Marine is Reunited With Puppy He Saved While in Afghanistan. Please share.

– Alright. – [Dawn] Ugh, sorry. – Kayden buck, Stanley buck. – Kayden buck, yep! What’s your name? – [Dawn] Whose? – Yours. – [Dawn] Dawn. – Dawn buck! – [Dawn] I am, yes, I am. – Mommy buck? – [Mom] Yep. – Daddy buck? – Daddy’s bucked. – We’re ready to go! (laughing) He has to do that every
time before we go anywhere. My name is Jacob Fisher. I’m a Marine with the
United States Marine Corps, I’m a Sergeant, and I’m
a diesel engine mechanic. I been in the Marine Corps
for almost exactly 11 years. I got back from Afghanistan
last Sunday night, that was five days ago today. Supposed to, I’m gonna pick up my dog, and supposed to be signing this. I was doing a tower checks one day, and one of my towers called me and said there was an animal in one
of the wild animal traps we have set out, so that way we don’t
have wild animals running around the base. And so I went out there to check on it and found a small, little,
itty-bitty baby puppy, Jax, which we started callin’ him. And I decided I was gonna take him in. He looked kind of miserable. He was shaking a lot. He was definitely cold because
it was snowing outside. I first knew I was gonna
try and bring Jax home within the first week we had him. Did not want him to stay any longer because I knew what it was like out there. They would shoot rockets at the base. Every day it was kind of a new experience because the rockets fell anywhere, and it’s always dangerous. Going to Afghanistan, I didn’t realize I would even see a dog on the base, let alone fall in love with a dog and want to bring him home. He made me really happy. I mean, I’d be kind of
down, thinkin’ about my son, missin’ him so much, Jax came along, and Jax kind of lifted
everybody’s spirits, and lifted my spirits. He kind of made me really happy, he had someone to play with, little puppy, it was amazing
how something so small, little dog like Jax, can just cheer you up when you’re having a bad day in seconds. – Truck! – Is what you think the
surprise is, a delivery truck? – Uh-huh, in a big box! – He thinks he’s getting a
delivery truck? (laughing) I haven’t seen Jax in
about two and half months, and he finally is here today. My son does not know, so it’s kind of surprise for him. My son Kayden’s birthday is tomorrow. Jax is coming in today, so
it’s a very exciting time. I hope so, I hope he recognizes me, it kind of worries me now. I’m sure he will though. Okay, I don’t know who to
talk to somebody, okay. It does make the situation better because you, I guess it’s kind
of like, a feeling of home, that you have somebody there with you that you can play with and enjoy. It kind of, it’s hard to explain. – Jax’s home! (laughing) – You okay, buddy? Hey, hey, it’s me. (joyful music) Look at you, you got so big. I got my buddy back. Aw, he likes Momma. (laughing) – That’s good, problem’s I
never owned a dog before. – [Jacob] Words can’t even
explain how grateful I am that there’s a program like this because Jax, if it
wasn’t for this program, I wouldn’t have been able to get Jax home. And Jax has done so much for me. He has helped me mentally and physically in more ways than anybody could imagine. He’s helped me deal with
some really bad things, and I’m really grateful for the program for helping me get him home. (joyful music) (soft piano music)

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