Meet Charlie from Woody Point, Newfoundland and Labrador

This is a before
and after of the shop, when we bought it
about nine years ago. It was down in Woody Point,
we put it on a flatbed, and brought it up the road,
and refurbished it, and made it look like this. I guess I’m creative
to a certain degree, but I certainly don’t consider
myself to be an artist. I started making art
out of necessity, the same way that I started
making music, really. I got out of school in 1977, so there was a few of us around
who decided to start a band. So of course, after that
kind of fell apart. We decided to pull
the shop together, and create some art,
and see how it worked out. And it is working out. Now my mother-in-law
actually knit
those socks. Just like my crafty
old mother here. (Laughter) Myself and Joan, my wife,
we created a lot of stuff
out of found wood. You’ll probably be
walking along the beach, and you’ll see the bow
from a lobster trap. And we’ll use the
bow as a frame. And sometimes,
like, for birdhouses,
I’ll look for stumps. Now, Joan makes a lot of
stuff like the pottery,
hook rugs, jewellery. So I guess between both of us, we probably make about
a quarter of the stuff
that’s in the store. Somebody asked me one
time about the art. He says, “Yeah, okay,
that’s cute. It’s just
a birdhouse. But what’s
this here all about?” Well, I said, “He’s got
to have a place to
put his worms. So this is the worm house.”
(Laughing) I think we’re naturally creative by watching our parents
and grandparents before us. In past times,
if somebody needed a house, well, they kind of
had to build one. Or if you needed your
house painted, well,
you painted your house, you just did it. For me, when I was growing up, so you kind of had to create
your own entertainment. So we played music
and we played ball. And in the process, I mean, we learned to do something
that’s very useful today. Growing up, I could see
the beauty in the place. And as I grew older and
moved around a little more, I realized that it was
certainly one of the
more beautiful places, I think, in the world. When you get away for
a while and come back, you realize what you
got here, you know? Besides the landscape,
I mean, you got the fresh air
and the clean water, and all the freedom
to do the little things
that mean so much. Yeah, that’s pretty
good… pretty good
for a mainlander! Woman:
A mainlander! (Laughter) Various:
Oh, that’s fantastic!
I love it! There you are. Charlie Payne:
See what you learned today!

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