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The Maltese is one of the races more
longevas, it is normal to see copies of up to 19 years.
. Are specialists in maintaining housing
clean of mice and rats. .
Its origin is in Rome and dates from 6000 BC
. His name “Maltese” comes from the Semitic term
“Malat”, meaning harbor, alluding its function as ratcatcher in
the ships. .
“Bichón”, he was added subsequently and It comes the term “Barbichon” as
then he called pups. .
This race started to become popular, thanks MAF, the Maltese Frank Sinatra
He gave in 1960 to Marilyn Monroe. . Maltese bichon, is a breed of dog
small size that emerged in the Mediterranean Central with Italy who took sponsorship.
The name of the race and origin are generally associated with the Mediterranean island of Malta,
however, the name is sometimes described with reference to the island of Mljet, or Meleda
(Latin: Melita). .
Here we present the story race, general characteristics, temperament,
care and aspects health, this lively, intelligent, affectionate
and friendly dog, popularly known as, MALTES, or Maltese.
. History.
The origin of the breed is unclear. traders Phoenicians brought from Egypt to the ancestors
This race probably more than 2000 years being diffused in the Mediterranean.
In the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II (1301-1225 to. C.) found figurines
stone and resembled the Maltese from today. There are images in vessels dating from
500. C. that are very similar to Maltese, dog beside the word Melitae read.
From today’s perspective, the relationship it is not obvious because that could have been
after. L. Beckmann also plotted ancestor to the dwarf Spitz.
. Again, the name by which the Federation
Cinológica International (FCI) describes It indicates that the standard does not come from
the island Malta. Since the word is a derivation
semitic word Malat, meaning shelter or port and is the root of many
placenames. The FCI describes the origin of the word as follows:
His name does not mean it is from the island of Malta, because the adjective “Maltese”
It comes from the Semitic word “Malat” what
It means shelter or harbor; this root semitic is in a variety of
names of maritime places, such as the name of
Adriatic island in the Sicilian city Meleda Melita, and on the island of Malta.
The ancestors of this little dog lived in
ports and coastal towns of the Mediterranean Central where hunted mice and
rats were in the stores in ports and warehouses
where boats were spread liberally. In the list of existing dogs in the
time Aristotle (384-322 BC) He mentions a breed of little dogs to
the Latin name “canes attributed melitenses. ” That dog was known in the
Ancient Rome and was preferred partner matrons, was praised by Strabo,
poet Latin first century.
. After Calímaco, Plinio el Viejo, Esteban
Byzantium and Constantine VII, race obtained the name of the island Mljet (in antiquity
Melita or Melitaea). Aristotle was the first
in mentioning his name Melitaei Catelli, when
the dog to a Mustelidae compared,
around 370 a. C.
Around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some
breeders decided to “improve” the race, making
even smaller. Linnaeus wrote in
1792 these dogs were the size of
a squirrel.
. The breed almost disappeared and was crossed with
other small dogs like poodles and Miniature Spaniels. In the nineteenth century, there was
up to nine different breeds of Maltese dog. Maltese solid color and colors parti
They were accepted in England since 1902 until 1913, and later date as 1950,
in Victoria, Australia. However, later
It was established that the Maltese had to be White color.
Maltese was recognized as an official breed by the FCI under the patronage of Italy
1954, at the annual meeting of Interlaken, Switzerland.
The current standard was adopted on 27 November 1989 and the last Italian translation
English is the 6th April 1998 American Kennel Club recognized the breed in
1888 and its latest standard is March 10 1964.
. Characteristics.
Type Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) with dimensions 20 to 25 cm to
the cross. Small Size and weighing from
between 3 and 4 kg. .
Denso, shiny, glossy coat which falls weight and silky texture and long
throughout the body and straight throughout its length, no trace of waves or curls. The color
must be pure white, pale ivory is permitted.
Boca The upper lips adapt perfectly the lower lip, so that
the lower profile of the muzzle is defined by the lower jaw. edges
lips are strictly black. Alertly eyes, round.
Eyes are located on the same plane almost front. Seen from the front, not be
show sclera (white part of eyes) are of a dark ocher color, the edge
eye is black. Ears are almost triangular shape, its width
It is about 1/3 of its length. They are well above the arch
zygomatic, hanging near the walls the skull.
Cola Located at the height of the rump, is thick at the root and thin at the tip. its length
It corresponds to approximately 60% of the height at the withers. Forms a single big curve
tip of which falls between the haunches touching the rump.
Lively, affectionate, very docile and character intelligent. . Temperament and function. The Maltese is an excellent dog
company The Maltese is recommended as animal
company because if properly socialized and educated are often vivacious, intelligent,
loving and friendly, with eternal appearance small puppies. It’s a protective dog
house, allowing use as dog alarm, like the Chihuahua or
the Yorkshire Terrier. These small dogs They cater to households with children
greater and adolescents. No problems with
children, provided that the dog he respects and be educated. It is advisable
give him something to entertain yourself, like a bone
rubber. Being small does not require much exercise
so a daily walk will suffice to meet your needs, this makes
good candidates for seniors. take walking would also make
Sociable an important aspect in dog training. It must be trained to
be obedient and, like most dogs, will respond better to a training with
stable and constant positive reinforcement. This breed of dog can help with caninoterapia
and could help foster sense of responsibility and order in the
children if they are put in charge of your care basic as I brush, I take him out
Y care that has fresh water, food
it is preferable that is carried out by an adult. With proper socialization will be avoided
dogs that are nervous or showing restless with other dogs or pets.
You can train them to do tricks or stand on its hind legs during
several minutes. His playful nature of will respond well to this type of training.
Although perfectly they adapted to living in apartments for its small size and
domestic nature, love to walk the fresh air. It is a delicate race on
especially when they are puppies, they require care Additional features.
. It is advisable to feed with a feed
good quality or BARF, and although, as all the dogs, like much food
human but is not recommended to give them, and that dogs lack some enzymes
necessary to catalyze certain substances in processed foods,
like chocolate. Sometimes they may suffer allergies. In the adult specimens must
keep under surveillance portions food to avoid overweight.
A level of intelligence the occupied Maltés 59 place in the ranking
Stanley Coren about intelligence the
dogs. Special cares.
Among the daily care includes brushing mantle with a suitable comb for the same.
The daily grooming should also include cleaning eyes, lacrimal and around
this muzzle to prevent your hair white coffee becomes brownish in those
areas. The risk of dark spots around Eye can be a problem
race, and occurs mainly depending the amount of water to produce eye
dog individually, along with the size of the tear ducts.
The Maltese is a long-haired dog, and it requires a series of special care
for his mantle remains in a state healthy and avoid skin problems
and knots in her hair. Many homeowners find a weekly bath is enough to
keep the coat clean, but it is better not wash a dog so often (once every
month and a half should be sufficient). they need visit the groomer about a
once every month and a half. Regular brushing it is also necessary to prevent hair
HE tangling. Many owners will keep
your Maltese with the cut kind “puppy” and It is keeping short hair and makes the dog
HE resembles a puppy. Some owners,
especially those involved in exhibitions canine, keep the Maltese with hair
long. Some dogs need to be dried with the electric dryer in order to avoid
knots. .
The canine cut style “puppy” keeps Maltese fresco, and is easier to brush.
As Maltese have only one layer hair, pelechan little or nothing if cared
duly. Like their relatives, Poodle and Bichon Frize are considered in
largely a hypoallergenic breed, 15 but this could be somewhat misleading, since the
necessary maintenance required for keep healthy white robe Maltese
It helps remove loose hair. The cut frequent brushing and bathrooms necessary
to keep in good condition hair Maltés not only removes dead hair or delete
Y dandruff, but also it controls another
potent allergen: saliva canina.16 Health.
Maltese is generally a sturdy dog and healthy. However, as with other
small dog breeds often have knee problems and patella, known
and patellar luxation. Therefore, always make sure the dog does not have
overweight. Due to the type of hair can suffer Maltés
eye irritation, conjunctivitis creating which can lead to increased
the lacrimal fluid secretion. secretions eye often they cause a color
reddish skin around the area of eye. According to a health survey
in 2004 by the Kennel Club in the UK, the average life of Maltese was
from about 12.3 years.17 What is high
since other dogs of similar size had a life expectancy of 11.3 years.17 In
Kingdom Britain, the leading causes of death were:
cancer (19%), age (19%), disease heart (16.7%), renal insufficiency (9.5%),
stroke (7.1%). physical characteristics.
Weighing between 3 and 4 kg. They have a body compact and height for the male is
2125 cm, and for the female is 2023 cm. They have a long, silky coat white
pure or ivory, which allowed some minor spots and very light color
yellow or light brown. It is very fine, Fluffy, a considerable length (almost
reaches the ground) without rollers but tending to
knot, hanging on the sides from a line ranging from the birth of truffle
tail. They have no inner mantle. They have medium sized head with front
small, round skull. The nose is black. and large eyes, oval, brown
dark with black eyelids, attentive and very dark. Its snout is moderately long,
Fine, it narrows down to the nose. The
ears are long, falls, hairy, implant low, hanging close to the head as
relying in part of the muzzle is Brown is higher.
They have short and straight legs. It’s tail It is elegant and is covered with abundant
hair, and appears bent on its back. .
. .
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