Major’s going for an evening walk/Major idzie na wieczorny spacer

We went from the dark, Major A school during night in our village. Here! Come here! Come! Oh Major here we go again Walks in the night 2 month ago during this hour There’s after 19 o’clock There was bright Now there’s Autumn & dark Major you’re poorly visible Good that lamps are over here road ones Night doesn’t disturb to Major He can sniffs even in the dark Stop! Wait Come Good dog I even hear a plane when it flies in the night Nothing special Come here Good Major, easy You’re a good dog When dog barks behind the fence usually you don’t bark. You’re a good dog No, come here, go back Good Major, let’s go futer I don’t know why, but this Husky doesn’t like Major He always loudly barks at him He’s aggressive But Major is friendly What you gonna say, Major Night again Walks in the night Say “we don’t wanna them” Major isn’t a cat, to walk in the night Night adventures again awaiting us Like in last year & in the begin of this year When days were short Stop Good dog So let’s go for this night walk It begins again We went today so late cause I had work to do at home Yes Major, first work, then pleasures Sometimes in opposite way So let’s go further on this pleasure night walk. Good that there’s warm Thanks for watching & see you next DARK time Later

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