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everyone this is the LEGO City ski
resort set and yes all of this stuff here comes in one single set in one
single box it’s a lot to look at so let me first give you a fairly quick
overview of everything the set has to offer then I’ll come back later and look
at some of the finer details and definitely give you my personal thoughts
so many minifigures 11 of them in total these are some of the slope rescue crew
members here with the torsos on the left being identical but the one on the right
is different all three of these faces are different I’ll take those helmets
off so as you can see under they’re a little bit better you’re not able to
raise the visors but there are the prints on the backs of those torsos and
this will also let you get to see the rest of faces on the left here is the
helicopter pilot for search and rescue as well as just general scouting out of
the park and the German Shepherd dog could actually be another crew member
they’re you know helping to to look for people who may have gotten trapped under
an avalanche or something or it could just be a dog that came with one of the
park patrons you know who’s visiting the place so here are some normal people who
could be those visitors I really like the torso prints for all three of them
and I appreciate the the kind of dull tones you know not using colors that are
too bright but they’re not too boring either and I like the the two different
uses of the orange scarf piece that was introduced with jay from the lego
ninjago movie there are no alternate faces to see on these so let’s move on
here are a couple of kids one boy one girl got these short legs on these the
all the way short ones not the ones that are medium size isn’t able to articulate
to let them walk but I think the gray color on the left is not the most common
and also the lavender on the right is not too common just different colors
here in general to what we typically see in traditional Lego sets and I
appreciate that here’s a snowboarder with some definition to his chin that’s
something you don’t see too frequently from Lego I think it looks pretty good
his snowboard is the kind of school bus yellow color it’s the flame orangish
yellow or yellowish orange color and also has a couple of
stickers on the top of it and lastly here’s a skier with a pair of medium
Azure coloured skis got a couple of dark gray ski poles and notice the helmet is
dual molded with the hair built into it there’s also a little bit of texture on
the top to represent some air vents and with this type of helmet you can raise
up the visor which is good to see and with this one for a change compared to
the others there is an alternate face so this is a skier who’s about to take a
fall or perhaps you already just took one the biggest thing in the set is this
ski patrol building which Lego refers to as a rescue base it’s fully a two floor
building and outside down at the first floor there’s just a little bit of
detailing on the outside physically but they use some stickers to show you the
sign you know for what the building is what the weather conditions are and also
the statuses of the slopes that are currently available have some tools
outside some things that you can pick up and use with the minifigures and then up
above there’s a dual satellite dish set up on an antenna stalk and up front
there’s also a small balcony where you can put maybe two figures side-by-side
inside or around back the first floor is basically a first-aid kind of medical
clinic so they’ve got an examination table over on the left a syringe a light
up above and over here you have the admission and/or you know an attendance
computer desk no chair unfortunately does sinneth have the all-important
coffee mug and the weird thing that’s on the table there that white thing on the
black stand is a cast so you can put that on the arm of a figure if somebody
breaks their arm there’s not a lot upstairs with what
looks like potentially a dispatchers desk but again with no seat to sit at
and then over on the other side are just some tools for the rescue personnel to
use with the walkie talkie pair binoculars and a pair of ice picks or
axes the other building is a small shop which looks like it would be right at
home in a small to medium sized destination town you know they’ve got a
TV up top which is definitely gonna bring in a lot of attention just a huge
thing you can actually angle that down a little bit if you want the minifigures
on the ground to be able to see it a little bit more easily this is set up
pretty nicely from the outside they even have a display with a couple of
snowboards there these have the same brand name on them but different designs
and also that is a real snowboard so you could potentially use that if you want
you know just pull it off and stick a minifigure on it inside in the window
display is yet another board with different branding this time you get a
couple pieces of headgear we’ll see those around the back as well and a pair
of snowshoes looking around the back interestingly there’s not a whole lot
more to see they have two pairs of skis for sale but they’re that same medium as
your color again so in this set you get three pairs in the same color that’s a
little bit of a missed opportunity I think for some additional variation
there’s a better look at the detail on that nice piece of headgear there and
this is where you check out it’s just a computer
yeah where’s the credit card scanner oh yeah there’s also this signboard to put
out in front of the store and interestingly even though it’s just this
tiny little thing it actually shows you most of the stock that is carried at
that store here’s what they give us for a snow park so basically it’s a pretty
generous sized halfpipe including passed through in the center you can see that
as a as a finish line of sorts so you can come through here and it’s smooth
enough that figures can actually go over this stuff and not get caught up so you
know it’s not it’s not gonna be particularly frustrating to play with
that you have a small set of stairs over here on the side just you know it’s the
thought that counts there I think I think that’s a good inclusion and then
just a rail for people to be able to you know grind down and again smooth enough
to actually play with and then here is one more structure build just a small
booth where you can go buy some hot cocoa and it looks like a couple of
cupcakes as well one of them is white top to the other one is light aqua which
I’m assuming represents a minty flavor you know this is really small but I
think it’s more than good enough for it’s trying to do a little bit of
terrain there to be able to put a very small pine tree on it and this just has
room around the back for an employee to stand back there and they should have
included a ladle to get the hot cocoa out of this almost caldron looking pain
this ski patrol truck is in the style of an older generation of short wheelbase
SUV pickup based covered top thing and I think it looks pretty good has doors
that you can open it has a snow plow on the front which you can angle from side
to side and you can also bring it up or you can just remove that entirely if you
want to and oops supposed to pull it pull it out from the ball joint there
but I think that this is a very effective little design that they put
together and leaves you with a pretty respectable looking truck behind it as
well just has that little adapter on the front the doors on both sides are able
to open there’s only one single seat inside of it dough to get to that just
pull off the roof and there’s a steering wheel also a small console in the front
which is a printed piece that they’ve had around for quite some time which
looks pretty good and I was mistaken about the number of medium as your skis
in this set here’s yet another pair to use they’re in the exact same color the
shovel is in a silver color here and there’s also a pair of ski poles over
here and a tool box in the back here’s a snowmobile a snow machine with a trailer
this has enough room on it to have two people or twice as many people ask the
whole SUV that you know I can just sit back to back and technically you can
actually put a third person back here if you want to the trailer is able to carry
along a stretcher so you can do some rescues on the ground from here and that
could just be pulled up and then you can put that on to the surface the table
surface back in the clinic or in the HQ and you’ve got a clip over here with
another walkie-talkie a couple more Clips on the back where you can put some
additional accessories such as maybe ski poles or something else from the base
another silver shovel over on this side and then this whole thing is able to go
from side to side and you can take it over bumps and everything kind of looks
like it’s able to handle the terrain with this skis being able to or the
skids being able to go up and down just a single sticker used there on the front
and you know it’s pretty realistic I think it’s realistic enough looking
and here’s one more way to save people it’s a helicopter and it uses that same
helicopter canopy that Lego almost always uses for relatively small
choppers and the design is built up to look a little bit kind of capsule like a
little bit round these clips on the sides are actually set up to hold on to
a stretcher so you can just clip that on like that with a patient if you need to
pick up somebody in the field they also have a camera over here which can be
angled up and down for searching for folks as you’re going around and that’s
pretty much it for this you know inside is very simple with just a single flight
control stick and you can rotate both of the rotor sets and here’s a pretty
simple but I think pretty effective basic built up design for a snowman
technically the minifigure head that’s used there and just plain white is not
all the way on the stud it’s not able to go all the way down so it can kind of
fall off easily which is a little bit realistic in weight if you think they’re
not supposed to do things like that in official sets but I think it’s
completely forgivable because this looks pretty good and it doesn’t really need
to be that durable when all said and done these are the pieces that are left
over the spares hit pause if you need to poof okay now I can actually slow down
catch my breath and relax a little bit that’s a lot of stuff in one set you
know it’s a pretty big box but they do pack it full of plastic and once
everything gets assembled together you know it doesn’t all go into these tiny
tiny little builds you know this is a nice spread of things over 800 pieces
they’re asking $90 suggested retail price I think that’s not too bad for the
amount of stuff that you get here forget about the price depart ratio just the
amount of stuff that you get here and how usable it is for
play and display you know I think everything looks pretty nice and we’ll
play pretty well the way that these things are designed however I personally
do have at least one major issue with this set with the selection of things
the choice of things that they included here see I think a ski resort is a very
good topic for a play set but look at this line right here and look at what’s
on either side this is all emergency related stuff over here this is all for
rescuing these people over here these these patrons these visitors for you
know when they get into trouble when they get injured this is set up to carry
a stretcher to take people back to the clinic this is set up to carry a
stretcher to take people back to the clinic clinic this is set up to do
rescue to look for people to also keep the roads clean and perhaps to do a
little bit of slope maintenance although it’s not quite the right type of vehicle
for that but you know you can use it for that use your imagination a little bit
but ultimately all this stuff over here is all official stuff it’s almost like
municipal stuff it’s emergency services like you know Hospital Police and Fire
kind of stuff over here and then this is the actual what I consider to be resort
stuff over here’s the visitors and the destinations the things that people are
actually going to see and to interact with that place I wish that the
distribution between these two was significantly different I would like to
see maybe just this here with a couple of the figures for the sake of rescue
that would have been enough maybe have about that much space for a clinic but
have it in a building that also has some other stuff so take that attach it over
to the side of the shop and then put a second floor up above that worth
additional jobs maybe a nice restaurant or something and then take this entire
building and turn it into a lodge you don’t let it be
leasts at least a place that people can rent to actually stay there put you know
a bed or two in there maybe a whole little kitchenette maybe a little
fireplace or something you know that would have been nice
I could have expanded on the snow park although this is nice and it’s more
generous than I think they’ve stuff that they’ve put like this in other sets for
quite some time so I really can’t complain too much about this but I
wouldn’t have minded a little bit more this is great
the shop is great I wouldn’t have minded another shop another little thing like
this maybe a little skating rink here yeah it would have been nice you know
just more stuff for people to do for the sake of fun a little bit less stuff to
deal with all the injuries that could potentially come about I don’t feel like
kids tend to imagine that many injuries in their general play to warrant all
this for just this number of people that’s that’s my main complaint about
this I don’t think that any individual thing here is done poorly at all I I
could you know get in and nitpick about some specific things like especially
right here this oh yeah I forgot to show you this be a little slope map over on
the side and that’s a printed piece that they first introduced with a minifigure
pack was it earlier this year or last year I think it was last year but up
here the second floor just isn’t a good use of space because they have these
open areas which in and of themselves are nice and I think if this had been
set up like a a modern log cabin then it would have worked out okay but as it is
it’s just completely wasted space or you know maybe could have had enough room to
maybe put a chair in there for this desk you know maybe another full table off to
the side or you know just more stuff could have been put up here with this
amount of space but that’s not that big of a deal
overall I don’t feel like this is a bad building I definitely don’t think the
shop is a bad building even though there’s not much inside of it I don’t
think even the helicopter is bad I don’t think this set needed it a helicopter
you know Lego is always putting and everything especially in the city
theme in the city sub themes within it this is not a bad looking helicopter
even though it’s using that same canopy that they keep using over and over again
it has a little bit of different Flair different style to it
I like the kind of bubbly shape to it kind of rounded so even this which
typically would be the weakest thing to me it’s not bad I think the snow machine
is one of the better things here because there’s so much that you can do with it
you put two to three figures on it you put potentially two figures here on the
back you can carry the stretcher if you want it has clips for accessories extra
clips for even more accessories I think that’s one of the best things in this
whole set for the amount of pieces that actually uses this is not bad at all
it looks actually quite good again not the best use of space but at least there
is kind of a bed area back here where you can put more things you can pop this
off you can put more things in there there’s actually hollow space under
there it could have been better used but as it is this is fine it definitely
looks nice it looks very complete underneath there looks very complete
looks like a pretty mature design and this works really well I like the use of
this snowplow there so you don’t need an entire separate vehicle just to do
plowing and this works great you know you can angle it all around looks
realistic enough and you can take it off if you don’t want it worst case scenario
you can leave that piece out if that bugs you right there
so a lot of things here are done really really nicely I just wish that there was
less emphasis on injuries injuries injuries and rescues and emergencies
more emphasis on fun and you know a nice a nice time at the ski resort name of
the set for the figures that are included if you want to see how all of
this went together you can watch my real-time pure build or the speed build
version of the same I will link to those at the end of the video in the end
screen thanks for watching leave a comment if you’d like to yeah I’ll talk
to you in soon

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