Learn colours for children | Puppy Park #2 | Toddler Fun Learning

Hello everyone, welcome back to Puppy Park Today we’re going to be learning colours Have a think about what your favourite colour is Would you like to help us? Are you ready? Let’s go Red Oli is enjoying going down the red slide Can you see anything else that’s red? Oh look! The apples on the tree are red Orange The pups are swinging high on the orange swings Yellow Peter and Bertie are playing in the yellow sand Silly Bertie! He’s balancing on a bucket Green There are lots of things that are green in the park What can you see? The grass The trees and the hills Blue It’s a beautiful day, look at the blue sky! And the ducks are swimming in a blue pond Purple Freddie is spinning Dotty on the purple roundabout Oh look what colour the flower is in Dotty’s hair Pink Now Dotty is enjoying rocking on the pink piggy And look at the balloons! They’re pink too! Brown The puppies are tired, it’s time for a rest The puppies are having a sit down on the brown bench Grey Two of the pups are playing tennis The tennis court is grey White Peter is riding on the white sheep Dotty and Grandpa Dog have white fur Black Jumping in the tyres looks fun! Careful not to trip! Look at all the colourful balloons Can you spot the colours we’ve seen today? Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink Brown Grey White Black What’s your favourite colour? It’s time to leave Puppy Park now We hope you’ve enjoyed finding colours with us today Come back and visit soon Bye bye!

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