Major’s practicing searching skills/Major ćwiczy umiejętności szukania

Major plays with balls Can I take one? What Major? Will we show? How you’re practicing searching for a ball? Or something else? What? Stay! Yes Dog must know how to stay, to this play Wait Wait Go search! Go search! I don’t have it. Major, go search! Bravo Yes, it’s simple for human, he saw where I laid the ball so he’ll go for But dog? Dog’s sniffing Next attempt Wait Wait Wait Major Wait! Major’s already ready for searching Wait Go search! Search Oh right, you won’t reach it. I’ll take that Good dog He found it Now the yellow one Now the yellow one Wait Wait Major, go search! Go search Search, where’s the ball? Now he didn’t know, where I left it Good dog Yes Oh right, I’m going for the red one I’ve got the red one, Major It doesn’t already squeaks This one still squeaks Oh right, wait I’ll hide it again Wait Go search Search Major, search. Where’s the ball? Good dog He found the ball & he found a solution, how to reach it Good Major Nice. Yellow one is better, cause it squeaks, right? So let’s take the yellow one Oh right Wait I’ll put yellow one between thujas Wait! Go search Search, search I don’t have it He didn’t saw again. Search! Use your sniff Search I don’t have this ball Good dog! Bravo! He finally found a trace Good Major He can searching nicely So what? One more time with red Major wait Major come, go search Search Good doggo, come here

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