Hi! uh… I’m on my second flight and I just realized I didn’t do an intro for this video because I was so excited um… I’m going to… meet my service dog! Tomorrow Um… I’m going to a place- called Apex, North Carolina It’s right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina umm… It’s… The place that’s training the service dog is Ry-Con I’ll put a picture of that up here um… So(?) I’m really excited! I’m gonna meet the puppy. It’s not trained yet, that won’t be for another… few months (happy music) This is Griffin He’s going to be my service dog, in a little bit He’s clearly not trained right now. But- *laughter* He’s such a sweet boy This is the first time I’ve met him and I love him No dog has ever liked me this much when I first met them Except for our- the first dog we ever got and that was ten years ago But he came right in my lap and he- (Jen off camera) even though it looks like he’s eating you (Gabs) Yes he- I have food on my hands! and apparently my thigh… He does like me a swear! (to Griffin) You like me, right? Don’t bite me (softly) no come here He’s a big sweet boy! (Jenn) Oh! (Jen) you just spun(Gabs) can you get it?) you just spun right past one (Gabs)*uninteligable* (Gabs) You’re so close! (Gabs) You can do it! (Jen) You just spun right past one (Gabs) You can get it! (person) you silly (Gabs)*mumbled* -off (Gabs) *mumbled* -doing so great! (Jenn) So excited! (Jen) Oh!!! *gasps* (Gabs) Did he get it? (Jenn) He got it!!! (Gabs)He did it! (overlapping) “Way to go” “What a good boy” What are you going for? My leg? (Jenn) There’s the ear- Yup (Jenn) -inside out He just can’t keep it- Nope That’s my leg *laughs* (Jenn) And there’s the other one(ear) *both laugh* (Jenn) Griffin!! All of him can fit in my lap now- -that will not be the case in(Jenn) Griffin) six months (Jenn) You cute boy Hop right down Oh (Jenn) Oh!)he got his whole foot got tangled up (Jenn) He says “I want this stick” Next time we visit I wanna try to get another video of him sitting in my lap *Gabs mumbling to Griffin* (Jenn) Griffin! (Jenn) Gabby, Griffin! (Jenn) Hey, puppy! (dogs bark in distance) No (Jenn) He wants that nut I know There we go He’s a big baby (Jenn) Just like you Yeah Who’s a smart boy? How is this puppy walking in heel when our full grown dog can’t?


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