Major goes on mountain hike/Major idzie na górską wedrówkę

Well Very nice view But we don’t go there but here Yes Major A beautiful autumn A beautiful polish autumn Come on Major Today we’re going to hiking in the mountains Yes, you sniff Let’s go Come on, let’s go further. It’s a waste of time Sniffing everything very accurately Come on Let’s go Yes, cars And people This road leads to the Hut on the Gron It’s a restautant We’re in the Meszna village We go here where lumberjacks are driving There will be a peace There we’ll start climbing Come Major, I will take off the leash & we’re going up Oh right, Major stop! Oh right, good dog, go off-leash again Finally Peace & silence & we only hear some mountain stream Hard breathing of Major My talking & birds on trees There also path leads But we’re going here up What Major? No! Don’t go there! Look how high it’s Go here by this path Come on let’s go Major, we’re here for the first time It’s looking nice So many leaves On the ground I see you! Wait, I go to you Here! We’re going as a road leads Here probably only water flows Especially during thaws On a spring I see you Major plays a leader as usually He sees some road for the first time, but he best knows where to go Always on the front The wolf in the forest Standing & hears He’s looking for the prey Need to eat something for a dinner, right wolf? Major hears strange sounds, I also hear them From there Probably some concert is on the other side of that mountain We’re high so the sound goes above the trees right to my & Major’s ears Hey Major, wolf Come to me Come on Major, where are you hiding Yes, you heard this singing There’s some concert Somewhere close This is a wolf in forest. He’s looking for food A friendly wolf Come Good dog Good wolf So here we are This was a bit steep climbing Yes, just a bit steep & road already became flat We’re on the highest point of this road, cause there’s a peak You’re climbing on the mountain & later In exchange for some effort You’re watching beautiful views & Major who is usually goes to far away from the cam, right Major? Come here wolf Come Major Come on Major, we’ll go a bit this road And we can return It’s slowly becoming dark So thanks for watching & see you next mountain time Road is splitting for two parts So, where we going Major? Oh right, come, we’re returning to the car Later

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