, just like these puppies, all I wanna do is be with my family and be with my friends and know what’s important, which is being happy. You wanna pick all the
questions don’t you? Okay I can’t, this is the worst way to have me do an interview, I’m not leaving without this angel, okay next. Which song from Younger Now
is the most special to you? “Malibu” was the first song that I wrote on this record, so it’s
extra special to me. Hi my angel. What has been the most inspiring to you during the creation of your new album? I wrote my new album at
my studio Rainbowland, which is also a song that
I sing with Dolly Parton, and so just being around all the colors always really inspired me. Okay, what advice would you
give your 14 year old self? Never Google yourself, I read one time that if you trust and love your decisions the less that you care what
other people think about them, so be happy with your decisions. Are your songs from Younger
Now put in a specific order to tell a story, or just put on the album in an order for no specific reason? Everything on the record has a reason. In “Younger Now” the
song, there’s this sound of the river that’s at my house. And then “Malibu”,
that’s where my house is, and then “Rainbowland”
is a studio at my house. So it’s kinda like introducing people to where I made the record and was inspired by where I am and
inspired by Rainbowland. You guys are turnt to the max. How did it feel to sing the song “The Climb” for the first time in years? As good as it feels
holding my little angel. Your name is Angel, I named you Angel. That was my grandma’s dog’s name. When there was the tragedy in Vegas it was so amazing to be
able to sing that song and be able to make it current for what everyone needed to hear that there’s always gonna
be another mountain, another struggle, but
it’s all about the climb. That’s my shirt, okay you’re
getting my titties out come on. I have to keep the angel, don’t you think? But Liam will be so mad. Do you have any advice for young women who feel repressed when it
comes to their identity. My advice would be, surround yourself with friends who think like you, but also make sure you expose yourself
to different types of people but keep people around you that always lift you up and support you. You’re my little friend,
you’re my best friend. But don’t tell my other seven dogs. You know what your name is? Turnt, cause you are turnt. If you could talk to your animals and have them understand you, what would you wanna tell them? I would hope that all of them know how much that I love them, but I have no doubt in my mind that they do, because I feed them better
than my own family members. What’s the sweetest thing a
fan has ever done for you. I think my fans allowing
me to have Happy Hippie and the way that they’ve
really supported it and opened up about
themselves, from my charity. Angel, demon. If you weren’t a singer,
what would you be doing? This, 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, 365. Your name is Hectic, your name is Turnt, and your name is Lil’ Angel! This was my favorite
interview I’ve ever done, ever in the history of my life,
for obvious puppy reasons. Make sure you adopt these puppies, they are all available,
except maybe this one, from the North Shore
Animal League America. Look at you, come on, send to Liam. Please, please, just this
little one that’s chilling?

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