Major thinks, every walk is exciting/Major myśli, każdy spacer jest ekscytujący

Wondeful day Yeah, sure Do watering Is it raining too little today? A whole day it’s raining will stop for a moment, it’s raining again And it goes around You probably know it But Major isn’t interested in the rain He doesn’t care about the rain He wants to go for a wet walk. So we’re going Every walk is exciting for Major Even when it’s raining a lot, right? Yes Every walk is exciting for Major because there are exciting smells everywhere Clear? Come, we can pass through Do you like to be wet on a walk A rhetorical question How many times you were returning whole wet from a walk From the river or in the rain Major’s tail is some kind of energy indicator, I noticed it during all those walks When tail’s up, Major has full of energy He’s very excited But when tail’s down that means Major is a little bit tired already Usually he walks slowly then he doesn’t already so excited But every walk begins like this for fun It’s raining still It doesn’t wanna stop But it’s light rain More like medium one Nothing scary Don’t go to the river, it’s cold today Major you look like just came out the shower Wait! You dogs You’re very happy pets & very energical ones I’m walking in puddles In waterproof boots So Major goes further & sniffs He’s enjoying the wet walk I’m going with him It’s nice Nothing like a walk with dog So let’s go further, Major Thanks for watching & see you next time Later & you’ve spotted the dog

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