Major first time at the lake/Major pierwszy raz nad jeziorem

So what Major, are you ready? You’re going at the lake to see the first time This lake close to us First time you gonna play in very deep water Seat belts plugged, we can go So Major, we’re at destination There’s some people here, let’s find some free place & you’ll can wet your fur Come on let’s go We’re at destination A port for boats There’s lot of boats here Major, say “this lake is small” But lot of new smells Come, you gonna go to the water after a while Come on We don’t have a boat to sailing It’s too expensive See this? How much of water? Oh right I’ll change clothes & we’re going to water Major’s already checking the temperature of water You have easy, you don’t need suntan cream Is this water nice? Very nice, a warm one Yes, you’ll be on leash You must be on leash here, cause people are here You found a stick? Oh right, let’s go We’re going there, where is more water Here boats are sailing. Leave this stone! There are stones there Stones are here everywhere. Stony beach so called, come on let’s go Here’s our camp. Younger brother are pumping his wheel Major goes to the water Where’s lot of it Come here Easy Major’s already pulling to water Here you are! Water, deep water I’ll stand on my legs, you’ll swim already Here is deep As at the lake, some of shallow water & then is deep Come on I have water to my belt Swim But I have to have you on leash But I also took a long leash You’ll can swimming further Such a warm water, come on So come Come on Look, I’m here also You got wet my phone. Good, that it’s waterproof Good doggo See? Nothing scary. We gonna also swim together Maybe you want to catch stones? I think There’s no many people here. Come on, I gonna throw the stone Leave the leash, a stone Swim! Good dog Easy Good doggo Don’t swim too far from the shore Do you have fun? You like water Look how much of water He’s jumping Good, that there’s not many people today Easy, that I only won’t drown my phone Come on I’ll swim soon Come on Come to me Come Yes, get the stick Swim with the stick At the lake Major prefers to catching the sticks Here Where’s your stick? I’ve got your stick Come on Come here To me! Yes, I’m using the long leash Because I have to keep dog on leash in this place Major, come! Come! Come Swim for stick He saw my brother & this is why he were looking at Good dog, you’re swimming great & you’re not afraid of this already This is how Major looks before shaking & when he get straight out of water Wait You’d tangled up So what, again the stick? I had to bind you. There are other people & dogs here Wait a moment We can’t be on sun all the time, it’s unhealthy A moment of break & we gonna return to the water Oh right, there were sticks Here’s one So what Major, now the ball? It’s already a bit wet Will you catch the ball? Come on Come So, ready? Swim for the ball He doesn’t wanna do it in the river, but here he wants to catch balls, I see To me Good dog Good Major But give me this ball You like to catch balls in the lake, what? And sticks It’s better than stones, you can catch it It won’t drown Will you give the ball? You stubborn doggo Leave it Leave Leave You were fooled Catch! Catch the ball! Such a cool water It has about 20 Celcius degrees Here! Good dog Major’s swimming so pretty You always could do it Now you don’t afraid & here you are. There’s a fun I also swam with Major Only one minus, he’s swimming too close to me & then he scratches with those claws Are you swimming close to me? Are you afraid, that I will drown, what? Beautiful, cam place Or if it’s weekend & hot, then lot of people are here Ready? There’s some water in this ball Good dog! Boat will sail Water is dripping from you You’re a little bit waterproof You see? Water is going down from Major I even don’t know, do it reaches your skin You’re drying fast, cause you have black fur Do boat sails? Water is pouring from leash This adjustable leash It’s finally useful for something Come on Come What I gonna say? Have a peaceful cruise I don’t like this clouds & I hear lightnings I hope it won’t come here. Theoretically weather forecast says, that it won’t be storm If it will be, then we’ll run away So catch the ball Here! Good dog Well, I got wet my head There’s so good warm water What, a break? Yes, for shaking Go catch the ball Come back Good doggo No Major, you’re not go to water now We’re here, on the other side Just a view No, we’re not going to the water Get dry I know, you want to the water But it’s enough. You’ve played the longest time in your life We’ll back here in future This place here is better in the afternoon There’s more shadow here Unless someone likes to sunbathing Do you like sunbathing? There was people, there was dogs There was little doggo, who was barking at you Sailing boats Views of mountains Lake in the mountains. That’s it. Better than sea Unless we talk about Croatia, where you have the sea & few kilometers deep in land there are mountains already What you see, what you hear Get dry Major. We’ll go back to home. You gonna have a dinner Major played very well He had to be on leash. Lot of people Also some time without leash, but at the beginning He was swimming with me, alone, he was catching balls, sticks It’s better than stones. Right Major? So what, I’ll take balls at the river now Some kind of old boat You were very nice I expected this Major is still drying Then we go to the car & we’ll return to home What this, a strange metal one Don’t go into water Good dog Come Come here We’ll wipe you to dry & we’ll go to home So this is how first Major’s day at the lake looked like Hope for more like this Maybe in the September there will be hot temperatures Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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