Meet Zangao Puppy, The Cutest Animal In The World | Kritter Klub

So many puppies rolling down the rocks LOL So excited This tiny puppy will become as big as a lion when it matures Tibetan Mastiff is the ancestor of ferocious dogs This 2 year old weighs 90kg In reality they are so clumsy LOL Even though they are quiet and gentle with us they might be really violent to others Putting them on a leash and training as puppies is mandatory Acts like dead as soon as the training begin Cut it off LOL Two cars collided LOL Are you dead? LOL Simba It feels ticklish but I’m still dead LOL Succeeded in skipping off training All of them are acting dead now LOL I’m dead Vitamin water (drink) They came back to life when they saw the vitamin drink LOL This one is absorbing the water with its body Cleaning its sticky fur Time for snack They always fight for food I want the snack I’ll take this one, thank you! This is unfair I can’t take it no more! Give me the bone So chaotic LOL I’m going to nap They immediately fall asleep when the music is on I’m going to become a lion in my dream

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