Major goes shopping/Major idzie na zakupy

So Major, we go to the shop We’re making grill today Although a weather is like, emmm But it’s warm We gonna buy for you, two chicken legs Yes, we’ll fry it on a grill & it’ll be delicious The plan is: we go because dog can’t in most of shops in Poland go in so I’ll tie Major to the tree close to the shop I did it before Major waits, Igo buy & return & we go to home Next we’ll fry those chicken legs for you. You’ll have something to eat for a dinner Something other than a dog food of course cause you always have something to eat So let’s go to this shop So, here we are A shop Major Oh, come on, I already see Yes, mark the tree & come here I gonna leave you next to this tree, oh right? Hmm checking smells What you feel? Where I have to leave you? I gonna leave you there You’ll be less visible I don’t think that someone will want to kidnap a dog Especially a big one, looking dangerous Really, about half of people who sees Major, thinks that this is a dangerous dog Especially these who has small dogs Well Major, let’s leave you near some tree OK Major, stay here Wait here I’ll go do shop Wait Major’s waiting, I go We have it We have dinner for Major Two fresh chicken legs Hi my polite doggo. You was waiting nicely See? I’ve got something for you Do you feel it? You’ll get both The weight is close to this what you’re getting for a dinner Don’t sit, don’t ask, we’ll fry it you know? Now I gonna untie you & we go to home He’s already licking himself, he feels it He feels by nose what will be for a dinner What are you looking at? Let’s go home He’s looking all time at chicken legs in my hand Let’s go to home Wait! You’ll get it at home. You ate the breakfast Come on Come on. We go home You’ll ge it at home, oh right? How walk with Major looks when you have something in your hand what he’ll eat later Or it smells like food You understood We go home, you’ll eat there Oh no, she again An aggressive bitch I don’t like aggressive dogs All dogs, bitches, all can be aggressive Unfortunately, most dogs in the area are aggressive to other dogs We can’t do nothing with this, Major We can only keep distance I said keep distance! Come here, we go to home to put this on a grill & you gonna have a delicious dinner No this pillar is Major’s We’re returning to home. Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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