Major’s reaction for horses/Reakcja Majora na konie

Hi This is Major Major is scared of you Major looks, horses Are you afraid of the horse? Clever dog Horses are really strong & very heavy Be calm, some dogs are barking at you Where are they As usual, dog sees you, but I I don’t see dog who sees you Come closer See? They’re friendly Easy They’re behind the fence Oh right, oh right Easy, horses eats grass, not meat Come on Horses went away from the fence You see, horses eats, the green They’re not interested in you, you’re too small So let’s go further But you’re interested in these dogs who are barking at you See you later jadey Well Maybe Major could to play with a cow, but carefully But with horse? No, there’s no option. Major will faster to run away So this was Major’s reaction for another known for him pet Come on Reaction always the same He’s retreating & running away He’s afraid of horses. A clever dog You can’t make horse angry Thanks for watching & see you Leave this dirty water next time Later

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