Man, 93, swims in Gulf of Mexico for the FIRST time as birthday wish

A 93-year-old man in a wheelchair who had never been swimming in the Gulf of Mexico despite living near it for 20 years has finally gone for a dip Howard Fisher had visited the beach before, including several times in recent years, but had never been in the water — and figured that at his age, a swim wasn’t on the cards He told his daughter in Alabama, Sandra Van Nostrand: ‘Sandra, isn’t it ironic? I have lived here 20 years and never once went in the ocean — now that I am 93, I think I might like to but I can’t ”Yes you can, dad. I will make sure of it,’ she replied, according to her Facebook post   Sandra Van Nostrand took her father Howard Fisher, 93, to the beach for his birthday on Sunday It was the first time that Howard had ever swum in the Gulf of Mexico The family used a beach wheelchair that Manatee County provides on loan to visitors Howard waded into the water with his daughter’s assistance and basked in the Gulf  RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Jimmy Carter is still going strong as he becomes the first WWII veteran, 98, flies in a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor plane – the. Share this article Share Determined to make Howard’s birthday wish come true, Van Nostrand took her father to Anna Maria Island on Sunday They borrowed a beach wheelchair provided by Manatee County in order to take him into the water  Strangers helped him into the water, where he happily floated in the sunshine.’Look at me, I’m floating like a cork,’ Howard said ‘Look at the sky, the clouds and all these people enjoying themselves.’  ‘Look, I float just like a cork,’ said Howard as he enjoyed the warm surf on Anna Maria Island ‘Look at the sky, the clouds and all these people enjoying themselves,’ Howard said’I couldn’t stand up because of the current, but that’s alright I sure didn’t go in to impress anyone,’ Howard told WFTS-TV, noting that the water was ‘salty ”We like the water, the clouds in the sky, the breeze, the color of the ocean, the Gulf,’ said Howard  ‘He just kept saying isn’t this great, Sandra, isn’t this great,’ Van Nostrand told the ABC affiliate Van Nostrand said that the trip was a way to repay her father for her own childhood trips to the beach She is seen above as a child with him in an undated photoHoward grew up in upstate New York, and had also lived in Alabama and Fort Lauderdale For Van Nostrand, taking her father to the beach was an opportunity to repay him for the trip she took him on as a little girl  ‘I cherish every minute I get to spend with my father. He’s just the greatest guy to me and I’m just so thankful I still have him in my life,’ she said  

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