Major goes by car & visits new places/Major jedzie autem i odwiedza nowe miejsca

Major, what do you take for our trip? You take the ball, yes? So I take water And we can go So what Major, ready? Let’s go somewhere For a walk, where we weren’t before. Oh right, let’s go We’re at destination Wait! Wait! Major, wait, wait, wait! Again the same. See, you’re fastened You must be fastened to won’t fly to the front Just in case We don’t wanna accident, but if something will happen You must be secured Wait, I gonna correct you a leash A fast way to change a leash from seatbelt to the normal leash for walks Leave the ball here So Wait Major! Easy, come on, wait Wait, stop! Stop! I have to close the car What, you already feel a lot of new smells, right? Come Welcome in the Bystra village You were here before but only on the border Leash escaped me Oh yes, lot of new smells, new place Car’s gonna wait here & we’re gonna go for a walk Let’s find any meadow or field for you to running off-leash Or just let’s watch & you’ll sniff smells Cause by smell dogs get knowing the world, so let’s go Although we’ll walk slowly, Major has to sniffing It looks like an old barn What you think? You don’t know what is a barn I’m not suprised Here next to, the new house is building People from the city are leaving to the village But sometimes people from the village are leaving to the city & we what Major? We love village Mountain village is the best Do you hear? Silence & peace & sometimes something will drive through Some car or a bike Today is very nice weather, a lot of cyclists Must to use still good weather The end of summer But for me the summer ends in September, when children goes to school Wait Let’s go here A small local shop In Poland you can often meet them Usually those are just ground floors of houses Or some kind of annexes Probably you know what I’m talking about You’re living & running a house…shop in the same building Major, you see those peaks? We wasn’t there yet Someday we’ll go on those mountains Interesting is, do the cam catching those sounds of church bells Dog is protecting hens Cause he sees a wolf Sorry But you’re catching hens This happens when you’re calling your dog “wolf” Ummm in our village Which is in those mountains on the other side I see the sun Here the sun was already hidden by mountains Thanks to this Major has cool I can’t let you out of leash Dogs are everywhere & there’s no fences Come on, let’s go up I like this meadow We need to go there someday to see everything from high As higher you’ll go then better views you’ll watch Oh right Major look, some meadow & forest I can probably let you out of leash Let’s go A low grass lower risk of the tick, but Major is already protected Go Major, sniff Get know new place Me also wasn’t here yet Wonderful view Let’s enter to the forest We’ve entered to the forest Major, where are you hiding? I’m weak in whistling You hear a whistle but you don’t know who makes it Good dog Now you know who makes this sound Only leave in peace all deers Maybe a little hide & seek? I’m in forest Let’s find good place Major decided to join me Oh right, let’s hide somewhere Maybe here? There? Major’s checking all time do I’m going? He’s careful Ho doesn’t see me Good dog This was too easy Come Major We’re slowly returning to the car Go here So Last view on local views We’re living there somewhere Come on Major We’re slowly ending this walk Sun almost set And you what Major, you already sent the ball on the passenger seat You looking for this? Major know what’s most important on the trip, the toy What? Kids play on tablets & smartphones during drive Elders also So dog can takes a ball What Major, are you tired a little? This was a good walk You’ve visited new places Now ball is the most important So let’s return to the home Thanks for wattching & see you next time Interesting is, where we’ll go then Later

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