Making Friends! 🐶 | Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Playcare | Disney Junior

One, two, three, it’s…♪ Playtime with
your Puppy Dog Pals ♪
♪ Playtime with your
Puppy Dog Pals ♪
-I’m Bingo!
-I’m Rolly! -Both: ♪ And we like to play ♪
-♪ In the yard ♪
♪ In the dog house
every single day ♪
♪ It’s Playtime with ♪♪ Your Puppy Dog Pals ♪Bingo/Rolly:
Making friends!
(gasps) Look at it! Keia:
The Puppy Playcare Center is the stuff
dreams are made of. I can’t wait until we can go! We’re gonna make so
many new friends there! Good thing we know
the proper way
to make new friends. Whee! Wait, there’s a proper way? Yep! It’s a great
way to greet people for the first time
so they remember you. -Yes, yes, yes! Teach me!
-Woo-hoo! So, here’s the proper way
to introduce yourself. All you gotta do is
make eye contact, smile, shake their paw,
and say your name. Bow wow! That’s a lot
to remember. And Newf here is gonna
help you practice. Okay. First,
make eye contact. Don’t forget to smile! Now, shake Newf’s paw
and say your name. (excitedly):
Hi, my name is Keia! (normal voice):
How’d I do? -That was… great, Keia.
-Yes! Oh. Maybe,
I need more practice. Ooh! Dogs I have yet to meet!
I’ll practice with them! -Hi, Keia! Huh?
-Hi, Gilroy! Huh? No wait, my name’s
Keia, not yours. Silly me. Keia:
Hi. Ooh! Sweet doggy shoes! Oops. I forgot to
make eye contact. Hi! ♪ ♪ -Whoa! That’s too fast!
-(barking) Now, that’s too slow,
but I’m really impressed. I… totally forgot what
I was supposed to do first. Sheesh, this is hard. ♪ ♪ (whining) Is everything okay, Keia? Introducing myself
properly is hard. Will I even be able to make
new friends at puppy playcare? -Of course you wi–
-Gilroy: Hey, Keia! We’re about to play a game.
Wanna join, new friend? You remember me?! Oh yeah! Couldn’t
forget you, Keia. Wow, Keia. You did it
in your own unique way. You’re right!
Oh, I can’t wait to introduce myself to
more puppies at playcare! Come on! Let’s go play
with my new friends! Bingo:
Yeah! (laugh) ♪ ♪ -Rolly: Woo-hoo!
-Keia: Yay, new friends! (laughter)

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