Little Girl Falls in Love with Giant Rottweiler Dog Captain “Happy Cappy”

You can say hi. His name is Captain. Say “Hi Captain” Hi Captain. Wow. Good boy. He’s a big big dog. He’s a big cuddle buddy. He weighs 130 pounds. Oh man wow. He just sleeps where ever he wants to? Hi sweet bear. No not in the bed. He’s too darn big. *laughter* We have our snuggle time on the couch. But he pretty much takes up the whole couch. When he stretches out. *laughter* Oh you’re a doll. Yeah we don’t let him sleep in the bed. That’s not his bed. He has his own bed. And couch! He takes up the whole couch *laughing* He has really soft ears. Feel how soft his ears are. We call him Mr. Velvet Ears. Awe *laughter* They feel like velvet, huh? Mr. Velvet Ears. He’s a big sweet bear, look. Hehehe he’s Happy Cappy! Good boy. That’s his YouTube channel name “Happy Cappy”. Yep. Such a beautiful day. She loves him. Yeah he’s sweet. He’s really cute. I know. And he’s big. His head is bigger than my hand. I know it’s crazy, huh? Totally. He’s bigger than Rumi. Yeah. My dog doesn’t touch this. And the puppy that I have. Oh yeah, he’s a pretty big dog. Not a lot of dogs are bigger than this one. But there are some. Is that a hematite necklace you have? Yup. It looks like hematite. Oh that’s pretty with the stars. It matches his fur. Yeah it sure does. hahaha It matches his skull. hahahaha And fur! Oh his fur. Oh his fur. Yeah it’s shinny like that, yeah. Isn’t it black and he’s black? Did you find that on the mantle? I really like the jewels. Oh yeah he has a pretty necklace. This was made for him. Handmade. What is this? It’s green. Oh that’s his light at night time. So we can see him. And that’s his name tag. See, his name’s Happy Cappy. Happy Cappy. Say goodbye. Bye Happy Cappy! See ya later. Thank you guys. Have a good day. Awe *laughter* His little velvet ears. Bye Happy Cappy! Good boy. SUBSCRIBE – LIKE – COMMENT

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