Major’s favourite garden play/Ulubiona ogrodowa zabawa Majora

What Major, you like the trampoline, right? It’s comfortable And the ball rolls nice on this You see? You’ve destroyed a hooter It doesn’t squeak But this ball still makes strange sounds, right? A leaf? I’ve got your paw A Major’s way to play at home, chewing of the ball On the trampoline the best Now? A fluffy fur. Mr. Fluffy Mr. Fluffy, where’s the ball? Where’s the ball? You can all day like this, right? He won’t give back He won’t give back What now? Should I’ll give it you? Will I get something for this? Major look at this Do neighbor’s dog barks? What’s happening? Someone’s walking on the road You hear kids, right? Always when you hear kids you’re listening them Why kids? You probably think that it’s my brother or sister So this is how Major like to play with ball, when he’s at home He’s lying on the trampoline & chewing the ball One of many which he has Yes, also strange figures Majo trains yoga or what this is Ypu have something here In the fur Yes, Major & his plays with ball Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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