Hey guys it’s me Sylvia Back with another video and this weekend I’m gonna be vlogging the entire Weekend cuz it’s a very exciting weekend It’s New Year’s Eve weekend. Charlie and I are going To Toronto with a bunch of our friends And we’re staying in an Air B&B It’s gonna be a lot of fun But today, I’m actually Gonna get my hair done Because these roots are Out of control!! It’s literally Always terrifying going to Somebody new To do your hair So, I’m kind of worried! But, let’s see how it goes He’s supposed to know What he’s doing, so I will get back to you guys When we’re on our way To Toronto Oh! Also, we actually Have found a few puppies That we really want to Look at In Toronto Because we want to get Wolfie Jr. A friend! And we both are Just so obsessed with him That we want another one And so I’ll bring you guys along For that too We’ll go puppy shopping together! But anyways, I’m running late As per usual So, lets go to the hairdressers So, it’s been like Two days since I’ve gotten my hair done And the reason I Didn’t vlog the rest The rest of the day or vlog my hair appointment is because it did not go so well. You guys know I was worried about it cause I had never been to that stylist before and let me tell you I had reason to worry SIGH* It was definitely I don’t want to get, I don’t want to get too into it cause I’m gonna get angry. Which is why I also have to wait to vlog otherwise I probably would have put this place on blast But basically I was dealing with a really really rude person and I should have walked out after the “consultation” because it just did not go well but because I didn’t want to be rude back I stayed And ended up regretting it I definitely did not expect this hair I mean, I didn’t really ask for this hair but the person that I was dealing with really had a strong sense of what they wanted to do. And I couldn’t really tell them other wise which i don’t know why. But anyways I don’t want to get into it It is what it is It’s growing on me like it’s not that bad but it’s just not what I had wanted and what I had expected. So it was kind of upsetting like for the first day or so but that’s over with now I mean I have to look good. And what’s up ahead is very exciting, I told you guys We’re going to Toronto for New Years Eve So it’s New Years Eve morning right now We’re just getting the last of our things packed away and getting ready to head out the door cause we have a long drive to Toronto It’s about six hours and it’s snowing out so. COUGH* So these are my bags right here I don’t know I don’t know if we’re going for a couple of days, but It’s New Years Eve so I had a lot to pack. Wolfie Jr. are you finally awake? Look at him he’s like “UH I’m still so sleepy” Wolfie Jr. also got this MASSIVE new cage. We’re kind of keeping him in but we might actually get a second puppy which is why we wanted it so big. So the point right now is to put all of our stuff in the car. Take Wolfie Jr, to Charlie’s parent’s house cause their babysitting him. And then we’re gonna go to the boys fill the cars up and head to Toronto. So let’s get going! So we’re finally in Toronto and we’re in the Air BMB It’s so beautiful the veiws AMAZING! It reminds me of the LA one that we rented. So I’m going to give you guys a quick tour. MUSIC* STILL MUSIC* (And the beat drops like) (Second time?) AHH* It’s officially 2017 Happy New Year I clearly feel like death. Cause last night was too lit for my own good. I’m gonna take it easy today and not do much We’re actually on our way to see the dog. That we’ve been communicating back and forth with this lady about. Hopefully it’ll be the one. And we will love it. And Wolfie Jr. will get a new best friend I’m very excited even though I don’t look it. Cause I look like death. But… Yeah, see you guys there MUSIC* So this is the puppy. You guys as soon as we saw the dog we just knew that we had to have him. So we’re picking him up on Tuesday, before we head back to Ottawa. And leave Toronto, just cause we don’t want to bring him back to the Air BMB. And there’s so many people here and he’s so tiny. So we just decided to wait a couple of more days. And then just pick him up on our way home. And we’re in the second Airbnb now. And this place is so beautiful. It’s kind of small. Like the rooms are small and stuff. But it’s so gorgeous

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