Maya Hawke Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

hi I’m Maya Hawk I’m here at BuzzFeed to play with puppies and answer your questions [Music] I feel really really good feel very at ease oh I should take questions out now this is not I don’t just get to play puppies I also have to expose my my inner soul what are some similarities between you and Robin what are some differences she’s much smarter than me I do not speak three languages and I’m not unbanned and I am not nearly as brilliant and talented as she is but she really cares about her friends and she is brave when the time is right she tries to be funny I don’t know if she succeeds but we both definitely try to be funny let’s see this is so hard to try to be funny with all these amazing puppies I was thrilled to spot you and once upon a time in Hollywood what was the casting process like was that wrong well obviously I have kind of known Quentin my whole life if you want to answer this one but um I auditioned for it and I’ve seen like I made a tape and I sent it in and I think I probably had it wait wait wait wait wait wait wait one question at a time one question at a time what’s the role you auditioned for word that you really wanted but didn’t get the new live-action Little Mermaid I really wanted that like you – hi okay what can you tease about any upcoming projects either acting or music I have some songs that are about to come out in August that I’m really excited for you to see I wrote the lyrics and my friend Jesse Harris wrote the um hi hi wrote the music and I hope that you like them what’s the last TV show you binge watched the best season of The Bachelorette it’s pretty great I haven’t seen the last two episode so no spoilers anyone in the room have you finished it who did Hannah pick what was it like working with Joe getting him free entering the scoob’s always you know like kind of like playing with these puppies right now they’re really funny and really cute and really fun to be around and just in dedicated hard-workers order don’t attack him don’t attack him okay order the scene in the bathroom and Robin and Steve is one of my favorites in this time what is it what it was a difficult to shoot the own so sorry did you do it in one take we did not do it in one take there’s like six different pieces of coverage there was like an over the head of the stalls like in front of the stalls there’s like when you travel under the stalls it was really complicated to shoot it was really fun to act in and it was just me and Joe and I got to really like pour our hearts out and most of the season you’re doing a lot like like bits of like real acting work and bits of like running from Russians and that seemed you just have to sit and breathe and be together and try to tell their story and it was hey hey no growling ain’t no growling hey no growling and it was really good and it was really nice and Joe is a great actor and a really fun scene partner what has it been like seeing the response to read Robin being an LGBTQ character did you know that Robin was going to be the LGBTQ character winning you auditioned or was it something you learned while filming I learned while filming it was amazing I was so proud to put an LGBTQ character on such a mainstream show that people all over the world in all over our country in red and blue states alike watch and I loved her and it felt true to her and I’m really glad that we did it I know that people seem to like her and that’s good my wildest dreams all I could want for them to fall in number for the way I did since you grew up around actors yes I did is acting always something he wanted to do if you weren’t an actor what job would you like to have maybe like a puppy a puppy handler puppy caretaker a puppy smuggler I don’t know I wanted to be a farmer I wanted to be a poet I still want to try directing there’s lots of things I want to try doing I love acting I’ve always loved acting it’s always been the place that I felt most myself and most alive and so I want to hope I get to do it my whole life if I’m really lucky but I just went oh are you a good reader are you the cutest thing I’ve ever seen my whole life yes okay oh my god is there a stranger things group chat if so what was the last thing someone sent on it if there’s a stranger’s things group chat I’m not on it but I think there was a group chat in like season 1 and 2 but in season 3 I think everyone um just communicated individually whoo what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given never to lie lying takes a lot of energy and is always in always somebody finds out and then it’s embarrassing no lying lying is bad what’s your favorite memory from filming Little Women yes what a loner question that was my first job and like my favorite experience ever me and all the girls and Jonah Katherine Newton and Willa Fitzgerald and NSL way we got so close and made the most beautiful time in Ireland ever in those costumes it’s like I had the time of my life I love this scenes its ratings Robyn Steve were high on the truth serum what was that like to film any funny stories in that dance act totally we were tied to these chairs with these leather bands it was really uncomfortable and we were both really really grumpy and snippy and trying to do this scene and and we had it like ask permission to be untied to get up to pee being tied up is not fun at all but the scene was so great and then we had to pretend we were high on drugs and they just started giggling and he couldn’t stop laughing and it was awesome are you offended Harry Potter what’s your hardware house I am a giant fan of Harry Potter I want to be a Gryffindor like we all want to be a Gryffindor but I’m probably like a Hufflepuff Ravenclaw I mean maybe I’m a southerner I just want to talk the online test and I got slither in the butt I think it’s just I was in a good mood it’s in a weird place hi hi are you in a weird place are you in Slytherin well what was your favorite Disney movie Cinderella I know it doesn’t exactly have the most positive female role model but I love singing mice if you play any superhero or have any superpowers what would they be I’ve always been a really big fan of Avatar The Last Airbender and I always wanted my superpowers to be waterbending if you had to be stuck on a desert on the one member of the stranger things past would it be absolutely Gaytan he is a brilliant survivalist and and and just an intelligent person I feel like they’d be really good at helping me build things and survive and start fires and build rafts I would pick things what’s your favorite book of all time I do love Harry Potter I also love Anna Karenina I also love this book by Marilyn Robinson called housekeeping this is the most overwhelming experience of my life what’s your favorite type of music to listen to what’s your favorite song or album right now my favorite type of music to listen to is probably like 70s rock and both music like a love Bob Dylan I love but right now really Eilish and I love her and her new album is awesome so rock on Billy hi I don’t know why I feel like I’m racing we had saying these questions I’m like trying to win a win a race what’s your go-to coffee order embarassingly I’m from New York I’m not from Los Angeles but it’s an Oakland launch a latte which stranger these character would you like to see Robin in Rockford near future Mike for sure is the best really want to interact with Mike what scene was the hardest hi oh my god I want to play too what scene was the hardest to film on stranger things uh the definitely the leather strap chair scene for previously referred to what was the process like for learning Russian on strange things did you know it before I didn’t know before and I don’t know it now um the process was like having someone say those words out loud to me a hundred times and me repeat them back until eventually I could say them what I thought was right and then it was wrong and I had to fix it an ADR if there’s a season for stranger things what are your hopes for Robin would you like to see her have a girlfriend I would and maybe it could be you could you be my girlfriend no that’s inappropriate what was your favorite behind-the-scenes story from filming stranger things my favorite behind-the-scenes story ha um right now I can think about his joke here he has a really cute dog and my favorite thing about behind the scenes would hang out with his really good dog because you guys are so cute and you would like her oh what’s your favorite ice cream flavor mint chocolate chip but I like anything with rainbow sprinkles I always get remo sprinkles my favorite thing about being an adult is that I get to ask for extra rainbow sprinkles if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go I’m dying don’t fight me don’t play me you goose I’m dying to go to Japan I’ve never been to Japan and I’ve never been to South America and I’d love to go to both of those places there’s only one left I mean maybe there’s more because of all the things the dogs did what’s your favorite TV show and movie of all time I’ve ever moved all the time is Robert Altman’s Nashville I just think it’s the most genius movie ever made my favorite TV show of all time is Grey’s Anatomy because sometimes you need to cry and it really gets you there thank you so much this has been a lot of fun my name is Maya Hawk and make sure you go check out stranger things on Netflix all of these puppies are available at North Shore Animal League America and they’re really cute and adopt don’t shop they’re just really sweet and you should adopt them thank you bye guys [Music]

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