Medium & Large Dog Breed Care : How to Care for an English Springer Spaniel

Hi, I’m Nancy Frensley, I’m the training manger
at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society here in Berkeley, California. We’re going to talk
a little bit about the English Springer Spaniel, how to take care of an English Springer. They’re
basically a gun dog and they also make a great house pet. The English Springers have been
used in hunting. And the way they hunt is they actually spring at birds and flush the
birds for the hunter, they’re also a really good retriever. As a house pet, caring for
them has very few tricks, they’ve got a great coat, and mud and dirt just sort of sluff
off of it, they need some brushing but they don’t need a lot of excessive grooming. The
thing that you got to watch out most for in most of the Spaniels including the English
Springer is that they have the large heavy drop ear. And because of that they have a
tendency to get infections inside the ear canal. It’s very important that you check
on their ears on a regular basis, smell them to make sure they smell sweet, and at the
first sign of trouble, your dog may be shaking his head, the ears might not smell good, you
need to get to a veterinarian, because those ears have to be cleaned and medicated, and
it will probably happen with every Springer Spaniel more than once in their lifetimes.
So you also- they have a lot of fur around their paws, so it’s important that you keep
their paws free of mud and debris, and watch out for those little old foxtail’s getting
in there and causing infections. Your English Springer Spaniel has a really nice temperament,
they make great house pets, and they need a little more physical care than some of the
other breeds.

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