Major’s reaction for strange machine he barks at it/Reakcja Majora na dziwną maszynę, szczeka na nią

This is Major. The long haired German Shepherd This tool collects straw Or a grass from fields. From, you know the scattered to the equals rows So that you’ll can collected it, for example, with bale press Major is really interested in this device Major look! That’s spinning The fortune wheel You don’t know this kind of wheel, a metal big one Look, that has more wheels This one doesn’t spin But this one, yes Easy, it won’t hurt you Major, say “village is full of strange tools” What Major’s gonna win today? Barking This wheel is too big for you You’re biting lawn mower’s wheels. But you don’t wanna this big metal one Major is probably afraid Are you afraid? The whole village can hear you Major thinks that something is in this straw, what mobiles this wheel He doesn’t even see that it’s my arm Major easy, come, come Nothing here Empty See? You saw many times this machine, but you’d never seen how it’s spinning, right? You have straw on your head Easy, it won’t hurt you Yes, who’d think? Major’s barking at farming tool Why Major’s screaming at wheels? He’s only not interested in car wheels So what, the end of the walk? Maybe someone recognizes those fields From our other films It always stands here Here or somewhere else But always on those fields But now Major sees how it spins So what? You see? It doesn’t say The rake won’t say you nothing Oh right, let’s go Major Let’s leave it here Come on let’s go We’re just returning to home Major is a bit tired by walking, but I see he still has a lot of energy The spinning wheel I suspected that Major will do it He only doesn’t barks at car wheels The rest of wheels Mostly he’ll bite them So this is, how Major’s reaction looked I was curious I couldn’t stop myself from checking how he’ll react for spinning wheel on this machine, but because it spinned, I could check it What you’re carrying there? A piece of ground? Go find the stick What Major, from today we call you – Major the funny? Or maybe Major who’s afraid of wheels? Or who likes attacks or barks at wheels? Let’s go to home Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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