Major meets stranger doggo/Major spotyka nieznajomego psiaka

You see this doggo? Some doggo goes for a walk with himself. Easy! Ears up, tail up, Major is interested What’s gonna happen? Will aggression be or not? Easy Hello He’s growling Easy Major Stop! Do you hear? Doggo says you to leave him alone From where you escaped I see you have a collar. Where’s your home? Good Major. You’re not aggressive Stop barking! We already go away Oh right That was a fast meeting Doggo said “Go away Major! I don’t know you!” “I don’t know I can trust you” So we’re going away This is how Major’s meeting with other dogs looks like usually Is he barking still? But he’s not following us. Sometimes dogs are barking & following Major So We met dog beyond the fence. Such a pity that He didn’t want to play with you Well If he barks, then we leave alone If he growls, we also leave alone But you’re a good dog. You knoe ho to behave Major, a calm dog Unless other dog is aggressive & starts to attack, then Major gonna show fangs & claws & when I gonna join Then other dogs aggressive ones are escaping When they see angered human I’m sorry, not angered, furied I’m furing when other dog tries to attack my Major When we’re on a neutral area Something other if we’ll enter to the garden Well Let’s go Major, today we’re going to forest Maybe next time we’ll meet friendly doggo on the road Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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