Live PD: Badass Car (Season 2) | A&E

– Commonly we have, you know,
people come through here. They’re making narcotics drops. Kind of circling the
neighborhood here. Let’s stop, see what’s going on. [dog barking] [sirens] Just suspicious at this time. [dog barking loudly] Looks like the owner might
have a suspended as well. [dog barking loudly] [knocking on window] How are we doing tonight? – [inaudible] Warwick
police department. Are you lost? You look like you’re
kind of circling around. – Which park’s that? – There’s a couple of them. – You looking for the
basketball courts? Are you looking for the– You’re going to go
down a little further. You’ll get lost back in here. Give me a minute, we’ll
get you out of here, OK? – Think he’s making
a drop over here? – For sure. – OK. All right. You want to just hop out
real quick so we can talk? – All right, so you said you’ve
been down this way before, right. – Yes, sir. – What, did you
play ball down here? – Yeah, I played
ball over there. – All right. Would you have a problem
with making a quick look through the vehicle. – All right. Come on, buddy. Yeah, check. Fetch up. Do you think there
would be any reason why my narcotics canine
might scratch? No? – It’s– it’s easier
if you say it. You know what I mean? Get it off your chest. You don’t seem like a bad kid. We all make mistakes,
all right, but. – Oh, [bleep] – These things happen. – What’s that? – It seems like a badass car? – All right. All right, well we’re going
to make a search, all right? If at any point you
feel that you need– there’s something you need
to tell me, just let us know. He’s talking about,
it’s a badass car. I don’t even know where the
hell that comment came from, but that just comes with
the whole nervousness thing. He’s got a large
amount of cash here. This dude’s definitely
been busy tonight. This is all consistent
with narcotics dealing. 1022, Jed. – Yeah. – Just as I suspected, got
a bunch of cocaine here. Every one of those is
individually packaged. This gentleman’s
going to be going to jail tonight, possession
with intent to deliver. [dog barking] – Is that was
in there? – OK. – You can follow me
right over here, sir. – He started talking about
the car, and he’s– his brain must have been spinning. He doesn’t have a
very good poker face. [chuckling] – He was talking as if the car
had a mind of its own, right? You know, I don’t know. That car is–

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