Lin-Manuel Miranda Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

hi I’m Lea Manuel Miranda I’m here for Mary Poppins returns I’m answering your fan questions and look at this guy I’ll be playing with puppies the whole time oh I’m excited for her audiences to see the continuing Adventures of Mary Poppins to see Michael and Jane Banks all grown and and Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman’s incredible songs I feel like the best thing they did was get the biggest super fan of the original film Rob Marshall to direct it because I think that everything in here will make fans of the original very happy I think the dancing I think I was pretty funny baby I think I was pretty daunted by step in time in the original and we’ve got a number that’s about as long and as elaborate as that and so it was the lastingly film and it was about six months of rehearsal for it and at the same time the level of mastery going from just learning how to swing around a lamppost and then suddenly you’re holding a flaming stick and there’s BMX bikers all around you getting to that level of mastery this was pretty satisfying right oh they’re totally different skill sets you know acting on stage as a yoga it’s seven times a week eight times a week and you’re gonna hit the same marks every night but the audience changes your performance your energy that day changes your performance and your relationship to your fellow actors on screen you’re never coming back to Buckingham Palace you’re never coming back to Big Bend so the adrenaline do you like really comes from knowing that that’s your chance mr. Chester did it right yeah surely well well there’s two things we actually I think I’ve said this but we’ve we filmed the original company about a week before the first cast members started leaving and Tommy Kael made an amazing movie out of it and we stuck it in a vault and it’s in a basement in somewhere so at some point you’ll see that so if you have an obnoxious friend who is bragging or so the original company that brag is gonna be out of use at some point you will see them you just haven’t decided when you know I want as many people to get to see it live in the original format in which it was intended the theater before we release it but we’ve got it it’s a green God’s fault what’s his puppy’s name guppy oh my goodness I’m holding Dudley I’m getting licked by a real cute puppy oh wow we are just jamming Jesus Oh his breath smells like salmon now he’s biting up on my finger doesn’t really hurt I will not let it linger he’s got puppy teeth then they are not sharp I will not go to heaven I am NOT playing a harp you can gnaw on that it does not hurt my pinky after this I’ll have a big gin and tonic drinky Brooklyn language my favorite chef I hope so I’m glad NBC picked it back up I don’t think I was but I was a loud part of it [Music] oh that’s a fantastic question I don’t know the answer to that either I think we’ll find out you know my favorite character was always Sebastian he’s really misunderstood composer everyone forgets that but he’s the court composer and suddenly he’s babysitting the 16 year old and man that is so relatable for me you know we’re still very much in script development things on on Little Mermaid so if there needs to be a new song I’m happy to write lyrics for Alan Menken so it doesn’t need to be because that score is perfect I don’t think I’m gonna tell you the answer that because I would want to surprise you total eclipse of the heart and or I would do anything for love but I won’t do that it’s very indulgent to take the mic for seven minutes what I say I would say it’s a long story you’re gonna be mad about some of this and maybe some of it you like but I had you win against Jefferson a lot oh that changes every day it’s funny right now I’m relearning all my lines because I’m getting ready to play Hamilton in Puerto Rico the one that’s really fun for me that I’m proud of right now because I’m relearning it is um farmer refuted where Hamilton is literally rhyming at the same time the Samuel see Barry while he verbally destroying him that’s pretty fun to play [Music] I’m much more Zen about rejection because now I’ve been on the other side of the auditioning table and I realize how little of it has to do with your talent and how much of it has to do with the very specific needs of that casting director or that director in that moment and so you can’t take it personally because you might be the wrong height you might have the wrong hair color and and then the other thing I will tell people is that you have to think of auditioning as the job it’s not getting the job auditioning is the job if you get the job great but auditioning is actually the job no a toad at all I remember I rhymed it with my uncle he’s a janitor that was one where the creators of the show basically wrote and then Lin does an incredible rhyme an incredible 16 bars about Canada and rhymes it perfectly and left it up to me to write so that was a fun assignment it was it was really fun I love those guys oh I miss messed up and broken inside as everybody else but I am well aware just like you publishers that you get what you put out into the world so I try when I’m tweeting which is a terrible addiction of mine to just sort of try to put out what I would like to see I read the same news articles as you I see the same horrors I wake up with the same morning breath but I try if I’m having a terrible day not to put the terrible out into the world that makes sense these puppies were provided by Vanderpump dogs and you can’t hear because they’re chewing my mic record if for more information on these beautiful puppies go to Vanderpump it dogs don’t work [Music]

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