Dogumentary TV producing the best Breed documentaries on YouTube The labrador has been America’s most popular breed for 26 – second of years The Breed is known for its playful and Frilly matrix if you are considering a labrador retrievers your next test Your 5 things you should know number 5 labrador does Abridge [come] in three different colors black yellow and chocolate Black is the most common color for [the] [brie] yellow is most often used by police and security professionals And chocolate is the rarest color for the [breach] number four Labradors [were] developed as retrievers who originally were the labrador sea For this reason any good owner should ensure that their labrador gives plenty of water play Whether it’s a local pond or backyard pools water is an essential element for the breed Number three [lamb] Rows are hunting breed. They are athletic and intelligent Labs will need regular exercise that allows us to burn energy They are the three words to a half hours intense fetching will be a rewarding routine for your last Labradors are also high-energy they make good jogging and biking partners number two labradors are relatively easy in regards to grooms the brief does shed a lot so a good brushing twice a week will ensure that your Home is that coverage [hand] the next to grooming issue? Come as a result of the braves level order the next two blooming issues. Come as a result of the breeds love of water Laughs and swim in the ocean or in a pool will need a fresh water rinse to remove any salt water and chlorine respect and lastly moisture in the years ten o’clock section So be sure to dry your labs is thoroughly In number one lab roads [aren’t] [yet] to it and freely [does] This in combination with their intelligence is likely the reason why they are the number one breed used for guide words this gentle and friendly Nature means the labradors are not judge are done But the breed is intelligent and highly trainable please we teach your lab to be a serviceable watchdog There you have it five days in we’re considering a labrador retriever as their next pass


  • I have a yellow labrador and he is very sweet and gentle with our family members and guests. The one thing I love about Labradors is that, they are always eager to play but always hungry. Thanks for this video.

  • We have an England Lab/Am staff terrier mix we got in Hawaii -BEST DOG EVER. We have an American lab/ border collie that is an idiot, she eats everything and super hyper.

  • It’s worth it… but it’s a lot of work and money coming from a female alpha 7 year old field lab raised from 6 weeks

  • Im looking for a good adventure dog, anyone here know if these labs can handle long hikes on mountainous terrain

  • Please check your local shelters for labs. Shelters often have young black labs that owners didn't know how to train. These sweet doggies need forever homes.

  • My first dog was a chocolate lab, 80 lbs, we called her the brown rocket. She was fat and slow but loved water and was very friendly easy as hell to train. Useless as a guard dog. RIP. I have a Bull Terrier pup now. Hard to train, opposite experience.

  • Labrador retrievers originated in England in the kennels of the Earl of Malsbury. They are descended from the St John's Waterdog that were used as working dogs on fishing boats in the Labrador sea.

  • My BESTFRIEND JAX is the BEST CHOCOLATE LAB and the GREATEST thing that could have happened to me, see I was really bad on pain pills do to a work injury and on workers comp so I had lost everything that I had worked for in life a 14 yr relationship with my x gf, house, truck,,etc. Which caused me to become very depressed and taking pain meds not only numbs the physical pain but it also numbs your entire life but I got to the point that I wanted to give up and kill myself. I had met a couple who breeds chocolate labs and a friend of mines daughter wanted a puppy for Christmas but she couldn't afford one so I went to my friends house which was a 10hr round trip and bought the runt out of the litter of puppies so I got him for $550 which was half price just for me well my friend decided that this puppy was going to get to big for her living quarters and asked if I wanted him back and I said no at first but then magic happened in my life and I'm now physically and emotionally without a doubt the most positive, healthy, sober person that a person could ask for in life. Thanks to GOD for making all this come together. He's a beautiful field Lab and I constantly get compliments about how lean and beautiful he is.

  • I have a Black labrador retriever named charlie and he is the world to me <3 he likes to run and sit and play in the house a lot to! Normally when we let him out hes always so playful! after a while we play with him then he just sits down and just watches what were doing. He is the best dog any one could ask for honestly. I hope he lives a happy life like my family has <3

  • I remember when I was round 4 or 5 I was putting water in our little pool with the hose. My dog noticed he came up and he started to block the hose and started drinking the water. Honselty, My lab would kill for water 😂😂

  • labs can be guard dogs my dog was never really trained to attack but his territorial one time a person went on the back yard and it came running and bit his hand and didn't let go easily and he's a full blood Labrador retriever he got older now but still is very territorial in the day and even more in the night

  • I love my chocolate lab best duck dog even better than my Springer spaniel or German short hair there all good but something about her never give up spirit even in ice and freezing rain which the other 2 don't go out in much but love labs

  • I have two Labrobulls. My first Labrobull I got was named douglas
    Next dog i got was Douglas' brother
    They are happy dogs now! And I really love my dogs

  • I grew up with a Lab and she was the best dog we ever had. 'Pepper' was the perfect mix of being very sociable yet could turn absolutely savage if she thought you or the home was being threatened. And she lived to be 16!

  • Only thing i had a huge problem with is him saying labs are not good guard dogs. labs are so loyal they will protect you and your babies from any threat! his statement is total bs!

  • I've got a Lab English Pointer mix. The way he came out , he looks literally like a Labrador with a black and white pointers coat, rudder tail, stocky solid build and everything. He's hard to keep weight off even with plenty of exercise, he loves the water , he's gentle and friendly great with everybody. He doesn't fetch for more than 5 minutes though. I don't know if Pointers aren't great fetch dogs or what, he acts to smart for fetch.

  • A 6th thing you should know: They come in 2 types: Show/English Lab and Field/American Lab. They have different disposition, behaviors, and physical traits.

  • My black lab would play for hours! Extremely friendly to humans, and absolutely viscous to rodents and pests around the house. It was almost like jekyl and Hyde, he never had an incident with a human or another dog (accept one retarded poodle with a crack head of a owner) in 12 years. But if a rabbit, Turkey, crow, you name it, landed in our back yard it was game over in about 3 seconds.

  • You forgot that they are escape artists and excellent diggers. If they are not given exercise they will find a way to get it, even if it means jumping through a screen window or digging holes around your fence.

  • Make sure to never use a choke chain on these dogs! I used one on my Labrador Retriever and it caused laryngeal paralysis. Only use a harness! If you wouldn't put a choke chain around your child, you shouldn't put it on your dog.

  • I have a black Labrador retriever she is 9 month old and weight about 52lbs but I think she is small. Tell me some about their weight and height in common

  • did he say labs are not good guard dogs? Im pretty sure they is concerting they are often use for army/police dogs

  • I’m thinking about getting one but the water situation would be an issue for me. I don’t have a pool or ponds near me that they could swim in…….any suggestions?

  • My black lab never sheds fur and is always on alert when he is outside with me in the dark and hits on people that I dont see.

  • I have also 2 labs in may channel.. I already uploaded it. You visit my channel if you want just to watch may 2 labds…

  • I had a black lab named Murphy who passed away years ago at a respectable old age. He was an outdoor dog on a large property where he was King and he was the one of the sweetest dogs you ever met. Zero incidents ever. Even as an ignorant teenager I would put my hand or arm in his mouth and shout "bite me! Bite me!" because I was an idiot… Fortunately he was not, he would never do such a thing, it seemed no strain in his DNA would ever hurt the humans he loved so much.

    Here's some facts about beloved Murphy. When I was in Kindergarten, it was close by in a nice neighborhood so I would simply walk home. He was ALWAYS waiting for me at the gate I use to come home, he knew when I would get back. He was a retriever God (God backwards is Dog afterall…) and I could play fetch with him in pure darkness. Again, he was the King of his Kingdom in my parents large backyard.

    And now the feels… We don't live in a super cold climate but it DOES get cold in the winter so he has the garage to warm him with a doggie door, free to roam whenever he chooses. We even bought an expensive dogloo that he NEVER used, he's the KING, he doesn't need protection, he wants to know what's happening in his land at all times without anything hindering his senses. So in his late years when he was skinny and near death, I would go outside in the middle of the night on the deck to have a smoke or something. 50 feet from the garage or so and all it took… All it took was him hearing a creak when stepping on the wood of the backyard deck, no matter the hour, could be 3am, and I could hear him slowly go through his doggie door and make his way to the deck to greet me for some pets and love. THAT is a lab… THAT is a loyal dog. When he passed it hit me so hard a few months later when I started to realize it. I of course miss him every time I went outside late at night to just kind of look at the stars or blow off some steam and realize there's something missing that was always there that I may have taken for granted… My dog who lived the best life ever, still would come out to see who's in his kingdom and was always grateful and happy to see me anytime, anywhere. True best friend. Had to stop and cry before submitting this. Thank you, Murphy!

    Get a lab!

  • i like the video but your commentary is not good tho i cant hear when your talking, your talk is like a giant…

  • I love my black lab, he goes everywhere with me. He goes to work with me the bank the grocery store everywhere. My wife and I don't have human kids. We have a black lab kid, that is very spoiled and very well taken care of.

  • Mines isnt a normal retirever 1 he a fussy eater 2 he refuses to fetch and 3 has a mind of his own

  • Chocolate labs are horrible dogs to own if you don’t train them young… if you don’t potty train them then get use to cleaning your carpet every day. they need exercise.. so if you don’t plan on doing A LOT of activities with the dog, dont get the breed. Also they are very very hyper.. this breed is basically the ADD breed. They pant a lot when excited so get use to the breathing noises. Hard for them to listen to commands.. let alone stopping from eating things on countertops. (Food, plates, napkins, ect….). After working in a daycare for dogs and knowing owners of 2. They are basically all the same.. the breed is too hyper for a normal relaxing environment. So many misbehaved chocolate labs.

  • They're cute. Hey, the dog is like gimmie that ball, please.
    Things to know? You might end up installing a swimming pool for your dog.

  • I lost my bud recently. He was 10 years old.
    He was a dark brown one.
    He got very weak, couldn't get up well anymore, wasn't eating as well, and appeared to have cancerous lumps.
    RIP Tucker.
    September 11, 2008 – May 4, 2019
    You were an amazing, kind, fun dog.

  • Black labs are awesome. Mine passed away today. He was such sn amazing dog. He was very energetic, very friendly, playful, and a very beatiful dog. I miss him already. Having a black lab was the best thing that has happened in my life.

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