– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (energetic music) – Hi, I’m Angel Calvo. I own a Staffie Bull Terrier. His name is Sergeant Major. I’ve always been a fan of the bull breeds, and I think I went to maybe about two years worth of dog shows, and I just decided to
go with a Staffie Bull. He’s a medium-sized dog,
you know, about 40 pounds, didn’t shed a lot, you know,
had a great temperament, out of everything I read online, so I thought that was the dog for me. He’s athletic. I like to go on hikes
and be out and be active, and as well he’s very mild-mannered and powerful and soft and soft-natured. I believe a Staffie Bull is a great pet. He’s very active, you know,
when it’s time to be active, but also very docile and very loving. I was surprised of his temperament, how he can just feel
your energy all the time. I mean, he’s a really great dog. He’s a high-energy dog. He’s definitely a terrier, so what I try to do is I take
him for walks all the time. We run the dog about 15 miles a week. So I try to keep him active, because he does need his daily exercise that any other dog would. During the spring and summertime
we go up to Lytle Creek, and we’ll walk the creek a few miles, and I’ll try to get him into
the water, get him more active. (energetic music) He’s a purple ribbon AKC champion, so he is a show dog, but I’m looking at other
activities to get him into, and I was looking at obedience training. However, I decided on dog protection work. – Angel invited me over to
evaluate his little Staffie Bull. So my thoughts on Staffie
Bulls doing protection work is it’s an awesome outlet for the dog. They’re real athletic, energetic. Gives them something fun to do. Of course, they are small
dogs, so a lot of people don’t understand that a little dog can be a good 5-second lifesaver for you, keep people away from you
while you can get to help. – I just thought it would be a good way for Major to find a new activity for him. I mean, these bull breeds are
known for their mouth work, or, you know, their bite work, so I just thought it would
be something fun for him and something fun for me as well. He’s not a Rottweiler, one of
these bigger breed type dogs, but just something fun
for him to do, you know, give him some work, some activity, something besides just
showing in the ring. And you never know, he
could buy me a few seconds with this bite protection work, you know, so I could better assist or handle a situation that we might be in. – After looking at Major,
he has great prey drive, great confidence, the willingness
and athleticism to work. I think it’ll be a great
outlet for the dog. (energetic music) – I’ve done a lot of research on the breed and dogs in general, and my research online, it
just seems like everybody, or not everybody, a lot of people really recommend that raw food diet, so I decided to try it,
and I’m happy with it. I’ve noticed that the raw food
has given him a shinier coat, and he enjoys it, so it’s
something more natural, so I give him the raw food. I’m really happy with what has come about. (upbeat music) Typical day, you know, we’ll get up early in the morning before I go to work. I usually run him,
depending on the weather. I’ll run him for a few miles, come back, bring him back. You know, he eats in the morning. There’s always someone here at the house, so, you know, he has someone to interact with during the day. When I get home from
work he gets fed again, and then I will run him or walk him. (upbeat music) We definitely play ball all the time. His favorite thing is playing catch. We’ll run four or five
miles, we’ll come home, and that’s the first thing he goes after. And we’ll play ball 10,
15 minutes, you know, he loves every type of ball,
whether it’s a football, racketball, tennis ball, doesn’t matter. This guy would run all day
long if he got that chance. (upbeat music) I also have a spring pole at the house, so he gets a lot of exercise. I try to keep him busy
during the day while I’m out, so he doesn’t tear up the
yard or anything like that. I haven’t had any issues with that. So I just try to keep toys or activities for him to get into
himself during the day, so he doesn’t get himself into trouble. Yes, he is crate trained, doesn’t mind being in the crate, but he has a full run of
the house all the time. So I don’t have any issues
with him in the house. So when I have to crate him I
will crate him, but he knows. He’s a well-behaved dog, so I
don’t have issues with that. I started crate training Major as a puppy for potty issues and to
make sure he was safe also, because I don’t want him running around and getting into stuff he’s
not supposed to get into. So, yeah, that was the main
reason of crate training him, make sure he was safe when I wasn’t home, when I was away at work as a puppy, and it’s just evolved from there. And the crate training
also works when we travel, when we go somewhere. It’s a safer way to travel, you know, so when I get in the car I’ll
put the crate in the car, and he knows he’s invited, and it’s his first time
for him to go with us. So it worked out really well. I mean, it’s safer for
him, it’s safer for me. (energetic music) This is my first Staffie Bull Terrier, so I’m not, you know… I’m a real novice when
it comes to this breed, but everything I’ve looked online, there’s really not too many health issues, you know, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve had him two years. There haven’t been any
health issues so far. He’s been health tested,
so nothing in the extreme. (upbeat music) I think this breed could
fit in any lifestyle, whether if you’re very
active or if you’re not, at home or in an apartment. He does very well with children. He does very well with my mother. My mother’s about 67 years old. He’s a very soft-natured dog, so I think he could fit
in almost in any home. He does need exercise,
I mean he does sometimes get a little anxious
when I don’t walk him. (upbeat music) They really love to be around people. They really love to be
inside, whether with me… I call him Shadow. Everywhere I go in the
house, he’s right next to me. He doesn’t get into the garbage. He doesn’t climb up on tables. He doesn’t get on
nightstands or coffee tables. He knows his boundaries. He knows what’s his. He knows we feed him in the
same location all the time. So he has the full run of the house. I really haven’t had any issues with that. (upbeat music) So my rules are when
guests come over is not to acknowledge Major until he’s
in a calm, submissive state. So once he calms down, then I’ll let them go
ahead and greet Major. (upbeat music) Major’s rules are, you know, not to jump on people,
give people their space. He’s a very friendly dog, so all he wants to do is really please and be a friendly dog. He has a great temperament
with other dogs. He does very well. I’m not sure if it’s
because he’s a show dog, and he’s been around the ring and been around hundreds
and thousands of dogs. I have no problem when I walk him. When sometimes we’ll run across
a stray dog or a loose dog that’s gotten out of the
yard, he’s very friendly. It doesn’t matter what
type of size dog it is. I haven’t found any
drawbacks with this dog. I don’t know if I just got a great dog. I mean, I love Major. He’s my little man, my little boy, I mean, we do everything together. I haven’t had any issues
when it comes to training. He’s a very smart dog. He wants to please. Yeah, I can’t think of one drawback. So I got Major from a breeder here locally in Southern California,
from Adorable Kennels. Maureen is the breeder. She’s done a great job with breeding dogs. She has many champions, AKC
purple ribbon champions, and as you can see in the
temperament of the dog, it goes a long way when you
find a reputable breeder. (energetic music)


  • I rescued mine 5 years ago he had been used as a bait dog for fighting yes I had to put a lot of work into him but he is the love of my life and the best dog I have ever had, his only fault is he snores but loves to cuddle up in bed . I have a rule yes Its ok to disappoint others but I never disappoint my pup

  • Great video, great dog! I agree with everything you said but just be cautious with other dogs. It’s renowned that the breed hate other dogs. My current boy is 2.5 years old and also a show dog. At the moment he is great with other dogs and it’s usually other dogs who start with him and he doesn’t retaliate however the older they get, the grumpier they get so that will soon change. 25 years with this breed has taught me that!
    Keep up the great work with Major, he is beautiful and a credit to you, well done 👍

  • My two staffs wouldn't be any good for protection. One of them gets scared and the other one just wants to make a new friend. Their bark is definitely worse than their bite.

  • Had me up until the end. Fuck a reputable pitbull breeder. So many pitbulls killed in shelters and this bitch is breeding them. Nasty.

  • I had an American Staffordshire, was a female, great guard dog, was a pedigree, in the middle of the night in freezing cold she would sit at the gate and I use to have problems getting her inside, once inside anyone use to walk past the house at night she would grawl and could here them coming from along way off, very strong dog, I also had a pedigree male , very protective

  • I'm a nut .. i thought that STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER and AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER was the same breed … so what are the main differences ?

  • Anybody who thinks that a Pit Bull of any variety is not the best protection type of dog is CRRRAZY! My dog Linus will hold a bag or even a frisbee until it is done for, has protected me against a man before bit his hand partly off, one bite for a few seconds, part of his pinky off. These dogs are the best at protecting themselves so that means if they want you as an owner they will protect you more willing than any dog.

  • 99.9% of staffies are terrible for protection work, they just love people too much, when I had my 2 they would help a robber out with the TV than to protect anything

  • In the uk they have a bad name simply because drug addicts use them as a weapon but I love them they are such loving and emotional dogs

  • People all dogs when overly socialized and untrained are USELESS for guarding or protection does not matter what breed. You can have socialized and trained or just trained. Depends on the need. The one will be good with whom you invite or sometimes even some you have not invited (unwanted in a guard) or non socialized but trained. This is sometimes known as a loaded gun. For the last you will need a proper kennel bullet proof to put the dog when visitors come.

  • Omg he really looks like my staffy, they are great dogs but they get a really bad rep which is sad because they are the sweetest dogs ever! I wish I could save all the ones in shelters ☹️

  • Kudos to you my friend. Staffies are the best. You're doing it right,everything you give them you will be rewarded for more than you can imagine. Mine is a a Stafford/boxer mix that wasAnna shelter for almost 6 months and was scheduled to be put down at the end of the week. People say I rescued him but the truth is he kind of rescue me.

  • i have a 2 year old staffy named Thor …. he is the best guard/protection dog i have had in 35 years of owning bull breed dogs … he is a 1 person dog, highly protective and territorial .. he has 2 brothers Cimba a APBT and DozR a OFRN/BullyXL cross ….. these are the most misunderstood breeds out there, but the best friends to have!!

  • Staffies are great dogs but they require the right owner. You really have to get them under control from an early age

  • A lot of bullshit . Did you ever see one of these dogs attack another dog a poodle , a Golden makes no difference . I live in the Bronx happens a lot . They go for the head clamp down and by the time you get them off its either to late or extensive damage . It is a sight you will never forget

  • Staffordshire bull terriers should never be used for protection work it goes against the selective breeding of there ancestors! Only a FOOL trains these dogs to be man aggressive! MANY breeds already developed for the purpose and do it well leave this breed out of it

  • Swing him around when he locks on, I swing my blue around. He loves it. And does not let go..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍💜

    STAFFY BULLS. ''Staffy'' is a term used for Staffordshire Bull terrier cross breed mutts. Just call them Staffs it's shorter than Staffy bull and sounds better Staffy sounds Gay stop giving though dogs gay nicknames.

  • I've had a few saffys now, can't see me having another breed. As far as protection, mine will let u in the house but if u go near the kids that's when he's got something to say. He gets a bit confused when the kids fight but both of them are able to command shadow to go lie on his bed. Is nice to see saffys doing there thing

  • I puppy sit two staffies and I can say they are lazy but super sweet, but they are very protective. My dogs are generally laid back with being protective, they aren't push overs but compared to the staffies they seem more calm. Staffies are fierce protectors, but high energy??? I can barely walk around the block before I'm carrying their small but densely heavy bodies back home. I tethered a wagon to my giant schnauzer to haul the stafford around cause I want to get all my dogs exercise out in one long run, not a million little walks.

  • Staffys arent out ajd out guard dogs likely wont protect an empty house but for personal protection or protecting kids they are simply a little solid bundle of muscle with more fight than most other dogs bar pitbull. Staffys best of both worlds, not to be underestimated

  • Any advice on potty training and leash training my new pup..his brother is amazing but he's a lil the video n as lover of pits,I've always wanted a Staffordshire terrier..amazing dog by the way,beautiful smile.

  • Im affraid by this type of dog, one time my little brother friend neighbor forget to close his portal and I was cursed by his 2 baby staff when I was 14. Im juste affraid of this dog.

  • you got him because he looks like a miniature pit. for all the reasons you listed you could have gotten a golden retriever

  • From Australia these Dogs are extremely popular. They almost cry at you when they get in trouble. They are extremely active , but I found a good way to exercise him. Just keep throwing a ball until he was gassed which took about half an hour. He ended up digging under the pool fence, probably after a cat, and slipped in the pool. I found him next morning at the bottom of the pool stiff as a board. I was absolutely devastated. I am going to look for a good one with good blood lines as I feel its an owners responsibility to keep the beautiful physical traits for which they are known for and not breed them out. Your staff looks really good..

  • I don't think they make good guard dogs, as the Crim breaking into your house he would probably lick them to death. I tested my dog with someone at my door that he did not know. So he turned around went into my Room and grabbed his ball and wanted to play fetch with my friend at the door whom he did not know..

  • The original nanny dog but wouldn't protect ur house had staffie for ova 40years people are more scared of reputation of the breed than the dog

  • As somebody from Staffordshire in England who breeds Staffordshire Bull Terriers, that black staffie is a very good breed.

  • An anxious dog when not exercised is what makes an "aggressive" this goes to show if you exercise/feed/socialize your dog properly you shouldnt have any problems whether its a pitbul or chow chow

  • He’s so fucking gorgeous 😩😩 reminds me of my old apbt Pharaoh except he had a white middle-fingered shaped spot on his chest.
    Rip my Pharaoh

  • ive had staffies 4 over 40 years ,, they arent cut out 4 protection work ,,
    they are to loving,, i wouldnt go chucking balls 4 them unless you walked them first ,
    you have to warm their joints up first ,, as the can suffer cruciate ligament problems in there knees ,, i have an old type stafford she 9 years old she runs about 5 miles a day ,
    shes very game,,, dosent like dogs at all ,,
    i have to be very carefull with her ,

  • My staffy Rex he's really protective so one time my house se got robbed. Rex just let them in and they could do what they liked to but when they was about to leave he forced them in to a corner and if they moved an inch he bit them, they just stood there until I came home and saw them and called police. (I have cameras everywhere in my house so I looked back at what happened) so i read more about it and if you have a staffy who have more terrier in them then they will be small and not protective but if they have more bulldog then they will be protective and bigger.

  • This particular English Staffordshire Bull Terrier was bred @ House of AdoraBull. To contact breeder send a "friend request" on Facebook to AdoraBull Staffordshire. Thank you~

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