Mama Dog Never Wants To Lose Her Puppies Again (Part 2) | Animal In Crisis EP41

Due to a massive landslide A whole village was submerged under the muddy water In here, Production staff met Arong Arong guarded a house which was destroyed by the landslide And waited for someone.. On the day when the landslide occurred Arong’s owner was asleep late in the morning Arong’s Owner : Arong started to bark and acted weirdly Arong, who used to be very calm Seemed very anxious, and started to scratch the door The owner noticed that there was something wrong As soon as he opened the door.. Arong’s Owner : Sewage flowed into my house Woke up his son who was sleeping The family managed to escape the house The earth and sand stroke the house in an instant Fortunately, the family was able to survive But Arong’s puppies Who she gave birth to recently All went missing.. Since then.. Perhaps she was trying to find her puppies Arong never left the destroyed house.. Wonder how she’s been doing so far since then Visits Arong’s house once again PD : How’s Arong, ma’am? Owner : She’s been well Is this the ruined house? Arong~ Come out~ But Arong doesn’t come out Arong still lives in the destroyed house.. The traces of the landslide still remains Inside the house Found Arong! Arong has puppies in her arms Owner : I thought it was strange that Arong didn’t come out since a few days ago It turns out that she gave birth to puppies in here A week ago, Arong gave birth to these puppies To Arong who was saddened by the loss of her puppies New lives have come Arong, did you give birth to them? I’m so proud of you~ Arong saved the owner’s family but had to lose her puppies.. The family is also very happy For Arong’s delivery and her new puppies The problem is.. Arong had no problem living in a new house But she settled in the ruined house again Arong, let’s go to our new house~ Let’s go~ Arong doesn’t respond I wanted to move her out since it’s too cold in here But she never comes out however I called her to do so She just sits in there like that As the weather has suddenly become cold The puppies’ health is worrisome Decides to take them to the warm place Arong, come out~ Hurry~ And she finally comes out It’s too cold in there. We should go home Even though the lady holds the puppies carefully Arong can’t take her eyes off them The place where Arong used to be before her delivery As soon as the puppies go inside the dog house Arong goes in too But.. Arong takes her puppy out Carries the puppy in her mouth And goes outside Where Arong heads to with her puppy in her mouth is.. The old, destroyed house She puts her puppy down And rushes to her other puppies She takes all her puppies out From the new house which the owner gave And heads to the ruined house She lost her puppies in her old house But still gave birth in here Has even been taking care of her puppies Why, Arong? Her family is worried about her.. I have no idea Once I bring the puppies to our new home She takes them back to that old house again Wonder how the puppies’ health is In such cold weather A vet visits the site Vet : The puppies are in good health If you force them to move to another place The mother dog would think again like, ‘This is not the right place’ Then she will move out again to where she thinks it’s safe The problem is that the safest place in this hood is the mountain Once she goes into the mountain, the puppies will freeze to death Arong feels the safest in this old house So we called another expert Will there be any risk of incidents? Unless someone destroys the house intentionally It won’t be collapsed that easily But still, there’s a chance of collapse With repair works, they won’t have any trouble surviving through the winter For the puppies and mother dog Arranges the place for their safety They make a space for Arong and her puppies to stay And keep it warm Although the house doesn’t look pretty It’s a safe and warm house for Arong’s fam Wow the house is so cozy and pretty Sleep in the hotel room from today pls Do you likey, Arong? Arong seems to feel a bit awk But soon, she gets her spot And starts to breastfeed her puppies I feel bad that she lost her puppies while saving my husband and son I wish she raises her puppies healthily this time Happiness has come to Arong once again Hope you stay forever with your puppies And live happily ever after

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