Maltipoo Dogs 101 Maltese Poodle Designer Dog Mix

Often called “the cutest dog ever”, the
Maltipoo is an affectionate designer dog. A mix of a Poodle and a Maltese, he is friendly
and outgoing, believing that everyone he meets is his best friend. People can’t resist his soft coat and spunky
attitude. A Maltipoo is a gorgeous dog for anyone who
wants a fun and friendly companion. And, he’s great for those living in an apartment
or a condo. Hi, Welcome to Animal Facts, today we look
at the delightful, designer dog, the Maltipoo. Let’s get started. But before we start, take a moment to like
and subsribe for more fun, fauna facts. Let us know about your doggy in the comments
below. 10. Originating in the US, the Maltipoo was created
to be a small and affectionate companion dog. He was bred to be a wonderful pet that would
fit into any family’s lifestyle. The plan was to develop a dog that was hypoallergenic,
low-shedding and highly trainable. The original breeders hit their mark. Clever, playful, and affectionate, Maltipoos
retain their puppy-like looks and behavior well into their teen years. As a hybrid breed, his name is not quite standardized
yet, although most call him Maltipoo. Malt-A-Poo is the 2nd most common name for
this dog. This is used by the American Canine Hybrid
Club and also by the Designer Breed Registry. The names of Moodle, Maltese-Poodle, Malt-oodles
and MaltiPoodle have all but disappeared and are not used by the majority of breeders,
who are striving for a more standardized name. 9. He’s a people pleaser and the Maltipoo tends
to enjoy going for walks and playing with balls and toys, both indoors and out. If you train a Maltipoo with positive reinforcement
techniques, showing him what you like by rewarding him with praise, play, and treats, he’s
likely to learn quickly and will enjoy showing off the tricks he knows. He also tends to be easy to potty train. 8. The combination of a purebred Maltese and
Poodle has brought about a wonderful generation of non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs. However, this does not mean that dog lovers
with severe allergies should run out and buy one. All it means is that those who suffer from
allergies may not react as badly to him as to others dogs. Allergy sufferers should spend time with a
Maltipoo dog before adopting. 7. The Maltipoo is a delightful looking little
dog. His head is nicely proportioned with the rest
of his body. He has dark, round eyes and short muzzle nicely
finished off with a dark nose and dark colored, tight lips. His ears are set high and wide apart, falling
forwards when alert or excited, but hanging down to the side when he is relaxed. 6. Maltipoos can have the tight curly coat of
the poodle or the long, wavy coat of the Maltese or anything in between. They can come in a variety of colors, some
examples are black, blue, gray, red and silver, but white and apricot remain among the most
popular. 5. Why would someone choose a designer dog over
a purebred dog? First, crossbreeding tends to produce a middle-of-the-road
temperament that often fits better into the average household than the more “extreme”
temperaments of many purebred dogs. Next, crossbreeds (assuming those breeds are
not similar to each other) tend to be at lower risk of genetic disease than purebreds., since
they don’t inherit two copies of defective genes from their parents. This is especially true of first generation
designer dog that is purposely bred rather than randomly mixed. 4. A Maltipoo has an average lifespan of 12 years
so don’t worry about being outlived by your pet. With a proper care and careful maintenance
of the dog’s health, you can expect your pet’s lifespan to extend to 14 to 16 years. 3. Unlike pure breeds, the Maltipoo has no proper
weight range. Nevertheless, the unofficial weight range
is 5 to 20 pounds though there are some dogs that are an exception to the rule. 2. Maltipoos are fond of doing exercise, playing
and walking outdoors. However, your pet is mostly an indoor pet
and it may not tolerate being outside for extended periods of time. Since it is not a large dog, you need to keep
an eye on him when going outside. 1. The Maltipoo is best suited to families where
the children are slightly older because he can be a little snappy around younger children
that might play a little too roughly with him. If well socialized from a young enough age,
the Maltipoo generally gets along with other dogs and with the family cat. However, they would not think twice about
chasing off any other cats they come across. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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  • I just got my dog Mozart today at a shelter (he’s 1 and half) and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him☺️☺️☺️

  • Mine was beaten badly for almost 6yrs (he’s 8 now and away from those evil people) and he’s very shy and scared literally all day long. For the longest time I’ve been extremely nice to him and keeping him close by so he feels safe. He never leaves my sight now and follows me every where. He’s such a warm and loving dog. Will he always be scared? When I go to pet him he moves away fast and doesn’t want me touching his head. Any advice?

  • Hey any maltipoo owners out ther I was wondering if you had any insights on the breed. I am looking to get one and just trying to do the best research. I already have one dog(Maltese) do they generally get along with other dogs, how much exercise do they need, do they bark a lot etc. also I know there is no specific weight range but on average what is the size of your maltipoo because 20 pounds is not a good size for my living situation. Thanks for any responses I get it is really helpful

  • Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    And 😎 cool 😎

  • I recently got a maltipoo, even though i've had her for just a few weeks she is very clingy and will walk around in the house with me. She Learned multiple tricks in an hour or less and loves everyone she meets. When we go on walks she loves to sniff around and don't wanna go inside the house again, but when we do Get her inside she will lay on top of You and lick You in the face till she falls asleep.

  • My boy is 15 and I’m 18 we’ve been together our entire lives and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog he’s incredibly sweet, caring, well trained, and has put up with way to many kids

  • I got my maltipoo from an adoption center. He was in terrible living conditions, the original owner was hoarder. We got him when he was one and since then he’s been a completely different dog when we first got him. He’s about 1 and 3 months now and me and my family are still working on him getting used to other people. But we hope he’ll have a happy and long life ☺️

  • I had a Maltipoo and a Maltese. male and female. they were together for 12 years the female died first. the male grieved for her they were constant companions and took care of each other.  He would not eat anything until she got her share. she would lay beside him and groom him and clean his ears. They were the joy of my life now I miss them both terribly. Somehow they communicated with out making a sound. but by their actions you knew they knew what the other one was thinking. They gave me hours of pleasure. both are very loving gentle dogs.

  • I have a maltipoo! Her name is Bella and she is two years old, turning three on St. Patrick’s day. She is white with a tint of brown and is about 15 pounds

  • I have a beautiful #maltipoo and she loving and playful love going outside but dont like to walk around people a lot more on the shy side but so cute and loveable . She use to bark but I train her on not to bark when I leave so lately she haven't and it was easy to potty train her

  • I have a black multipoo who will soon turn 15 years old. She is my most loyal friend and she is so cute even if she’s being annoying (lol). She’s slowing down as she gets older, but she is able to show lots of love to anyone that pets her or comes in our home.

  • i’m getting a maltipoo in about a month. i’m so excited to have an indoor dog since i’ve only ever had big dogs. i don’t know what to name him yettttt! he was just born last month so he’s teeny tiny😭💘

  • My Ruby Roo and Lily Bear are black Maltipoo are our 15 week old darlings they are smart playful and so loving they are happy to play with our kitten and older Yorkie Snoopy Lily follows me everywhere even at their young age they are doing great with pad training

  • I have a Maltipoo that is 4 months old. Amazing dog, sweet and playful. He is just in his teething phase and my hand looks like a chew toy to him 🙂

  • I have a maltipoo and she’s the cutest thing everrrr she is litteralty the baby of the house and everything they say in this vid about this Amazing dog cross

  • In 2013, I got my Maltipoo boy, he is so smart, friendly love kids
    He is just the perfect dog if you have little ones

    I love my babe boy Rocky

  • After buying him how could I introduce my maltipoo to my 7 year old Maltese mix? Any suggestions 😩🤔

  • BellaRose🌹a/k/a Bella is My Lover Girl. The daughter I never had… for real! Gold ears, tail and mark on her back, rest of her is white. She follows me everywhere and I have to be careful not to step on her tiny path. She’s full-grown now at her year and Waze 8 pounds and full of love and fun, loves to play, cuddle and sleeps with her best friend, me. She’s smarter than most people I know… LOL it’s true. Eager to learn and get her wholesome treats called “full moon“, dried chicken human grade. On the other hand she is very picky with her puppy food probably because I started giving her people food. But, you have to be very careful in what type of food do you give her because she gets diarrhea and that’s no fun for her or myself. But I did find a good pectin to help with diarrhea that works like a charm. I am about to get another Maltipoo haven’t decided yet, girl or a boy? If you’re real lucky and you look for a year or two you may find one at a local shelter, but I had no luck. I’ve purchased her for $600 from a local breeder, which was far less expensive than the store bought $6000 puppies from puppy mills. I did do research and would never buy a dog from a pet store. Anyway, All I know is she loves to be active and she’ll be happy with a cat, but I would have to get a kitten 🐱 Considering I do have a cat and she gets a little too happy for him and he’ll paw at her playfully. Thanks for reading! Bella Rose is pulling out my slipper telling me she wants to play… LOL

  • My maltipoo is 9 months old and he’s going crazy all day when he wakes up he goes crazy and baits every shit he sees

  • Can you answer why my dog is the worst and most grumpy dog he is the worst thing he will growl at me if I walk towards him and he will bite me if I touch him. he hates walks or playing and he can not be potty trained for the life of him and once but my dad for trying and he hates other dogs

  • I had a maltipoo for 11 years (he ran away) he was the funniest dog I've ever known. One day, I say maybe around his 5th birthday, he began running into things that he wouldn't normally and staring at nothingness. Found out he had Progressive Retinal Atrophy =(. Despite that he adjusted pretty quickly and remained his regular boujie-ness. He was a such a cuddle monster =) I miss him.

  • I have a 4 months maltipoo, and why she sheds so much? Anyone that owns a maltipoo, does your maltipoo shed?

  • I just bought my lady a female Maltipoo and I tell you she is adorable… I have a video go check her out

  • I Have A One Her Name Is Jazzy Shes Part Maltipoo Part Poodle and Party Chihuahua!!! Shes 4 Months Currently On May 6 2019!

  • We just got a 12 week old multipoo. From a wonderful breeder in Iowa. !(Koedam kennels) Best dog ever by far !

  • I love my Maltioo, Toby. He is a good, well- behaved pet. He was easy to potty train. He is trained to let me know when He needed to go outside. He will come to me and then walk away, and come back…repeating this until I take him out. He is also trained to potty on a poo-pad when I am not at home. He is very protective of me. If anyone comes near me, or to the front door, he will bark… He has 3 small doggie beds: one on the sofa, one on the floor in my office, and another one at the foot of my bed. He wants to be wherever I am. I feed him 2 X's a day, I cook his meals. The recipe is very easy and simple: In a medium size sauce pan, I add 1 can of mixed vegetables, I large can of white chicken breast meat, (both are undrained), to this add 3/4 cup of any kind of uncooked rice. Stir this together, and cook on medium heat until rice is completely cooked and the vegetables are soft, stirring frequently. If needed you can add some chicken stock or water and cook until the veggies are soft an tender, stir frequently.
    Allow to cool. I put into small serving zip lock bags and freeze them… I can leave him to go the grocery store, and when I get back home? he is right where you left him.Maltipoos are great house doggies.

  • I have a Maltese terrier. I live in an apartment. Lately, I have been wanting a second pup to the family. since Maltese pups have a bit of a problem with potty training from my experience and the internet. I wanted a dog that was easier to potty train and got along with other dogs. (my dog is a bit on the aggressive side) So far this looks like the best option yet. If any of you guys know a better breed I would be happy if you would help.

  • My multipoo is about the size of a miniature schnauzer. He is super fun, but due to us poorly potty training him, he has to wear a diaper that covers his…thing…
    We got him when my sisters were pretty young but he has never snapped at any younger children. He has a white coloring with peach-ish spots that aren’t very noticeable until you’re around him more often. He gets along great with my over-grown miniature schnauzer, has made friends with a miniature pinschure (sorry I’m not the best at spelling), and even tries to become friends with my rag doll cat!
    The only time he is aggressive is when my mini schnauzer is barking at people and other dogs, and even then he’s just trying to act all cool by barking but eventually just hides in a bush. He’s not the fittest but he definitely is not chubby. He has a ton of fur that has a weird mixture of straight and curly.
    He honestly is the best friend I could ever ask for ♥️
    I do recommend this breed to people who are looking for a playful yet lazy pup to have around the house

  • My boyfriend has one of these dogs… I'm sorry but I hate this dog. His dog is an asshole who rips and pee's on everything!! I wish he could get rid of his dog. But it's his baby

  • I have 3 maltipoos, 2 females & 1 male. Best dogs ever.. cuddly, playful, but they do tend to be barkers & will chase squirrels in the yard. Great with kids !! They all have very different personalities, even though the females are sisters. One is shy & bashful, the other very outgoing & loves everyone & everything in the world! The male is a rescue who had been on the streets for several years.. he is very layed back and just grateful to have a home! Very well behaved!! There are many maltipoos that need to be rescued.. please give them a chance!! 🐶🐶🐶

  • I have a maltipoo and me and my dad have allergies and my dog is trained he can sit spin fetch bring it back high five and he is house trained all that at the age of 9 Months


  • These dogs are amazing. I have one. She’s an angel, plain and simple. They are well proportioned and are generally pretty fast runners. She has never had health issues so far. Also, I’ve noticed that she will match my mood. She is all for laying on the couch watching tv, or running around outside with me. They are beautiful dogs and are not bred to have health issues. Such as pugs who are terribly bred and end up costing you thousands in vet bills. If you are getting one and already have a large dog, be sure that the large dog is gentle. My maltipoo can get hurt pretty easily. Also, they have a HIGH prey drive. She gets along perfectly fine with my cat, but when she sees a bunny it’s full hunter-mode activated

  • My friend has a maltipoo and i have a pomerainian and whenever my friend comes to my house with her dog he wants to play with my dog but my dog ignores him which i think is kinda sad because my friend's dog starts crying because he wont play with him TvT

  • I have had maltipoos for the last 8 yrs. after my first I just wanted more and more and would never think of getting another breed. We now have three maltipoos and they are truly the best dogs ever. They are great with our children, a breeze to potty train (every one of them we have had), they are playful but know when it’s time to chill, The are extremely loyal and all three are my best friends. We have a little girl who is tiny and two males who are average in size. I would say a small medium size (maybe 15-17 pounds). The only time they bark is when they are doing there job or when we are playing with them but quickly stop when told to. I could go on and on about how great our three babies are…but if your watching this video, chances are…you already know! Maltipoos will always be in our lives. If there’s any questions I can help anyone out with, please don’t be afraid to contact me at [email protected] LIVE THE MALTIPOO’S!

  • Sorry I meant I have a matipoo also and my insight is that they love salami and dog food their stomach is a infinate void he loves to to play fight with my dad and he hates/likes plusheis

  • I have a maltipoo and he is super outgoing and super cute! And if you have any allergies it won’t matter cause they are hyper allergenic

  • Anyone out there who owns a Maltipoo I need some tips for training mine… We need it but my parents wont allow to get a trainer so I need help from some people because otherwise hes going to grow up a very untrained dog who can only 'sit' and 'go potty' by command… 😩

  • My maltipoo is doesn't really like to play a lot. Idk why… and he can't recognize me, when I'm going from school, to my home. It'll took a while before he would recognize me.. (he barks at me, if he doesn't recognize me.)

  • I have a gray maltipoo named gracie. She was a shelter rescue dog, and im assuming she didnt grow up playing, or she was a street dog because she doesnt play with toys, though she is very hyper. She follows us around the house and loves to give kisses, after we go on a walk, she stops outside the house and wont even budge, she is stubborn, but shes the best pup ever, love her to the moon and back. Also shes the opposite of what you said, she pretends cats dont exist, but she is dog aggressive

  • I have a maltinpoo but it died . 😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I have a maltipoo! He's eight. He was easy to potty train and has never gone inside since. He is very sweet and loves to be around us. He's also good with children and has never bitten us, only play biting. He also loves playtime, going for walks, and meeting other dogs. Overall he is great. If you are contemplating getting one, I strongly recommend!

  • Anyone have any idea why my 11 week old Maltipoo would be shedding? I researched and it said she is too young to be growing her adult fur so I’m not sure. She has a vet appointment today.

  • I have a full back multipoo her name is molley we found her on the street with a lady who was probably drunk and didn't want molley so we took her in

  • These dogs are a disaster the jaws don't line up. They have ear problems bladder and kidney problem. In short they piss and shit everywhere cause of poor genetic breeding so you are not doing agreat favor for the animals or not being honest on the health issues they have. And they don't listen or learn well either they constantly. Repeat bad habits

  • I love my baby maltespoo white and Green eyes his so different from any other maltespoo. , his two years old, loves to play and go for long walks,. So friendly with kids and dogs❤,. So in LoVe…

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