Marshalls Haul for Our Dog’s Adoptiversary

Ho, my goodness, honey. [music] [static] Hello! This is Akemi. This week is the adoptiversary of our dog, Sesame. We adopted him from a shelter three years ago, and he’s about four years old. We don’t know exactly when he was born, so we use this time to celebrate both his birthday and the anniversary of his adoption. I’m going to show you all the gifts I got for his adoptiversary from my shopping haul at… Marshalls. I’ve had a lot of luck there finding dog toys. They usually have a good variety, and sometimes I get dog treats there, too. I got him three toys that I’m going to show you, but we usually don’t give him that many new toys all at once, just one at a time. It’s going to be raining all week, so we probably won’t be going to the dog park for a while or playing a lot in the backyard. So, I thought three toys would be nice, so we could play more inside. The first toy that I got is from a brand called All For Paws, and it says it’s a “Country Buddy,” but it’s an octopus! [snip] It’s a soft toy made out of this plush material, and there’s crinkly material in each of the legs, but the sound is pretty soft unlike some crinkly dog toys that are super loud. [extreme crinkling] The head has a squeaker in it, and Sesame will probably grab it by the face, and thrash around, [squeaking] and then throw it. [thud] The next toy I got is from a brand called Harry Barker, and it’s another plush animal. I really like the color on this one with the dark green on one side and the light blue on the other side. [snip] [snip] This one also has a squeaker in it. [squeaking] And I think he’s gonna pull on the arms and the legs like that. Hopefully, it’s strong enough so that he won’t pull them off because he’s known to do that. The last toy I got is by a brand called Funshine Pet. It’s a Farmers Market dog toy in the shape of a banana. I like this one because there are two textures. There’s the plush fabric on one side and the woven fabric on the other side. He has a couple of other toys in this woven fabric which is easy to clean. [snip] [snip] [snip] The banana has three pieces of peel that stick out that seem pretty strong, and this one also has a squeaker. [squeaking] Hold on, bubba. Hold on. [scratching] Oh honey. Ohh honey. Hold on. I’ll be done with the video soon, OK? You’ll get a nice surprise. OK, honey? OK, that is it for the toys. I did also get him one snack. Plato’s Pet Treats Farmers Market natural duck and vegetables recipe. It’s a brand that I have bought from the pet store before. He’s had the Small Bites version of their treats, and I thought it would be nice for him to try this larger version as a special treat. If they’re too big, it’s easy to snap them in half, and I like the idea of giving him some vegetables though these treats. The last thing I got at Marshalls was… this cute gift bag which is by a brand called… Clementine, and it has this cute little tag on the front. I know, I know. It’s not necessary to give the dog a gift bag, but I can either reuse it next year or regift it to a human! Keh keh keh. In case you’re interested in the prices, the octopus toy was $2.99. The frog toy was $4. The banana toy was $2.99. The treats were $2.99 as well, and the bag was $1.79 for a total of $16.16. [snipping] [snipping] [snipping] [rustling] [music] Me: Happy adoptiversary… Him: Happy adoptiversary! Me: …to you!
Him: Happy adoptiversary. Him: Happy adoptiversary! Him: Happy adoptiversary!
[laughing] Him: Ooh! What’s this? Me: Ooh! [exhale] TV: We will continue to track this for you. TV: Again, this flash flood warning will be in effect. [exhale] [crinkling] [squeaking] Enjoy! [gasp] Did you finish? Ho, my goodness, honey. Thank you for watching this video. So, do you celebrate the adoptiversary or birthday of your pet? Please comment, and let me know. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. For more content from the Akemi Emmy channel, please subscribe! OK, till next time!

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