Define what breed of dog is the strongest
The world is a complicated task. Must encuenta have various aspect directly
associated lafortaleza as: height and weight, bite force, resistance
pain, courage and ability to fight in other aspects. In this oprtunidad, we present the top
10 dog breeds strongest of world average dogs that meet the best
caracterisiticas linked to the fortress. So let’s start with this top. 10. Turkish Kangal.
The Kangal is ranked among races buts giant, and its appearance is impressive.
They are huge, tall and heavy dogs, musculados and a thick skin and a little loose in
shoulder area. They have a feature tail curled over the back. 9. cane corso.
Dogs are animals breed cane corso rustic, strong temperament, vigilantes,
able to assimilate all kinds of experiences and adapt to all environmental conditions.
Overall copies of this breed often be fairly balanced. 8. Dobermann.
Medium size, strong and muscular. The elegant lines of her body, attitude
arrogant, temperamental and nature expression of a determined dog, correspond
the image of the ideal dog. The shape of your body is rather square, especially in
males. 7. Bull terrier English.
It is a dog vigorous, muscular constitution, well balanced and active with an expression
keen, determined and intelligent. A feature unique is that his head no depression
fronto-nasal (stop) and has the form of a egg. 6. Bulldog canary.
Molosser dog of medium large size, profile rectilinear and black mask. Robust and well
provided. Calm look, attentive expression. particularly suitable
as a guard dog and traditionally used to care for livestock. balanced temperament
and very sure of himself. 5. German Shepherd.
The German Shepherd Dog is of medium height, slightly elongated, strong and well muscled,
bone dry and firm overall structure. Must be balanced, steady nerves, safe
of himself, absolutely serene, noble, attentive and docile, and must possess spirit
struggle and strength of character. 4. boerboel.
The Boerboel is big, strong and formidable with powerful muscles. Your movement should
be agile and the body must be larger, corpulent formidable than a Boxer
but lower than a Great Dane. The appearance must be menacing and imposing. the Boerboel
It is a dog well balanced and good proportions. 3. Dogo Argentino.
It is an athletic dog, normo type, proportions harmonicas. Powerful musculature, is agile,
its appearance gives the feeling of power, energy and strength, in contrast to its expression
friendship and gentleness. Completely white, You can have a single dark spot on his skull. 2. American Pit Bull Terrier.
The APBT is a very athletic dog that stands for its resistance to fatigue and pain,
with his stubborn perseverance in overcoming any challenge. Although
the APBT race was once used as a symbol US national courage and pride,
It is currently controversial by the use made-given in clandestine fights
and the negative publicity it has received in recent years. 1. Rottweiler.
The Rottweiler is a medium sized dog a large, robust, nor coarse nor light, nor
fragile, nor too high limbs. Its strong, compact and shapely figure
to the conclusion that it is a very powerful dog, agile and


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