(Lion vs Tiger videos) Animal Abuse That Has Been Going On

Lion vs tiger videos At Qinling wildlife park (Xi’an Zoo) Why keep putting them together when you know the result is turbulence and fighting? Gate is closed. Its on purpose – Small tigers locked in a cage with a male lion Throwing things at the tiger Why? This is animal abuse. However, this is not just plain old animal abuse. There is something much deeper and sinister going on here. Notice how the camera is focusing on the tiger? Something very suspicious is happening at this zoo. And i just found out what. Text says: The person recording is a lion fan from china, who works at the zoo. A lion fan is doing all of this? He deliberately filmed this video to prove the lion is stronger than the tiger. This is not all i have on him. There is a chinese lion fan saying the zoo manager a lion fan. He is talking to “counter strike” on youtube: (States that the zoo manager says he prefers lions). This was over a year ago. Around the time, the zoo manager put a lion and a tiger together and gave them food to see what happens The tiger just waits to be fed. This video is also online. This guy talked about that video on youtube. Seeing what the zoo keeper is doing, he is obviously purposely recording and arranging the animals together to make lions look stronger, at the cost of unnecessary stress of the animals. This shows how mentally sick lion fanatics are. Lion fans even laugh at animals in pain and say horrible things about them which i will show here. Racist, mentally sick lion fanatics try to make up and lie that the asians are abusing the lion, when it is actually the complete opposite. No asian has done anything to lions. If any animal would be the victim, it would be the tiger. Check this out. Quickly checking facts. Who is responsible for the majority of the extinction of tigers? THE BRITISH. What animal was the symbol of the British? Lions. The british had control over India, and India’s symbol is the tiger. Here are some Political Cartoons showing this. (The British lion’s vengence on the bengal tiger) “Political cartoon showing a lion defending a woman and a baby from a tiger” The lion is suppose to represent the British’s Noble values and defending the defenseless woman. These people are basically lion fanatics. There are many forms of these paintings by european artists. Can i say that lion fanatics made tigers extinct? Lion fanatics are the most delusional, mentally ill, hateful people to have ever been on the history of the internet. They even laugh at tigers in pain. A video where a lioness bites down o n a tigers tail. I never knew a human being can be so fucking mentally ill and stupid. Lets look at the comments.

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  • The only thing any of these videos prove is that an adult tiger will defeat a lion in an ACTUAL fight. 0:33 I mean come on really, what does a tiny tiger cub even prove? LOL

  • Lion fans will do absolutely anything to disprove that the tiger is more Superior than the lion as mental illness runs rampant among them they can not handle facts simple as that so try to manipulate situations to favour the lion sad acts the lot of them keep up the good work, Paul exposing these scum 👍

  • Lie, cheating and spoke from lion fans dreams , that all you get from lion fans .
    We are all born lion fans but we only have minds and eyes that work without influencing the concepts and opinions that we grew up with.

  • This guy is such a complete idiot lol. For some reason, He thinks the abuse is only directed towards the tigers, when in fact, the lions are also being neglected. Take a look at those Lions in most of those cages. That male lion with five tigers looks like he has body scars everywhere and dysfunctional backlegs. Now this idiot uses one asian guy to generalize every single lion fanatic and lump all of them in one category.. How sad

    This guy is one of the most pathetic, insecure tigerfans I have ever seen literally. 😂😂 ahahah

    If anything, this zoo is actually biased against the lion. Why would anyone put 5 adult tigers with one lion in a cage? Obviously, they want these tigers to have an overwhelming advantage in a fight.

    IDIOT TIGERFAN. I will expose your lies and bullshit soon 😂

  • He loves to highlight comments of people insulting tigers, but then, like the biased retard this guy is, He deliberately ignores comments of 100s of tigerfans who have spewed negativity of lions.. 😂😂

    Why are you so hypocritical?

  • Anyone who gets a sick kick out of making or watching an animal suffer be it lion, tiger, bear and so on for no absolute reason either out of hatred, jealousy, views on the internet or just because they want to is a disgusting subhuman piece of fucking shit regardless of the cause. Even more of a reason why I fucking hate all types fanboys and find it difficult to have faith in my own species that are slowly making the planet inhospitable for themselves and other living things. I'm just completely fucking done with all of this bullshit. If the world does end I wish it would happen sooner rather than later because I can't fucking deal with this god damn bullshit anymore I just fucking can't. It's not like it would fucking matter. The pollution, war, genocide, global warming, disease, famine and that's barley scratching the mother fucking surface. And to think that I had the mentality that youtube would provide some escape from at least some of the bullshit but boy was I absolutely fucking wrong. I'm sorry for going on like this making what's practically a full essay but I've just been having a shitty day and I come to see more shit that piss me the fuck off I needed to vent some of my anger.

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