Major visits Lipowa village/Major odwiedza wieś Lipowa

Major, we are we today? In the Lipowa village Close to our village Mountains, fields, open areas. Major, come! Here! More even than in our village Come! Major’s changing into a tourist Really the car which you could already seen in one film in last time Super cheap, bought from my buddy For often driving with Major & don’t regret of the upholstery Come! Major discovers of local terrains, smells A happy doggo Good dog, good Major Better walk closely Cause I saw deer-roes here & the other German Shepherd If you want to stay off-leash than stay close to me A road? Did you find the road? We’ll get there by this road Easy! Water stayed in the car You’ll get drink when we’ll return. I don’t know is there any river here The sun sets now so fast The Autumn begun Yeah, tha callendar Autumn has already begun So Now we have to go for walks faster The fastest as possible, daily In the Summer we were waiting long, until it became cooler Now we have to moving out faster so that it won’t get dark So the Summer is the best, Because it’s brightly outside for the longest time Where are you running? Well Major, close to me Wet paw prints Major went into the river, he found it What Major, you wanna say me, that I should run after you? But when I run than you run faster Major, easy A beautiful mountains during the sunset A beautiful Major in the shadow of the mountains. Come! Come on! The polish Beskidy mountains Come! I see my car! Come Major stays, he probably doesn’t know what to do Maybe he’s tired No, he doesn’t So we need to use of all this energy Major, here! Oh right, come Major I’m have to watching you I see much more people whos Major sees. He’s standing & watching So now I’m going to watching you I’ll also even take you on a leash Major is full of excitement as usual He’s sightseeing local areas So we’re going further sightseeing local fields Yes Major, let’s go there now It’s hard to catch you When you’re sniffing everywhere. Major, here! Come on, let’s go Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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