Learn English with Misterduncan LIVE / Sunday 25th August 2019 / what is your favourite gadget?

what a beautiful day for talking to the world on YouTube oh isn’t it lovely
there it is the view today very nice another beautiful summer day here in the
UK and we are having a long weekend as well because there is a public holiday
on Monday so lots of people are enjoying their time off over the next couple of
days and well I suppose I should reveal myself yes I am back again and today you
will see that the camera has been repaired because we had some problems
yesterday so here we go again hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy well
I hope you are happy today because it’s the weekend and everything is super
duper I hope you are in a good mood I’m back again yes I was here yesterday and
I’m back again today you can catch me twice over the weekend and there you can
see the times on Saturday 12:00 midday UK time and of course today I am here
from 2 p.m. UK time which is happening right now
so here we go again I hope you are having a good weekend it is absolutely
brilliant here we are having the most wonderful weekend
it is a public holiday on Monday so a lot of people are enjoying the long
weekend and can you hear that there isn’t a sound around it’s
incredible there isn’t a single sound anywhere
everyone has either gone away somewhere nice or they are all relaxing in their
garden so it would appear that most people are taking it easy today I might
be the only person in England working at the moment I might be the only man in
the UK who is actually doing some work on this Sunday afternoon so we are live
just to prove it hello it is just seven minutes past two o’clock on a Sunday the
25th of August so next Saturday we will be saying goodbye to August and then we
will enter September already I can’t I really can’t believe to be honest with
you I can’t believe it I can’t believe how fast this year is actually going I
really can’t oh we have a lot of people already on the live chat I’ve just
noticed I can see right in front of me on my screen I have quite a few people
already waiting for their messages to be read out yes not only can you watch this
but you can also join in on the live chat and for those who are learning
English as a Second Language maybe this is your first time here don’t forget if
you press C on your keyboard don’t forget you can actually get live
captions there are live captions on YouTube right now isn’t it amazing
there are so many wonderful things that have been invented over the years that
helped us out in our day to day lives and I thought today it would be fun to
talk about things that have helped us now they can be any type of invention an
invention something that has been invented created to make our lives
easier my life and also your life as well so
today we are talking about inventions things that have been created things
that have been invented to make our lives easier
I suppose I’m going to use something as an example so this is just an example of
something that makes our lives easier especially when we want to repair
something or when we want to build something there we go so that is the
first thing that I want to show you today something that I think is amazing
now I wonder I wonder how this became to be a thing that we use nowadays I wonder
who invented the screwdriver there it is so this is called a screwdriver and it’s
very useful for screwing things into wood or maybe into metal or maybe into a
hole that has been made or of course you can make a new hole using one of these
with a screw so I think this is an amazing little tool it is a very useful
thing screwdriver screwdriver and there are many different types of screwdriver
I know what someone is going to say I know someone out there is thinking right
now I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking mr. Duncan there is also a
drink called a screwdriver and you would be right to say that yes there is so
this is one of my little favorite tools one of one of the best inventions ever
invented to make our lives easier so that is one of the things I’m going to
talk about today maybe you have your own maybe you have your own favorite device
or maybe your own favorite tool that you use every day I will be showing you some
more of these later on so please stick around
do not go away so I did mention the live chat but I haven’t said hello to anyone
yet so I’m going to put that right hello to Jimmy from Hong Kong
hi it’s Sunday again it is a fun day Thank You Jimmy watching in Hong Kong
you are first on today’s live stream so I suppose I should give you a round of
applause shall I okay congratulations to Jimmy watching in
Hong Kong who is first on today’s live chat blue thunder is here watching on
the other side of the pond also Martha is here hello Martha hello everyone from
Martha nice to see you here as well Khyber is here hello Khyber also Chris
Morales hello to you Olga hello Olga nice to see you back with us again now I
know there might be a couple of people missing today a couple of my regular
viewers I know that Luis Mendez is not here today so he is doing something
family related so Luis Mendez won’t be here today I haven’t seen Belarusia now
can I just say I didn’t notice yesterday on the live chat but I did see it later
when I watched it again I did notice that Belarusia mentioned that her
mother was back in hospital so can I send my best wishes to Belarusia and
I hope your mother is feeling comfortable at the moment there are some
interesting names right here now on the live chat I think some of these people
might be new viewers if it is your first time here don’t forget to tell me say
mr. Duncan it’s my first time here Thai din says it is now after 10 o’clock
it is coming up to 1015 at night in Japan very late there so a big hello to
tied in talking of Japan I was looking through some of my old letters the other
day and I found a very interesting letter from someone in Japan and it was
a person that I actually met on a flight to Malaysia and during that flight he
was actually now the person in question was a male and he was actually a
Japanese television presenter he was actually on Japanese TV and he
was making a short video documentary of his flight and guess who was sitting
next to him can you guess who is sitting next to him
yes it was me I was sitting next to him whether that was a good thing or a bad
thing I’m not sure but we enjoyed the flight together also he did some things
on video and he recorded me as well we were doing some silly things on the
plane much to the annoyance of other people on the flight I think one of two
people weren’t very happy that we were making a bit of noise on the plane so I
did meet someone from Japan excuse me for my voice breaks today but I’ve
got a bit of a strange tickly throat today so please bear with me so yes I
did meet some hatori hitoshi his name and I found a lovely letter
that he’d written to me much later and apparently I had been on Japanese
television with him so some of the things that he filmed on the plane he
actually used in his little documentary and apparently I was in it so I can
safely say that I’ve been on Japanese television not many people can say that Martha hello Martha once again heroko tani says hello from Malaysia a big hello to Malaysia I know your
country very well Yuki is here as well hello Yuki nice to see you here Yuki
Tanaka that sounds Japanese as well I wonder
I’m wondering if there are many people in Japan watching right now I think so
Chris says hello also we also have blues bird hello blues bird how are you today
also we have Thomas hello mr. Duncan and everyone hello to mullah
Mulla channel hello mr. Duncan my name is Dacia moolah and I am from Ballack
Ballakistan I am learning English from you you are the best
teacher for me I really love you so much I never miss your live streams Thank You
moola it’s very kind of you to join me today thank you very much and I hope I
pronounced the place where you live correctly because I think I might have
got it wrong I might have said it wrong for which I apologise Mika hello Mika
hello I’ve just come back last night from three days in Tohoku or Tohoku
Tohoku I don’t know where that is apparently it is in the northern part of
Japan I seem to be mentioning Japan quite a lot today
hello also to Hatice and a big hi to Cesar hello Cesar ‘Hail Caesar’ yes I’m
sure you get that all the time hello also to Julie gee and hello to beat
trees as well nice to see you here at the moment I am being attacked by
insects there are flies big flies small flies buzzing flies there are bees there
are wasps all flying around me so I hope I don’t get stung during today’s
live stream bee tree is hello mr. Tonko nice to see you happy Sunday I’m having
a super day because the weather is fantastic and it is so quiet here today
I think most people have decided to rest and take it easy the only thing I can
hear behind me you might be able to hear it in the distance there is a farmer and
he is actually harvesting his field at the moment in fact if we have a look
here we might actually have some harvest shots would you like to see some harvest
shots so there you can see one of the the many wheat fields near my
house and yes it is harvest time here in the UK so lots of people at the moment
lots of farmers gathering in their crops and there you can see on the screen
right now in the distance you can see a combine harvester gathering now I think
that is actually a wheat field so I think that is actually wheat growing in
that field and you can see in the distance something called a combine
harvester a very useful piece of machinery now I was talking about useful
things earlier and I think for a farmer a combine harvester is a very useful
thing indeed I think so so there you can see in the distance
some of the harvest being gathered and I think today is a brilliant day for doing
it because the Sun is out everything is very dry it is a very dry
day so I think that farmer is actually choosing a very good time to harvest his
crop when we say crop we mean the things that are growing in the field so crop
can be a noun or a verb in fact and there you can see one of the tractors
and what the tractor is doing there it is actually turning what is left in the
field into straw ah look at that a beautiful view looking towards the
sunset and there in the foreground you can see a bale of straw and there I am
trying my best to use all my strength to push this bale of straw
I’m not doing a very good job because between you and me I’m not very strong
look at my face I’m really straining there steady mr. Duncan you might injure
yourself and once again you can see the beautiful wheat field being harvested by
the combine harvester and there it is look at that
some beautiful wheat waiting to be reaped so when you reap it means that
you collect the crop you reap and there I am sitting on some bales of hay so
some people say hey some people say straw so I think actually they are
actually straw bales they are bales of straw so I hope you enjoyed that
something interesting to look at today I hope that was interesting for you and if
you have just joined me this is live English from England the birthplace of
the English language it’s true hello Khalil nice to see you here as well
Chris I have a warm fuzzy feeling me too I think it must be the weather either
that or maybe a fly has gone up my shorts I don’t know hello also – hi
thumb or hate them hello mr. Duncan how are you I’m okay for this weekend I’ve
had a lovely weekend hello to the the legoboy in Australia I am I am the Lego
boy of Oz I am Vietnamese and I’m living in Australia oh I was right nice to
watch you live my husband and my son really enjoy watching your videos a lot
thank you to the Lego boy in Australia and I have a feeling all of your family
are watching in fact I think you are the mother of the Lego boy
I haven’t seen you here before I don’t recognize that name on the live stream
so maybe it is your first time saying hello Mohammed Atef
says where is mr. Steve now you might see mr. Steve later on I’m not sure I
don’t know what he’s doing because today he’s been very quiet so I’m not sure
what Steve is doing at the moment but we might see mr. Steve later on we might
I’m not sure yet what is the weather like in England it
is glorious today I think the temperature today is about 27 maybe 28
degrees so it is a beautiful August day there is a gentle summer breeze blowing
by everything is lovely even my lovely little sunflower is looking happy today
aren’t you yes you are so I have my little sunflower waving to you all as
well ah Belarusian nice to see you back okay I didn’t see you earlier can I send
my best wishes to your mother Yuki says how is the weather the weather
is great a lot of people asking about the weather it is a super day today the
only problem is and wearing my shorts and some of the flies are biting and
they’re biting in some very strange places they are tranquil says hello mr.
Duncan nice to meet you great to see you here as well satury no I haven’t seen
you for a while satury no nice to see you I do like
sunflowers they are my favourite because the sunflower has the sun’s color and is
very tall well this particular sunflower is actually very small it’s a small
sunflower but I think it’s lovely do you remember in the 1980s though there was a
toy that you could buy and a little flower and it would dance when
you played music addicted to do did you did I used to dance like that
it would dance to the music do you remember they should come back they
should they were really good fun hello to Alamgir nice to see you all here
today yes screwdriver I think a screwdriver is a very useful tool but
what is your favorite thing what is your favorite useful thing it can be anything
it could be a tool or maybe a piece of technology something to help you in your
day-to-day life so if there’s something that helps you in your day-to-day life
and if it happens to be your favorite thing then tell me what it is
hello also 2ts nice to see you back ts hello and a big hi to Indonesia
Jamelia hello Jamelia hello mr. Duncan what wonderful weather you’re having and
what a lovely garden you have Thank You Jamelia yes it’s very nice mr. Steve has
been a very busy man over the past few days Yuki Yuki Tanaka says does anyone
remember a music player called an MD music player I still have one I still
have a minidisc player now the minidisc player was a brilliant contraption it
was a player but it would play very small CDs and the CD would be inside a
case and you would put the mini disc into the player so yes I still use mini
discs I don’t know if anyone else does but yes I still use mini discs MD as
they call them so a mini disc is something that not many people use
nowadays because most people now have mobile phones or mp3 players but yes I
still have my minidisc player hmm I still have
it I think it’s a Sony because Sony used to make mini disc players hello Jimmy
I’ve just received the applause You certainly have congratulations once
again for being thirst first on the live stream Joe Ramallah says hello mr.
Duncan your introduction song sounds very Brazilian yes shall we have a
little bit of the song that I play at the start okay let’s see if this will
work is it there I’m having a slight problem with my computer today
was that it so yes that piece of music is that what
you mean yes it does sound very very Brazilian it has a little bit of a salsa
beat I think so hello from azerbaijan to google our world
you are welcome thanks for joining me today also Belarusian once again saying
hello to everyone on the livestream hello to asthma who is watching in Egypt
nice to see you as well also Irene I am here mr. Duncan as usual
nice to see you back David and Enrico says hello mr. Duncan it’s a great
pleasure to be with you here today good Sunday to you and also to you as well
apparently it is now 6:30 6:30 in Pakistan so you are slightly ahead of us
in Pakistan Joe Ramallah says oh I think I’ve read that one already something
very strange is happening to the live chat it keeps going back to Pham says I
love to learn English from you even though I would rather speak American
well what we say American you mean the accent so American English when spoken
is just the accent so there is only one English language never forget that there
is only one English language so the root of all the types of English spoken is
the same however when we talk about British English and American English we
often mean the accent so maybe the accent the dialect the way
the words are used but the root of all of those accents is English there is
only one English Fatima says hello mr. Duncan I have watched you for three
years thanks a lot for that I wonder now this this is something I might do
next week or later on I wonder who has been watching me the
longest so we might do that next week so how many years have you been watching
you can tell me next weekend surah says hello from Iraq hello Iraq
nice to see you here again I am showing you some useful things today one useful
thing don’t forget you can press this on your keyboard and you can have live
captions isn’t that incredible so thank you once again to YouTube for supplying
some live captions for my live stream isn’t that nice
just for me very very kind very kind of you indeed so it’s a summer day and a
lot of people do things in a certain way on a day like this and I thought it
would be interesting to show you something that a lot of people do here
during a hot day they will often have a barbecue barbecue so there you can see
the word their barbecue or sometimes people will abbreviate that word and
they will just call it barbecue BB Q so quite often you will see this written
down but what it actually means is this it means barbecue so maybe you will
receive an invitation to go to a barbecue and you will see this written
on the invitation so that’s what it means when you see this it actually
means this it means barbecue and a lot of people like to have barbecues at this
time of year it is something that is very popular
oh there you can see look there is a barbecue a very typical barbecue and
quite often you will take it into your garden
you will put it in the corner of the garden and then you will have lots of
guests they will come round and you will cook some food for them over hot coal so
first of all you will heat up the coal and then you will serve some barbecue
food here’s another picture oh look at that now that looks very delicious there
is a selection of meat and also vegetable kebabs I think they look like
kebabs the things with the sticks going through them they are kebabs but also
you can see some meat as well of course these days some people are vegetarian so
quite often they will have vegetables instead of meat and there you can see
some lovely vegetable kebabs they are roasting on the barbecue so
barbecues are quite popular in the UK and maybe where you are as well
apparently the word barbecue is now if memory serves me correct
I think it’s Spanish I think the word barbecue actually is Spanish I think it
means something that you hang things from to dry out or to cook and I think
also barbecue used to be a word that meant bed as well no I might be wrong
there but I think if I remember correctly from my school days I think
the word barbecue is Spanish if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will tell me so
there you can see I hope you enjoyed that I don’t know about you but that has
made me feel very hungry hello also to Nydia hello Nadia Nadia is
watching at the moment in Costa Rica nice to see you here today
ana is here hello Ana your garden is astonishing
astonishing if something is astonishing it means that it makes you feel very
surprised or amazed astonishing something is astonishing
you can feel astonished I am astonished by your garden your garden is
astonishing so thank you very much yes I am a lucky man I never forget that
I do realize that sometimes I am lucky some might say privileged I don’t know I
suppose it depends who you speak to Josie Jana says hello hello – juicy
honor quite a lot of new people watching today I think so
June cook hello jungkook Gian says I like you very much
thank you very much and it’s kind of you to say so
hello also to Amtel energy on Kauai where are you from mr. Duncan at the
moment I am talking to you live from England so at 24 minutes away from three
o’clock in the afternoon here in the UK I’m now talking to you live would you
like to have a look at the view so there is the view right now looking into the
distance yes that is a live view right now and you can see it is absolutely
beautiful also it is very quiet today it is so quiet here I can’t believe how
peaceful everything is a lot of people are having a long weekend so on Monday
there is actually a public holiday so a lot of people are taking a very long
weekend they are taking advantage of this beautiful weather I think so so
that’s probably the reason why hello Mavi watching in Turkey
hello to you as well nice to see you here am tell is here also Chris and can
you tell me the difference oh this is an interesting one can you tell me the
difference or what are the biggest differences between British and American
English well I think I might have answered that question already there is
no real difference between the root English so the root of American and
British English is the same there are some slight grammatical differences
there are definitely some differences between the spellings of words so I
think that probably probably is the most the most noticeable difference between
British and American English but as I mentioned earlier there is only one
English language so American English and British English are basically the same
language the differences are spelling of some
words and also the accents when English is being spoken I hope I’ve cleared that
up your view is beautiful thank you am tell that’s very kind
Mika says I really must check that video which you have been which you were in on
Japanese TV now it was many years ago it was I think it was about 1996 1997 so it
was actually a very long time ago but his name is he taro Hitoshi was his name
and apparently he was very well known on Japanese TV and I was on Japanese TV as
well I can’t believe it so I’ve been on Chinese TV and I’ve also been on
Japanese TV as well hello to to fam thank you very much I have a feeling you
are watching in Vietnam I know I have a lot of people watching there
raw or Rowell says in Argentina we harvest the wheat at the end of winter
that’s very interesting so at the moment here in the UK many farmers are
gathering their crops they are harvesting the wheat they are harvesting
their crops hello from Egypt Mohammed Hussein says hello I wish you made
videos every day well I wish I could as well but the problem is it takes too
much time so I wish I could come on and talk to you every single day but
unfortunately I can’t however you can of course keep in touch with me by
contacting me on Facebook or maybe you can send me an email as well or to help
my work continue forever and ever you can make a donation on PayPal as well so
if you’d like to make a donation to help my work continue forever so if I get
some donations maybe I can actually do more live streams and make more lessons
so everything I do I give for free it doesn’t cost you anything
maybe now and again you might see the occasional advertisement but that also
helps me in a very small way so if you want to make a donation you are more
than welcome to and maybe one day I will be able to do the live streams every day
imagine that imagine if I could come on every day and do a live stream as my
card asks mr. Duncan are you a foodie I would say that I am a fan of food I do
like eating sometimes I eat too much I was in Paris a few weeks ago mr. Steve’s
company gave us a holiday and we spent a few days in power
and some of the food there was amazing I think it was safe to say maybe some of
the best food that I’ve ever eaten hello I am my name is yummy hello yummy
and I am watching in India hello to India is it your first time watching
today please let me know can you please tell my wife hello Albina can Yvette or
can I can I check Albina can avec can you say hello to my wife
so hello hello to Albina to tham says I’m extremely happy even on cloud nine
every time you respond to my comments thank you very much the only thing I
always worry about is that I mispronounce your name so I do apologize
for that apparently Belarus ear
I think Belarus ears mother is actually celebrating her birthday today is that
true how did I miss that I didn’t see that on
the live chat Yuki says the sounds of the birds behind you reminds me of a
wooden clock from which a cute bird will come out like that I think you mean a
cuckoo clock so a cuckoo clock so yes maybe some of the sounds behind me sound
a little bit like a cuckoo clock it is coming up to 3 o’clock 15 minutes away
from 3 o’clock hello also to Mohammed Mohammed II says hello mr. Duncan and
good afternoon to you shall we have a look at another useful thing we’re
talking about useful inventions useful things
things that help you in your day to day life and they can be small things maybe
something that you see quite often around you so let’s have a look at
something else another thing that I find very useful especially when I’m
preparing my scripts there you go something very useful something useful
for cutting when you want to cut something or when you want to trim
something you can use a pair of scissors scissors I love this word by the way
scissors now it is very easy to get this word wrong when you spell it so don’t
forget there are two two S’s in the middle of scissors and of course there
is also a C as well so this is a word that a lot of people have difficulty
spelling they often spell it wrong because it has
the little C there and also double s in fact there are 1 2 3 4 SS in scissors so
a pair of scissors very useful for cutting things you might want to trim
something you might want to make something smaller so you will cut you
will trim you will make something smaller so we
often describe these as a pair of scissors so this is often described as a
pair of scissors pair of scissors and the reason why I love scissors so much
is because they are very useful yeah that’s better
I’ve made that better now it doesn’t take up so much room on the screen so
you can see my lovely face scissors another wonderful useful daily invention
something that you can use every day a very useful tool scissors it is live
English in the garden you are a fishy facetious person I’m not sure if I’m
facetious that is very very strange description of me I’ve been called many
many things in my time I’m not sure about facetious Guadeloupe hello to
Guadalupe hello to to Pham yes you can say a pair of scissors but we don’t say
two scissors we don’t say two scissors we say a pair of scissors so this is one
pair of scissors one pair of scissors so when we talk about scissor we are
actually talking about the thing that cuts so that’s why we say a pair of
scissors because there are two blades the thing that cuts is called blade and
a pair of scissors has two blades a pair of scissors I really hope that was
helpful mr. Duncan you just cropped the sign yes
you can crop something crop means cut so if you want to make something smaller
you can crop something so I suppose you could say that I was cropping that piece
of paper to make it smaller crop is a very useful word so crop can mean
something that grows in a field maybe wheat so we can describe that
generally as crop and you can cut something you can cut something you can
crop something so that can also be a verb and a noun
Mahmood dawood says mr. Duncan how are you today I hope you are happy and I
hope so a big hello to tenta tenta in Egypt I know I have a lot of people
watching in Egypt someone asked yesterday they asked mr. Duncan you are
wearing a necklace what does the necklace mean I’ve never seen you wear a
necklace before now I can tell you now many years ago I used to wear necklaces
all the time and this is one of my old necklaces so this particular necklace is
probably around 20 maybe 25 years old so this is something that I bought many
years ago in the 1990s so I found them the other day I was looking through lots
of old photographs and old letters and I found this necklace as well so I thought
it would be nice to wear on one of my live streams so that’s why I’m doing it
and also it is very relevant for today because this is I think this is Aztec
and on this necklace you might not be able to see it but there is a little Sun
on the necklace so you can see the Sun and also some hired
ethics as well so this is actually I think it’s based on some Aztec design
but it is related to the Sun can you believe it it’s actually related to the
Sun so that’s why I’m wearing it today and also yesterday here’s mr. Steve your
best friend he certainly is mr. Steve is my best friend he is my soul mate
he is the person that I go to when I have a problem and also he’s a person I
go to when I want a good time I want to have a laugh and a party and a joke
how adorable and Asia ancient your necklace is so this isn’t this
isn’t ancient it’s only about 25 years old but I know what you mean but the
design is ancient it is a very old design mr. Duncan I want to improve my
English I want to be able to enroll in university Thank You Mahmood for that
well you are in the right place because listening to me will help you to improve
your listening and also to help you understand words as well don’t forget
you can also see the subtitles as well and you can watch them live your
necklace makes you look younger does it really oh I never thought about
that really I used to wear this when I was young so I used to wear this about
25 years ago this necklace can you believe it Belarus ear is very busy at
the moment mr. Duncan I am watching your livestream whilst sewing my trousers I’m
actually using a pair of scissors right now and I’m also using a needle and
thread so you use a needle and a piece of
thread to repair something if you want to repair maybe an item of
clothing that has been torn or damaged you can so you can so you can stitch you
can repair the tear also you use a needle and thread to to put a button on
maybe a shirt or a coat I have read about the Aztecs mr. Duncan and I’ve
also watched a full documentary about them yes as I understand it this
particular necklace is based on Aztec design Hussein says mr. Duncan please
read my chat words I will read them right now in fact I have read them I’ve
read them now I love the interaction and good humor of both you and mr. Duncan
and mr. Steve thank you very much mr. Steve might be making an appearance
today he might be coming on to the livestream and we will have to wait and
see so it’s been a lovely couple of days we’ve had some lovely lovely views also
there is something happening in the garden as well this time of year we
often get lots of damsons on the damson tree and look at that there it is the
dams and cam now we had this last year and we’re having it again this year so
there you can see in my garden at the moment there are lots of lovely dams uns
growing on the the dams and tree at the back of the house and it looks as if
they are growing quite nicely at the moment so there you can see the dams and
tree we don’t have many fruit trees here to be honest we only have a couple of
fruit trees we have some plums well we used to have them and then mr.
Steve chopped it down so we used to have a plum tree but a few weeks ago mr.
Steve decided to chop the plum tree down we also have apples growing in the
garden there is a big apple tree and as I mentioned already we also have some
damsons as well and there you can see the dams uns on the tree and it looks as
if they are growing quite nicely at the moment so there is the dams and tree at
the back of the house so mr. Steve will often pick the dams ins and then he will
make some Jam so that is something that Steve will be doing over the next couple
of weeks the seasons of the dams and jam yum yum I think so Thank You Yuki for
that yes I do like dams and Jam very much hello to Vietnam
I am from Vietnam says pan Pham do you know Vietnam yes I do
I know Vietnam I have a lot of people watching there in fact many of my
subscribers are actually from Vietnam to Pham asks should I speak with an
American accent or a British accent it’s up to you it’s
up to you I think we will be able to understand you so yes British people can
understand the American accent so you don’t have to worry about that so don’t
worry mr. Duncan is the king of the damson no I’m not mr. Steve is the king
of the damsons because he makes delicious dams and Jam every year so yes
I must admit I do like mr. Steve’s dams and jam
he makes lovely damson jam I’ve also noticed that the the captions
are not showing the word damson it says something else
it says dams on damson one word damson is the damson the same as a plum asks
Guadeloupe no no they are very different a damson is quite small and it can
taste very bitter it can taste quite sour plums are
normally larger so a damson is small a plum is normally much larger so I hope
that helps what is a damson a damson is a kind of small grape so it
looks like a grape it looks like a purple grape however they are larger
than a grape but smaller than a plum and they make delicious Jam
they really do they’re lovely in jam I can learn English with you thanks to my
Wi-Fi I am now watching on my mobile phone internet and also Wi-Fi a very
good invention I think so we’ll be talking about technology a little bit
later on because there are many too many to mention there are some great forms of
technology that allow us all to live our day-to-day lives so yes I think you’re
right Wi-Fi and also internet connection through cables or wires and of course
you could have satellite internet as well so if you live in a very remote
area far away from everyone you can actually get the internet from a
satellite as well so yes I agree with you
Wi-Fi internet Wi-Fi connection on your mobile phone
great invention I think so I like your necklace
I am from Morocco do you know Morocco yes I know Morocco very well though
there is some lovely food in Morocco I’ve never been there but Morocco is a
very popular place for people to visit something very exotic garden feeds the
soul hello to you I haven’t seen you for a
long time hi mr. Duncan have you been to Bristol next year I am going to Bristol
for two months in order to brush up on my English or brush up my English if you
brush up it means you practice with the view of
improving so if you want to improve something by practising we can say brush
up it is time to brush up your English it is time to brush up your English
pronunciation brush up you improve by practising practising brush up so maybe
something that you learnt in the past that you’ve almost forgotten about you
might have to practice doing it again you can brush up brush up I like it
Mika asks have you ever made rhubarb jam now rhubarb is something that grows
in the UK at certain times of the year mr. Steve likes rhubarb
I don’t like rhubarb it’s too bitter it’s very sour so I’m not very keen on
rhubarb but mr. Steve likes it and one of my neighbours who lives nearby her
name is Martha and she sometimes gives us some of the rhubarb from her garden
which is very kind don’t you think can you recommend some ways to learn new
words on the internet well one of the things
you can do is this the thing you are doing now so you can watch youtube
videos you can listen to what is being said you can also read the subtitles as
well on the screen so there are many ways of learning just from watching this
the thing you are watching right now is very helpful do you support any football clubs I
don’t support football I don’t really have any interest in football to be
honest I’m not a sports person I’m not a person who follows sport to be honest
mr. Duncan I would like to invite you to make a live video from Luxor in Egypt a
very interesting place and very scenic so I think yes that would be amazing
imagine that imagine if I did a livestream from Egypt standing in front
of the ancient pyramids apparently in Vietnam it is pouring with
rain oh dear that’s not very nice I’m sorry to hear that I will send you some
of our sunshine is that a good idea I hope so mr. Duncan I like your
necklace I am from Morocco yes I do know Morocco
as I mentioned earlier I know Morocco I have heard of it it is a very exotic
place very nice shall we have a look at something else it’s very useful
something that’s very useful to me at 2 minutes after 3 o’clock here in the UK
what time is it where you are is it in the morning or is it late at night I
don’t know so one more thing to show you and then I
think we might have a surprise visitor mmm that’s all I’m saying
I wonder who it could be I wonder who the surprise visitor could be
find out in a moment so another very useful thing here we go this is
something we use quite often a very useful device can you see it this is
called a milk whisk milk whisk and this is something you use when you are making
a cup of coffee you use it to whisk the milk to make it all frothy and creamy so
here is a very useful piece of equipment so normally you would put the milk into
the cup you will put the coffee into the cup you will put the sugar into the cup
and then you will pour hot water over it and then you will use this to mix
everything together but it will also make everything very foamy and frothy so
this is one of my favourite pieces of equipment that I have in the kitchen my
little milk whisk whisk so whisk can be used as both a noun and a verb so you
can use a whisk and you can whisk something with a whisk so there
something very useful do you have one of these if you don’t I think you should
have one especially if you like drinking coffee so I wonder I wonder if someone
is going to come and join us I wonder if you want mr. Steve to appear
you have to wish you have to wish it so to everyone join your hands together and
wish wish as hard as you can for mr. Steve come on everyone wish we
wish for mr. Steve we wish for mr. Steve come on mr. Steve we wish for you here
we ease it weren’t we have mr. Steve coming around the corner right now oh
here he is oh my goodness he’s very busy today in the garden hello mr. Duncan hello mr. Steve you
look very very rosy can you see mr. can he see Steve’s face he looks very red in
Rosie I think you’ve had a very busy day as usual I am doing all the garden and
house maintenance Oh mr. Duncan swans around doing live streams I’m having an
easy day today I’m just standing here talking to you mr. Steve is doing all
the work all the work all the hardware the hard tough graft I’ve been painting
railings today mr. Duncan mr. mr. Steve has been painting I have because viewers
see my lovely railings I need to project these there for two reasons one it’s
horrible and two I think the neighbors are all relaxing in their gardens today
rusted here we effective Steve said that not me so would you like to say hello to
to all of your friends hello all of my fans okay then that was good
so hello – Myka hello – need Amtel also Olga Chris Mirim Merriman sorry don’t
know if I’m pronouncing your name correctly there’s Miriam Miriam it’s
just so lovely to say hello to you all yes because I don’t get let on these
live streams very much anymore but mr. Duncan did say to me come on later and I
might give you a quick 5 minute are we really having this conversation again
now can I just say it was Steve this said he wanted to do other things
me a lot of people think that I sacked mr. Steve I did not dismiss mr. Steve
can I just get that straight well it was sort of half and half I said I didn’t
want to do so much because it took up a lot of my time that I needed to spend
during the summer months out in the garden and mr. Duncan talked that as me
meaning I didn’t want to do it at all and just threw me off I didn’t there was
no throwing Oh mr. Duncan what’s going on behind your shoulder there’s a
there’s a plant it looks like it’s trying to attack you little sunflower
this is this is the only sunflower in our garden this is just one solitary
sunflower and where did it come from mr. Duncan mum is to me no because of all
the sunflower seeds that you put out for the birds the birds throw them all over
the place and they keep springing up all over the garden so I put one into a pot
so this this is actually a sunflower from one of the seeds that I feed to the
birds but is it a real one is it one of those plastic dancing mister do you
remember those they usually used to have these little flowers that would dance to
music in the 1980s a long time ago so maybe maybe before your time Guadalupe
as Guadalupe being funny they he says mr. Steve knows a lot of tools yes well
mr. Steve uses a lot of useful tools that is Guadalupe using that in a
different meaning no no it could well be so we’re talking about things that are
very useful tools I’ve got something out of the garden that you asked me to bring
mr. Duncan oh yes but we didn’t have a plan we did mention this we have the
damson cam there it is the damsons are now on the tree and maybe in a
couple of weeks they will be ready to actually pick off the tree and I think
Steve has some damsons actually in his hand right now there they are
I’ve sacrificed a branch there’s some very valuable dams ins as you can see
they’re a type of plum but quite bitter we’ve spoken about
these in the past and there’s a lesson is there not mr. Duncan with us making
or me rather making the dams and jam there is something we did last year we
actually made some dams and jam in the kitchen are they ripe yet let me be a
test oh they’re still very bitter they’re not ready they’re not ready but
when they are in say I would say I’d give them another three weeks and then
I’ll make the jam and here is an example of the dams and jam which is quite dark
vintage 2017 well that’s quite old so that’s two years old it’s probably worth
a fortune mr. Dimmick it’s amazing you know what you should do you should
actually make some dams and jam and then sell it in the village I know I could
get at least two pound three pounds a pot I think more that I think I think
you could sell this for five pounds each pot you could you could make a fortune
artis and jam cry don’t we put it up for auction what you actually say is craft
jam so that’s what that’s the word that we use nowadays it’s become very trendy
to say craft before anything that’s homemade or artisan yes well craft is
the one that’s now popular so craft cider or crack yes Jam well we know
somebody don’t we a company that went on television oh no they’re making
specialist bread and they call themselves artisan bread makers that’s
very pretentious damsons they’re straight from the damson tree I usually
get about 24 pots of jam off all the fruit and I give some away to neighbors
but next year because I’m going to have it severely pruned because it’s far too
big we may not get any dams and next year so next year it looks as if we’re
going to have to cut the dams and tree quite short because it’s gone crazy this
year I’m mad if nearly touching the house we’ve had so much rain and now
we’ve had we’ve had some sunshine as well everything is growing really
quickly so they’re some of the damsons from the
dams and tree anything you want me to go hello Jeff um yes that’s right I am
gonna get the fireplace ready for winter in fact in fact how perceptive of you
Jeff because we had the chimney swept this week we had a man he came and he
stuck something at my flew he stuck it he got something in his hand
and he shoved it straight up there didn’t he he kept shoving and pushing
and pushing maybe the good clean out he gave he gave my flue a good clean out so
now I can light a fire underneath it and the smoke will escape safely so yes we
had our chimney swept this week we did yes 45 pounds it cost to have our
chimney swept you can convert that into your own currency I think it was quite
reasonable actually okay yeah because we don’t want a chimney fire are you
advertising for him well I didn’t if you would like your chimney swept by our
chimney cleaner oh we could Gardens feed the soul said that we could sell the jam
and distribute the proceeds to charity yes we could we could we could you could
just distribute it to me because I even official charity mr. danaiah I’m a
charity I think I might do that I might become a charity mr. Jenkins English
charity wouldn’t that be good it’s very hot and bright out here today mr. Duncan
so is that is that a jar it’s a jar yes so this is there was some jam in here
that I bought from the shops like her of course we keep the jam jars and we can
reuse them to make our own Jam not many people make their own Jam these days but
I do a simple yes would have sufficed you know me I have two biscuit bando max
I’m Asian I’m trying to do something here I’m trying to do a bit you see a
bit for the camera so so we this would be useless for that yes because it’s
just a twist-off yes so that is something you can easily open with your
hand but sometimes if you want to open a can
or a tin you have to use one of these and this is another one of my wonderful
little tools a useful thing and this is a tin open app I’m sure people know that
that’s a tin opener mr. dink they might know what it is but they might not know
the English words for it okay yeah we teach English here you see a tin opener
and there it is tin opener so you might say tin opener or can opener so it
depends if it’s British English or American English we often say tin opener
but in American English you might often hear can opener so this particular thing
is a very useful item most people have one of these in their kitchen somewhere
and this is old-fashioned so nowadays you can actually get these but they are
actually electric but this is an old fashioned can opener or tin opener but
it works and we don’t have to replace the batteries that’s it it has no
batteries it doesn’t run off solar panel you just use your fingers or you could
just stick a knife in the top Frank rip it open Franko says it’s nice to see you
here again Steve thank you Frank oh we are having a fantastic weekend by the
way the weather is amazing it’s not now normally because this weekend it is a
public holiday so on Monday tomorrow everyone will be off work yes including
you well technically but I will be working
in the garden for nothing but are you going to pay me mr. Duncan for my work
in the garden not really no I didn’t think that was part of it yeah I didn’t
think so was that part of the agreement I don’t think so maybe you can help me
maybe you can help me mr. Duncan I think we know that’s not happening that’s
never happened never will know all right you’re making some very blunt point you
did put some washing in this morning so I’ll give you that
yes apparently some of the viewers are noticing that there are insects crawling
over the lens well I think they’ve gone now I was going to point that out but
after better off it because when I normally
point those sort of things out you tell me not to
well that would that was but that was an interesting one
maybe the the insects are trying to get involved with the live stream anything
else you want me to do during my brief moment on camera well you can just smile
and look happy or beautiful well let’s not go too far so there are many use of
alright I’m going to ask you the same question mr. Steve mr. Steve what is
your most favorite tool or device or something you really love to use
something that is very useful to have around well very anywhere in the garden
well anywhere anything just name a thing useful device just name something a
laptop the Sun no laptop laptops are it’s something something you
like using you enjoy you don’t enjoy using a laptop
no that’s drunk I don’t know Bob what sort of things do I use mr. Duncan I
can’t think of anything I would say in the garden it has to be it has to be the
hedge trimmer ah the electric hedge trim though the thing for cutting the hedge
and also trimming your bushes can you see that Bush behind us that one there
no because you’re in the way Am I there we go our duck down
that one that one if you look at mr. Duncan’s streams from about two or three
weeks ago you will notice that that Bush is a lot bigger than it is now
I have severely cut it back in order to make the gargy neater and give us a
better view and you a better view as well what’s mr. Duncan doing mr. Duncan
hates it when I cut back the bushes I was I was what I was doing then was
showing the bush but I think you were in the way no I did move I moved over
slightly that’s very good you’re getting good at this so that’s it Steve I’m
going to show some more useful things and then I think we will we will go so
I’m going to be here for about another fifteen maybe twenty minutes and then
I’ll be saying goodbye so thanks Steve or 15 minutes to do a lot of secret
things mr. Duncan doesn’t know about oh and then we’re going to have then we’re
going to have some tea cakes are we not mr. Tong we are having tea cakes today
we are well I’ve been learning a new song that’s what I’ve been doing have
you heard my dulcet tones I could hear some singing I wasn’t sure if it was
singing or next-door neighbor’s dog was feeling unwell again support that’s what
I like support from mr. Duncan I was get it you don’t have you plaintiff support
mr. Duncan I wish to have some in return yes of course well let me just say
goodbye to everybody yes we do have a big garden but it’s not that big but I
suppose it’s a lot of bushes everywhere it takes a lot of maintenance mr. Steve
spend a lot of time trimming his Bush as it does of the house a church key is
good to open the old drinks interesting oh I see so I think because because
Church keys have a very big the part that you hold with your fingers I think
you can actually put that over the bottle and yes and of course open the
bottle would it be a Budweiser for you Jeff well beer Budweiser why would you
say that because Jeff is American there I’m sure there are lots of other beers
and typecasting you as a Budweiser drinker used to be very popular here
didn’t it Budweiser I think it’s not so popular now I’m not sure I don’t know I
don’t know what the statistics are of the consumption of Budweiser well when I
was a student it was very popular I don’t have it on me
but now people tend to go for real AOL don’t they yes Greg craft beer craft
beers so beers that are made in very small breweries and so if you go around
the country from place to place you will find that there are lots of different
local beers so I’ve never been so fit mr. Duncan I don’t think since I was 18
I’ve been running I’ve been skipping I’ve been doing the garden I don’t think
I’ve ever been so fit for four decades really yes I am fighting fit you you you
do look well shed the years have just peeled away I’m not sure about that
anyway I’m full of confidence today mr. Duncan although I wasn’t earlier I was a
bit depressed wasn’t it yeah mr. Duncan was accusing me of being a bit morose
thief was on Seavers on the roof of the house standing on the ledge and he was
gonna do it he was gonna and I said don’t do it Steve don’t do it don’t
paint those railings well don’t do it there sorry are we on the same
livestream you and I somebody just said if I got my own channel I’m thinking
about it Steve had his own channel he made two
videos and that was nine years ago and that’s all he did doing this isn’t easy
it looks easy I make it look easy don’t I but it isn’t right mr. Duncan I’m
going to go back upstairs I’m going to well I’m going to go into
the kitchen and I’m going to prepare a cup of tea and two tea cakes yes morose
there was a word I just used morose morose just feeling a bit sort of down
in the dumps it’s sort of know if you feel morose you all gloomy gloomy morose
go and do you then you know do you gloomy look no that’s not very good no
this is gloomy bit of an exaggeration I can’t do gloomy when I’m talking to the
world mr. Duncan how can I it’s impossible you can’t be gloomy when
you’re doing a live stream it’s hard to be gloomy on a day like this Oh
greetings from layoffs laughs what I haven’t got laughs are you talking about
Laos that’s the word we use here to describe a horrible bug that infects you
and makes you scratch so I hope that’s not too pronounced I like that mr.
Duncan yes I am full of beans today and the garden is full of beans because I’ve
been planting them everywhere there’s a beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk it’s
going to sprout up in a climb to the top what is Steve what have you put in this
Jam oh all sorts of things in that are you eating this jam or sniffing it
I’m not sure we have all sorts of plants can be grown in the garden and they can
find their way into all sorts of things like Jam no it’s illegal to grow to grow
over certain plants isn’t it for a recreational use in this country you
need a lot of light Oh mr. Duncan I’ve just thought all this light from all
these we could grow there are all sorts of plants in your studio all your lights
on for mr. Duncan we could make a huge profit looking everybody hooked Much
Wenlock area you people know what I’m talking about is anyone still watching I
wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be Alban do anything illegal mr. Dempsey now you
know why now you know why I gently pushed Steve away because of this this
is this is my evidence what could happen anything could happen when I give live
on stream I’m even talking about taking recreational drugs now and growing them
in the garden but I’m not going to do that because the neighbors would but
dhaba zine you Dobb somebody in that means that you would tell somebody to
the lab to the police you would report the report them exactly dub them in you
will you would do you would tell somebody that they’ve done they’ve done
wrong Oh mr. Duncan is spitting his drink I just want to know what you’ve
what have you done of you have you eaten something seeing mr. Duncan you know how
it cheers me up yes you are the only person it does
cheer up I’ve been watching Shirley Bassey back in a heyday in the late 70s
fabulous fabulous anyway I’m gonna go now before I cut off the rest of your
viewers yes here’s something that’s very useful Oh mr. Duncan you know I could
talk all day I all know bye Steve I’m not cook I’m not quite sure what
that was but there was mr. Steve Wow he’s still got he still got the tape
over his mouth that looked very painful so there is Steve he’s going there could
you do that slightly quieter well there there was another memorable moment of
YouTube occurring sorry about that it was good to see mr. Steve again oh
that’s very nice don’t know what to say after that to be honest
it takes a lot to leave me speechless trust me but I’m I’m pretty speechless
after that yes simona says I think mr. Steve has been
in the sunlight for too long I think maybe it has boiled his brain in his
skull I think so maybe hey thank you very much for your company today I’ve
got a couple of more things to show you and then I’m going to say goodbye
because already we are approaching harpist three I can’t believe how
quickly this is gone today it’s gone by so quickly so you just saw me using
something something very useful but here is something else it is also very useful something that I use quite often around
my studio can you see it can you hear it this is called velcro and it is
something I use a lot in my studio especially when I want to tie my cables
together to stop them from making too much mess so that particular thing is
called velcro and the way this thing was invented was quite by chance it was
actually invented just by chance it is actually based on something that happens
in nature so velcro look up the history of velcro it is quite fascinating the
way in which velcro became invented is very fascinating look that up later on
the internet and find out what the history of velcro is and I tell you now
you will be amazed you will be blown away
you really will thank you very much for your company today it’s been an
interesting one where the loop says oh I don’t want this to finish well you know
what they say all good things must come to an end eventually
including me yes velcro apparently in Spanish velcro is pronounced exactly the
same velcro so yes velcro is something very useful it is very useful when you
want to fix two things together some people don’t like the sound of velcro
they don’t actually like the sound of velcro there is actually a little B can
you see the B there was a B on the sunflower isn’t that lovely
I would love to zoom in on the B I wonder if I can that see if we can zoom
in on the B I will try to zoom in it might not work
so please excuse me if it doesn’t work there is the sunflower ah isn’t that
lovely and if you look very closely you can see there is actually a bee sitting
on the sunflower there it is ah look at that live is live can be there are two
bees in fact I think that’s a fly that’s actually a fly I don’t want to look at
flies flies are horrible say goodbye to the fly bye-bye fly
bye-bye well that was interesting
did you find that interesting quite quite likely not so I’m going in a
moment and there you could see the the lovely little bee isn’t that nice next
to me it’s like a David Attenborough program without David Attenborough thank
you very much for your lovely company Thank You Irene thank you also to lose
faith thank you to grissino-mayor Oh on clothes yes velcro is very useful when
you want to put clothing together thank you also to mullah
in which case can we use the word beautiful well beautiful can be used for
anything that you find attractive so something that is attractive to you can
be described as beautiful you look beautiful today this sunflower is
beautiful something that is attractive or pleasant to look at can be described
as beautiful a beautiful sunflower a beautiful day a beautiful English
teacher maybe not I’m going in a moment thank
you very much to Guadalupe thank you also to lose Jamelia thank you very much
for watching me today don’t forget I am back next week every weekend you can
find me live on YouTube from 12:00 p.m. midday on Saturday and on Sunday 2:00
p.m. UK time and hopefully if I have time there will be a new full English
lesson on Wednesday as well so I’m hoping to get that done if not you can
come round and personally smack my bottom if you want to get in touch also
you can get in touch on Facebook you can follow me also through the internet
wonderful technology you can email me if you want to say hello in an email you
can facebook email and also if you want to make a donation to help my work
continue forever and ever and maybe one day you never know one day we might
actually have every day livestreams imagine that imagine if I could come
onto the internet every day and do a live stream do you think that’s a good
idea would you like me to do a daily live stream imagine that if I was
actually on the Internet live every single day would you watch me would you
like that we will have to wait and see what
yes mr. Duncan you are a beautiful teacher thank you very much for that
flattery will get you everywhere I think so
I’m going now thanks a lot for your company today I’ve really enjoyed it if
you would if you are doing something nice this weekend do it safely have fun
enjoy yourself and most importantly of all smile as much as you can this is mr.
Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for what
to me today I’ve really enjoyed it it’s been lovely sharing my time with you
in the Sun on a Sunday afternoon thank you to Valentin a wonderful teacher of
English I would say by lots of thanks for letting Steve appear today it’s very
kind of you very lovely yes maybe mr. Steve will
join us next week I don’t know it depends it depends on his behavior I
will be back with you next Saturday don’t forget next Saturday from mid-day
UK time and also don’t forget it’s the last day of August next Saturday and
then we will be into September as summer slowly fades away that’s not very nice
thank you Jeff thank you Jeff watching in the United States Thank You Mika see
you later Thank You Martha thank you ablan thank you very much if
you want to see me every day here on youtube you can send a donation and who
knows I might be here all the time you won’t be able to get rid of me Thank
You beet trees thank you also to Auggie and serene snow thank you very much thank you also to Rupesh does this
program happen every Saturday yes every Saturday and also every Sunday every
week Saturday and Sunday I am here live on YouTube talking English to you
this is mr. Duncan for the last time today saying thanks for watching and of
course you know what’s coming next yes you do until the next time we meet did you hear the Robin then even the
Robin was saying goodbye and of course ta ta for now 😎

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