Male Jaguars Fight Hard For Territory | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

COMM: Deep in the Pantanal floodplains on the border of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, 12-year-old male Jaguar Scarface is patrolling his land. COMM: Pantanal, being the largest tropical wetland on the planet, you would think there is plenty of space for all jaguars to enjoy. But Scarface’s territory is big, almost 30 square miles. COMM: And is desired by many other jaguars. COMM: Out of the dense marsh grass, young jaguar Marley appears to challenge Scarface for the crown. COMM: Marley had already wooed one of Scarface’s females a few weeks earlier and now he wants to claim the land as his own. Scarface has dominated this territory for many years. He lashes out trying his hardest to move the young jaguar away, but Marley does not flinch. COMM: Calmly demonstrating his superiority and his readiness to topple Scarface’s reign. COMM: Amateur wildlife photographer Marc was tracking jaguars for six days and was told he was very lucky to be able to photograph a fight like this one. COMM: Their expedition guide had never seen one in 16 years working in the Pantanal wetlands. COMM: Scarface is exhausted and submits to the younger and stronger jaguar. COMM: Marley has a victory drink and goes on his way to explore his brand new home.

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