Medium & Large Dog Breed Care : How to Care for a Rottweiler

My name is Nancy Frensley, and I’m with the
Berkeley Humane Society here in Berkeley, California. I’m the training manager. And
because of that training behavior background I’m always interested in how to care for a
dog in terms of their behavior and their training. Now of course you always have to pay attention
to having a good diet for your dog. Not a cheap diet, not one that’s too expensive but
a good solid diet that really maintains muscle and health and fitness and you need to have
a good exercise program. We are here to talk about the Rottweiler who is one of the large
working breeds according to the American Kennel Club. The Rottweiler is not to be spoiled.
When you get that Rottie puppy you got to understand that, that cute puppy with that
little round face is going to grow up to be a substantial dog. Strong powerful and with
some guarding tendencies. So your leadership program should be nothing in life is free
from the very beginning that your puppy needs good obedience training to respond to you
quickly and without question. And most of that can be trained with positive reinforcement
and very humane methods. But your Rottie will become a loyal and very, very attached family
member. Rotties in fact Rotties are very famous for letting people in your house and not letting
them get out. So that’s one of the things you are going to have to watch out for. Your
Rottie will live about nine years on the average and be a fabulous addition to your household.

28 thoughts on “Medium & Large Dog Breed Care : How to Care for a Rottweiler

  • She is absolutely right. This dog needs a firm hand.. but trained, This one of the best, most loyal and well tempered dogs around.

  • my rottie lived for 13 years, many others do as well, EVERYTHING can be trained with positive response…
    mam, with all necessary respect, go home and prepare cookies for your grandchildren, but hands off to rottweilers please…

  • I would like too much if some body may translate this video, in spanish. please, I don't understand very well. actually just I know some words, but seems very interesting

  • @Vakrian I would advice against getting a Rottweiler as a first dog, unless you are willing to go to behaviour classes religiously and find out as much as you can about the breed. To have this dog, you need to walk it 2-3 times a day, as well as do some training sessions, so as their minds are stimulated and relaxed. I don't think the apartment issue is too bad, as long as you can get the dog out a lot through the day- without excuse!

  • @mydogkanskidrums . Agree – A rotty is not a good choice for a first dog at all. Thats why rescue centres are full of them , as well as Bull Terriers and Akitas. People want these dogs for protection or to look hard , and they cant cope with the demands of the breed. A sad thing happened round here , a lad had a Rotti but didnt give it proper excercise – it got bored , run out of the house , into the road and was killed by a car. The idiot has bought another one now πŸ™

  • i want mine to be not loyal or something i want him to be a crazy dog wich calms down when he sees only me hahahaha xD

  • i have a dog with rottweiler and wolf and some other dogs i keep him out side in the back yard then he brock 8 chains untull i got him a bigger chain and i dont like to see him on there i want to to run in the back yard but i cant he jumpes a 5foot fince do you have eny tips for my problem

  • hi, I was considering getting a rottie but I have no experience in dogs as it will be my
    first dog, do you think getting a rottie as a first dog is alright??

  • @KLP2566 It's fine if you do your research. Things to consider are, Do you have a Type A personality, are you a leader, can you afford it financially? Rotties are not that big considering the large livestock guardian breeds. I would consider a Rottie a medium sized dog much like a Lab. They are a working dog so give it a job. That could be guarding the home or pulling a cart, etc. I have several Kangal dogs & Caucasian Ovcharkas. They guard the home & my children.

  • I have a rottie myself and he is getting very strong!He loves walks and he is very loving.But he is always getting into our stuff.But we still love him and he starts puppy training next month on Sundays!I do belive that my family and I are doing a great job with him and he is a quick learner!He is six months old and his nam is Maximus but since he's still just a cute little pup we call him Max for short

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  • @expertvillage Is it true that rotts obey to nobody else but one person (master) ? Are they friendly with older people (grand parents for e.g) who won't be engaging with them a lot ? Thanks

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